2018 Eclipse Breakdown

SOLAR ECLIPSE Aug 2018 GOLD BLUE RS‘Lions Gate’ Solar Eclipse – 11 August 2018 – Get ready to press the cosmic reset button as the final eclipse of 2018 gets underway. This eclipse is all about developing inner strength, and reclaiming the wisdom of the heart. While it is not without it’s challenges, a major grand trine involving bright star, Sirius offers us all a chance to reconnect with our braver, more courageous and wiser selves – and to receive the blessings and teachings of the heavens, if we are open to guidance from above/within, whichever way you refer to see it.

Aquarius Blood Moon Eclipse – 27 July 2018 – The dramatic Blood Moon Eclipse due to IG UK Blood Moon phototake place this week isn’t associated with our most vital, life giving fluid because of it’s colour, but rather because of it’s association with the red planet, Mars. Not only will Mars figure into this eclipse astrologically in a big way, but it will also make a bold statement visually, sharing a starring role in the night sky alongside the red Moon, and twinkling extra bright. This eclipse is all about letting go of your inner demons, wrestling with your insecurities and stepping into your power. Do some clearing and healing now and by August’s solar eclipse in Leo, you’ll be ready to let your light shine – just like Mars.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer – 13 July 2018 – This rare and rather unusual eclipse, which SOLAR ECLIPSE CANCER 2018 square SA headerhappens to take place on Friday the 13th, is the first in a series of THREE soli-lunar events that culminate in a second solar eclipse in Leo on August the 11th. Rather than initiating a new six month cycle, it instead sets in motion a FOUR WEEK window in which to do some important personal work. Judging by the involvement of powerful Pluto, this is likely to concern themes of death/separation/endings and rebirth/reinvention/redemption. It’s time to let go of some major emotional baggage and make room for a brand phase of your life.

Aquarius SOLAR ECLIPSE FEB 2018 headerSolar Eclipse in Aquarius – 15 February 2018 – On the day after Valentine’s Day, we begin a new six month cycle, care of a Solar eclipse in Aquarius.  This event, which takes place at 22h07 GMT (20h07 SAST), ushers in a new six month cycle during which our focus is likely to be on science, technology and the bigger picture globally. However, there may also be a fair amount of emphasis on relationships, especially friendships and group memberships.

Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo – 31 January 2018 – Leo Lunar Eclipse Jan 2018The 2018 eclipse season begins with a Super Moon lunar eclipse in Leo. This particular eclipse will also be a Blue Moon – frankly, you don’t get more dramatic than a combination like that! See the period between January the 31st and the solar eclipse on February the 15th as a time for closure, commemoration and celebration. It’s time to draw a line under whatever has been occupying your heart and mind since August 2017.


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