The next six-month Eclipse cycle is due to begin with a new Moon solar eclipse in January 2011. However, before then, events from the previous half-year cycle which began in June 2010, will need wrapping up, and the lunar eclipse in Gemini on 21 December 2010, provides the perfect vehicle for that to happen. Bringing an end to the events catalysed by the June-July 2010 double whammy of cardinal event and eclipses, December’s lunar occultation occurs the day before the winter solstice on the 21st along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, but very close to the cusp of Cancer-Capricorn. Taking around sunrise at 08h13 GMT, the in-between twilight space where night changes into day, and close to the Sun’s ingress from Sagittarius into Capricorn, this occultation symbolises a time of transition, when we may be forced to move from one set of beliefs, religious systems and cultural norms to another in order to maintain stability and peace within our global society.  It is also possible that matters precipitated by developments over the summer could come to a head now – Full Moons are always a time of amplification as well as endings and culminations.


There may be a fated air to things that occur now, and possibly even a sense of retribution. This is because of Pluto’s presence close to the lunar nodes – the actual location of eclipse events, where the paths of the Sun and Moon cross – which will be located in the early degrees of Capricorn, adding a sense of finality and inevitability to global events that take place now. It therefore wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if some momentous announcements are made now concerning reform to long-held traditions and well-established institutions, including governments, laws as well as the monarchy. Corruption of any kind is also likely to be revealed – Pluto tends to bring taboo subjects to the surface, so anything hidden from public view that took place between June and December which needs addressing is likely to come to light now. Whatever occurs, you can be sure that dramatic change is on the way, affecting power structures, particularly governments, institutions and large organisations.


In addition, this particular lunar eclipse also appears to have implications for the monarchy. Along with a number of other astrologers, I couldn’t help but notice that the Sun and Moon opposition at this time happens to fall across Prince William’s Ascendant-Descendant axis, making him personally implicated in whatever occurs now. This is the axis of self and others, including committed partners, so in effect this axis could simply be confirming his engagement and making it clear that his identity and life are about to change completely as he prepares to become a married man and leave his carefree bachelor days behind him.

As I have written elsewhere, eclipses seem to have a particular significance for the Windsors – Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles got married near to one (8th April 2005), Princess Diana died tragically one day before a solar eclipse on the 31st of August 1997, and, indeed, Prince William himself was born, not only on the day of a solar eclipse, on the 21st of June 1982, but also at the time of the summer solstice, making him doubly implicated in this year’s December lunar occultation event.



Interestingly, the solar eclipse that follows will fall close to the natal Capricorn Sun of his fiancé, Kate Middleton, suggesting that the royal wedding, due to take place on the 29th of April 2011 – well within the within six-month period governed by the new eclipse cycle, stands to be life-changing, completely altering her sense of identity.

 Taking place on the 4th of January at around 13 degrees Capricorn, this solar occultation will usher in a new era in world and economic affairs.  With Pluto continuing to hover in the vicinity of the Nodes, it is highly likely that, between now and June, we will see corruption and unethical practices continuing to be rooted out of institutions such as banks and political regimes. Expect politicians and company bosses to be held accountable for their actions now. This is likely to mean that those MPs found guilty of expense irregularities and self-enrichment will be punished in no uncertain terms, whilst outdated rules and regulations will be reformed if found lacking.

On the same day, we will also experience the second conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus since the start of the Cardinal Event back in June 2010. This time, however, it takes place in compassionate and idealistic Pisces, suggesting that we may be in for a period of ideological expansion and cultural change motivated by spiritual and humanitarian principles. Of course, with unpredictable Uranus involved, this could also mean a period of popular revolt. Ethical technological and medical innovation is also emphasised at this time.

All in all, quite a way to start the year!

According to Bernadette Brady, this pair of eclipses belongs to the 13 North Saros series, which was ‘born’ in August 1776. Her interpretation of the nature of this eclipse family is as follows:

“This is an eclipse family of groups and associations. Its energy is about large, ambitious group projects. These group projects will require a separation or the breaking of a bond that already exists. The individual may well experience this eclipse initially as a separation and then as joint achievement.”

She could almost be describing Kate Middleton’s joining the Royal Family and saying goodbye to her former life as a commoner.

Astronomically, the lunar eclipse will be visible over North and South America on the 20th of December. According to Wolfgang Held, author of Eclipses 2005 – 2017, A Handbook of Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Other Rare Astronomical Events, this eclipse will be particularly remarkable because of the huge contrast created between the positions of the Sun and Moon at this time:

“In the northern hemisphere, the sun is in its lowest position of the year, while in contrast, the Moon is in its highest position between Taurus and Gemini. No Full Moon climbs so high in the night sky, no Full Moon dominates celestial events to such an extent as the Full Moon of the winter solstice. For the observer, this creates the impression [that] the Moon [is] standing  almost in the zenith…”

This means that ‘it is the high Full Moon of the winter solstice which is darkened, and it is this Full Moon which is prevented from developing its activity.’

The last time that a lunar eclipse occurred around the time of the winter solstice was in 1638.

Previous eclipses in this series during the 20th and 21st centuries occurred in: 1902, 1920, 1938, 1956, 1974, and 1992.


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