April’s Aries Hybrid Solar Eclipse begins a fresh six month cycle for the collective. Taking place in the 7 North saros series, this eclipse is all about dealing with what has been repressed or hidden, which may now erupt onto the surface and into full view. If you’ve been suppressing your rage or hiding your feelings about someone, then don’t be surprised if circumstances conspire to get you to ‘fess up or unload your psychological burdens.

Given the really tough themes around power, control and its abuse that we’ve had to contend with since late October, this will probably come as a relief to many people.

However, although this eclipse series does contain some lighter energy care of Mercury and Jupiter, leading to feelings of hope and expansion, it will also be carrying over some of the Scorpio-ruled themes from last time via a tense square aspect between Pluto and the luminaries.

This time around though, Pluto is in Aquarius, so the areas where power struggles and ego conflicts are likely to emerge will be different. Rather than patriarchal domination or institutional reform, the emphasis is likely to fall on things like friendships, group dynamics, mass manipulation or exploitation; and the dark side of science, technology and utopianism, especially where idealism has the potential to become rigid, closed-minded or dehumanising.

If you’re looking for clues as to how this may work in your life, then check out my cheatsheet and summary breakdown of the Pluto ingress over on the blog.

On an individual level, this six month period is likely to usher in a brand new cycle of personal growth ad self-actualisation – one that will require you to let go of preconceived ideas. or ways of doing things; and open yourself up to a fresh cycle of change and innovation, boosted by a dynamic combination of Mercury-Uranus and Mars.

Although this may initially feel chaotic – even a bit triggering – Hexagram 3 of the I Ching is asking you to remain open to change, especially on a social level, and allow everything to find its natural place over time. More on this below.

Remember – this is a six month cycle, so not everything is going to unfold all at once.

saros series

This particular set of eclipses begins a fresh two to 2.5 year cycle through Aries and Libra. The last time we experienced this set of eclipses was between 2004-6, especially the one that occurred on the 19th of April 2004. Think back to that time to look for paralells.

According to Bernadette Brady, the 7 North saros series seems to carry strong Pluto, Mars and Venus signatures, creating situations where any suppressed or hidden feelings may erupt onto the surface via a catalyst, leading to a crisis/catharsis of some kind, much like a volcano. Perhaps this is because they generally occur just before metonic resets, leading to a sort of purging of the old followed by an influx of fresh energy – a sort of major exhale before you encounter a breath of fresh air, metaphorically speaking.

sabian symbol

Given Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius, it is interesting that the Sabian symbol seems to focus on our relationships with groups, clans and family. Aries is generally pretty independent, and with so many planets in the sign of the ram, it seems as though there may be tension between individual needs and those of the group. Something further emphasised by the Pluto square. Don’t be surprised if you feel a certain degree of conflict between family expectations and/or social obligations on one hand, and your desire for authenticity and autonomy, on the other.

This may form part of a generational family pattern that needs healing – something indicated by the square between Mars, ruler of Aries, and Chiron. Thankfully, a sextile to Mars from Mercury and Uranus suggest that sudden breakthroughs are possible which could heal the dynamic, if you and others are willing to open yourselves up and talk, as well as consider new ways of doing or seeing things.


There’s a lot in this lunar face about self-actualisation and self-mastery – becoming an ‘adept’, so to speak. Mastering a particular set of skills or realising where your unique gifts and talents lie. During this period, you may also change social groups as you are exposed to new peers or environments that resonate more naturally with you. In general, this is about finding yourself and your place in the world. see the Sabian symbol above for more details.

As James Burgess puts it:

ƒExceptional abilities and wealth can be attracted when, through a refined contextualized self-confidence. Then just being ourselves is enough to call upon the world to align with our choices, and subsequently we can cope well with all events and bring them to a creative expression of who we are. Such psychological maturity bestows great presence, a commanding atmosphere, and willingness to become the absolute author of our own destiny. The power and proficiency we have acquired are applied towards dramatizing visionary potentials in ourselves and others, because somehow the eternal celestial notes are heard to be sounding out life’s essential harmonies. There can be found a greater sense of sacredness in every aspect of life.

360 Degrees of Wisdom


Both Mercury and Pluto are will turn retrograde with days of this eclipse, which could lead to a sort of start-stop type of dynamic. However, each planet will be doing very different things: Pluto will be creating drama and power struggles with the luminaries, which could lead to that eruption of emotion or passion Bernadette Brady was talking about, especially if you have been keeping something hidden or suppressed and finally feel you want to live more congruently or truthfully.

Mercury, on the other hand, will be teaming up with innovative Uranus and motivating Mars to inspire us into making all sorts of breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. If progress has been blocked, you may find yourself making great leaps forward; aha moments and inventive ideas may also pop into your head suddenly or unexpectedly. These aspects chime in quite nicely with the energy of the eclipse itself, as well as with the themes of Hexagram 3, which you can read about more below.

With the luminaries hovering near to Jupiter and the North Node, this eclipse cycle is likely to coincide with a lot of personal growth, possibly through travel or an expansion of your mind. Think of the geomantic figure of Caput Draconis – the head of the dragon – this is about intuitive ‘downloads’ and incoming people, places or karmic contracts designed to help your soul continue to evolve and help you to fulfil your mission, purpose or full potential.

There may also be some sort of healing experience that takes place now, care of aspects between Chiron and Mars. However, given that we are talking about a square, it may be a case of being cruel to be kind – pulling back the curtain on abuse, or a ‘ripping off of the band-aid’ if people wish to stubbornly remain in denial about toxic, self-defeating or anti-social behaviour. This is one of those times when you may need to put yourself first, epsecially if others refuse to compromise or consider your needs.


Known as ‘Difficulty in the Beginning’, Hexagram 3 is symbolised by the image of young seedling or plant shoots (‘sprouts’ as the Chinese call them) breaking through the ground and into the light. Still green and tender, these sprouts are still vulnerable to damage from bigger or more powerful entities and forces like bad weather, so remaining safe from harm or impeded development can initially be a bit of a struggle.

Line 4 advises us that the best way to deal with this is develop some form of inner practise or everyday routine that will create a sense of order in the private domain while everything remains in flux outwardly. This may involve signing up to an established spiritual practise or health regimen (Hexagram 17) that can provide a modicum of stability that can help you cope with a period of upheaval ad change.

Indeed, there is some suggestion that this period may form part of a larger social cycle in which corruption, especially of authority, in the external world, is being rooted out and a new order is being established. As ‘green’ and therefore innocent/inexperienced ‘sprouts’, this may be a process that’s beyond our ‘pay grade’, so to speak. As such, the best thing we can do is turn inward until everything in the outer world is more settled. Between now and October, you’re best off going with the flow. Allow yourself to make new social connections as and when they arise, for your social groupings may well change. The key is not to force things or try and make sense of anything prematurely.

Gene Key 3, which is another way of talking about the Hexagram, gives us a good formula for handling this period of flux. In essense, it asks us to find ways to accept the new without letting go of the positive aspects of tradition. Individually, it concerns the movement from repression/reaction towards healthy evolution and constructive paradigm shifts as a species. Breakthroughs are almost certainly guaranteed. You may realise how much you have mastered a particular skill or situation, which will boost your confidence and make you less reliant on the approval or validation of others to make personal decisions or act autonomously.


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