New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, 30 Apr 2022, 20h27 BST

2022’s very first eclipse will be a solar eclipse in Taurus – the same sign as November 2021’s lunar eclipse, so there may be a connection to , or continuation of, themes begun around about that time. However, for the most part, this soli-lunar event marks the start of a fresh six month cycle that will take us into the second half of the year.

In and of themselves, eclipses tend to be wild cards that force us out of our comfort zones and so can be cosmic curveballs that throw us for a bit of a loop. Adding to the theme of change and novelty will be Uranus, which will join forces with the luminaries to bring about innovation and unexpected plot twists between now and Oct-Nov 2022.

Taking place on the same day as a conjunction between the benefics, Venus & Jupiter, this eclipse also offers us some opportunities for expansion and romantic or artistic expression. Both planets will be in the poetic and magical sign of Pisces, adding an otherworldly, and possible even surreal feel to whatever occurs now. Both planets are urging you to have faith and expect things to work out OK, even if on the surface, events seem a bit chaotic.

The two planetary movers and shakers, Mercury and Mars, will also feature quite prominently in this eclipse, thanks to their aspects to Venus and Jupiter. This is likely to accelerate the pace of events and make the 3 days on each side of the eclipse quite a lively and exciting time.

You can find out more about the astrological significance of these planetary transits, either in the YT video embedded below, or by watching the summary I have provided in my member’s only Stars & Cards Eclipse Forecast, which includes a bonus set of mini readings for each of the 12 zodiac signs. These readings are EXCLUSIVE to site members – the link can be found in my latest April 2022 Eclipse Newsletter, which went out on Friday 30 April.


On an individual level, this is a great time to make personal or career changes especially if they somehow involve technology or some form of disruption to the status quo. Bear in mind that this eclipse takes place during a new moon, so find the sign of your ascendant (rising sign) to establish which life area will be optimally primed for change during this six month period.

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Continuing the themes of Taurus season, and really highlighting the archetype of the earth mother (the Empress in the tarot = Venus in Taurus), is this month’s Sabian symbol, which is all about nurturing, TLC and growing things. I was reminded too of the 7 of pentacles in the Rider-Waite deck, which shows a farmer patiently tending to his crops, with a view to enjoying a bountiful harvest in the autumn, which is of course, when this six month soli-lunar cycle, ends. The key message is to thing long term and not to mind if your efforts don’t reap immediate rewards. Provided you are consistent and gentle, you should benefit from your labours in the end.


In my videocast on the Taurus Solar Eclipse below, I do a deep dive into the symbolism of this month’s fixed star aspects, particularly the connection between Mercury, which will be highly dignified in its ‘home’ sign of Gemini, and the fixed star Alcyone, which has a lot to do with seeing, particularly the inner vision or second sight of the third eye. However, for those of you who like a written summary, you can check out the diagram below.


This particular eclipse falls in the 6 North Brady saros series, which she associates with the need to boss up or take on added responsibilities, perhaps due to the ill health or flaky behaviour of a previous authority figure.

This eclipse also forms part of Van Den Berg Saros series 119, which last occurred in Apr 2004 and August 2017, so there may be links to events that occurred around the time of these eclipses.

For timestamp links, watch the video on YouTube. Please be patient if it doesn’t play immediately – it may take a while to upload and process.

Choose your Sun, Moon, rising sign or Venus – no houses are used, so feel free to watch more than one.

ARIES – 00:00:07

TAURUS – 00:24:08

GEMINI – 00:39:21

CANCER – 00:55:34

LEO – 01:12:08

VIRGO – 01:30:56

LIBRA – 01:49:31

SCORPIO – 02:06:07

SAGITTARIUS – 02:24:24

CAPRICORN – 02:37:12

AQUARIUS – 02:52:55

PISCES – 03:06:40

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