April 2014: The Venus Eclipses 

April 2014 ends on quite a dramatic note: a solar eclipse in Taurus, which will set in motion a new six month cycle related to financial security, personal stability and physical resources. Coming on the back of a rather eventful and volatile month, I thought I would provide readers with a quick ‘cheat-sheet’ for how to optimise these energies for increased abundance, beauty and serenity between now and November.

The April 2014 eclipses promise to be headline events for a number of reasons, not last of which is their involvement in April’s Cardinal Grand Cross, the likes of which we have not seen since the summer of 2010.

Both events, which take place in Venus-ruled signs, also happen to coincide with the annual transit of Venus through Pisces – the sign of her exaltation – and not long after her bi-annual retrograde cycle – a rather rare event that only takes place every year and a half or so.

Remember that solar eclipses always occur at New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are on the same side of the earth, while lunar eclipses take place at Full Moon, when the Moon is at maximum light but, like the summer solstice, on the cusp of waning. As such, SOLAR eclipses often represent the start of a NEW personal cycle, one that may take around six months or so to manifest outwardly, and therefore represent INITIATORY energy; as opposed to LUNAR eclipses, which take place at Full Moon and tend to coincide with inner matters or projects that are culminating or coming to the end of their natural life cycle.

For more information on the Anatomy of Eclipses, visit my Eclipses & Astrology page.

With the lunar cycles currently a touch out of sync with the solar calendar, I thought it best to begin with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 29, as this represents the start of a new soli-lunar sequence for 2014.

LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA – 15 April 2014

Beginning phase of the lunar eclipse on Oct. 27 2004 as observed from JSU.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse that took place on April 15 is actually a bit of an oddity because it did not have a corresponding solar eclipse in Aries during 2013. This is because we had more lunar eclipses than solar ones during that year, and there was also something of a crossover during 2013, with one Saros family phasing out (14, 15 South); and another, (16 South) phasing in. Coming, as it did, at the start of the Cardinal Grand Cross Event, it is very significant within that particular context, but will have to wait for a separate column on this topic which I am still working on.

SOLAR ECLIPSE in TAURUS – 29 April 2014


Zodiac Sign

This week’s solar eclipse in Taurus offers us all a chance to begin a new phase in matters relating to financial security, personal worth and the stability of physical resources, including salaries and property. Anyone considering initiating new projects in the beauty, luxury food, farming, property, banking or arts sectors should take heed of this, especially if they have a prominent natal Venus or planets in the early degrees of the fixed signs (between 7 and 9 degrees).

Special significance for those born 1969/1970

Anyone born in mid-July to mid-November 1969, or March-April 1970 is also likely to feel this event particularly strongly, but for a different reason: This eclipse took place in the same area of the zodiac as Saturn was between the above dates, which means that this event could also have an impact on life structures, boundaries and limitations (and your ability to overcome these), if you were born during this time. Conversely, you may find yourself being given extra responsibilities, perhaps in the form of a promotion, or finally being able to manifest or produce something of true social significance, so all is not doom and gloom by any means!

Saros Series

This eclipse forms part of the 16 South Eclipse Family, which according to Bernadette Brady, could mean that individuals find themselves having to come to terms with problems or patterns concerning the tendency to waste energy or misdirect your efforts, especially when it comes to dealing with friends, groups or society. She suggests that, although you may feel psyched about starting something new and ambitious, that ultimately your efforts will not really amount to anything, so in her opinion, ‘no real action should be taken.’[1]

Of course, for those with the eclipse conjunct their natal Saturn, the very opposite is true – this is a time when you can break bad habits such as time wasting or procrastination and actually turn talk into action. Saturn can solidify and give shape to what may previously just have been hypothetical, so if I were you, I would definitely make it a priority to get plans moving now!

Eclipse Aspects

In terms of aspects, this occultation also happens to conjunct Mercury in Taurus, so is likely to have an impact on thinking, teaching and self-expression. Trade agreements begun under this transit are likely to have a solidity to them that enables them to stand the test of time (and any particular challenges that may come up). IT projects and gadgets developed or begun over the next six months could also really have staying power.

Arabic Parts

It’s likely that developments made between now and November will have a profound impact on your views or way of perceiving matters connected to whatever house Taurus rules for you natally. This is because Mercury is conjunct the Arabic part of Understanding, whilst a reliable and trustworthy associate could be of great help now because the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Arabic part of the Honourable Acquaintance.

Fixed Stars

The Sun and the Moon will also both be conjunct Schedir/Shedar, the fixed star found in the constellation of Cassiopeia and associated with the archetype of the regal and dignified Queen, the admired and revered female leader who is able to combine wisdom, strength and focus with qualities such as compromise, intuition and compassion. This suggests that it may be a good time to seek out the advice or support of a noble and well-respected female who can help you to accomplish whatever plans you may have in relation to this eclipse between now and the autumn. Her input could, seemingly, make all the difference in terms of your ability to gain the consensus and approval of your family or the wider community when it comes to getting certain proposals or plans off the ground.

Historical Links

For those interested in creating connections to past events, this particular eclipse forms the second round of events that began with the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of November 2013, but may also have links to similar themes began at the time of the Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus, which took place on the 10th of May 2013.

Previous occurrences

From a mundane point of view, this eclipse family has historical links to 21 September 1653, when this Saros cycle was ‘born’. Similar themes or patterns may then have been repeated during the years: 1906, 1924, 1942, 1960, 1978 and 1996.


This particular soli-lunar event is classed as an ‘Annular’ solar eclipse, which means that is it not a complete (or total) eclipse and sadly, will only be visible in Antarctica and parts of Australia.


[1] Brady, Predictive Astrology, pp. 331-2

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