April 2005 Eclipses – 7 North Saros Series


lunar eclipse Aries

TYPE: Hybrid

DATE: 8 April 2005

DEGREE: 19 Degrees Aries

SABIAN SYMBOL: A young girl feeding birds in winter.

SAROS SERIES: The April 2005 Eclipses formed part of the same Libra-Aries axis of eclipses experienced in April 2004 (7 North Series). Bernadette Brady has characterized themes associated with this eclipse family to be centred on hidden passions, lust, sensuality, sudden sexual urges and procreative drives. This eclipse is said to have quite a forceful energy and may catch an individual unawares, especially if they have been repressing intense or secret passions for many years.

PREVIOUS OCCURRENCES: 14 February 1915, 24 February 1933, 7 March 1951, 18 March 1969, and 29 March 1987
See Eclipses and History for more information…


Scorpio Moon bluey greensTYPE: Hybrid

DATE: 24 April 2005

DEGREE: 4 Degrees Scorpio

SABIAN SYMBOL: A massive, rocky shore.

SAROS SERIES: Brady: NA; Van den Berg: 141

PREVIOUS OCCURRENCES: 1 March 1915, 12 March 1933, 23 March 1951, 2 April 1969, and 14 April 1987

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