Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

This autumn-winter, we are due to experience two eclipses during November, this time in different signs. The first, a dramatic Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, occurs at the New Moon on November the 13th.

In line with June’s eclipses, the second Lunar Eclipse, which is due around the Full Moon on November the 28th, takes place in the signs of Gemini-Sagittarius respectively.

As a result, the six months that follow are likely to include changes on two separate fronts – the first, represented by the fixed signs of Scorpio-Taurus, and the second, symbolised by the Gemini-Sagittarius zodiac signs. However, because the Sun and Moon are involved in both events, we can expect some form of link between the two. If you link ideas, travel and communication with possessions and power, then you’ll get some idea of how these two areas of life are likely to overlap.


Looking at the astrological chart for the November 2012 Solar Eclipse, we note that Leo is rising (from the perspective of Greenwich, of course) and that the Sun and Moon are deep below the horizon, near to the IC point. This is very much a nocturnal chart and the Sun, being both eclipsed and in the dark, is very weak in terms of its position. This may well indicate the fall of a powerful leader, a regime change or perhaps even the death of a significant male figure in the world. Interestingly, Saturn, also in Scorpio, albeit in the early degrees, is also moving towards a sextile with Pluto. Both planets are in what we call ‘mutual reception’ meaning that they are in the signs ruled by the other planet, which in traditional astrology, is considered to be a good thing. Perhaps we are finally entering a period where constructive and significant institutional change and the responsible use of power and money, instead of cronyism, elitism and corruption, can finally be introduced?


In the Solar Eclipse chart, the star of kingship, Regulus, is just below the eastern horizon whilst Fomalhaut, known to the Persians as the Watcher of the South, is setting on the western horizon.  According to Bernadette Brady in Star & Planet Combinations, the latter star ‘represents a path which contains a nemesis, a way that the individual can fall from grace. This nemesis can sometimes take the form of a strong opponent, but often it is self-created in the form of hubris. Thus the individual must steer clear of the seduction of charisma, both in themselves and on others.’ 1 With the American Presidential elections set to take place on November the 6th, just a week before the eclipse, it seems possible that this occultation may have be able to give us a symbolic hint at what the outcome might be. On the face of it, the main star of Leo, the King, is rising, whilst the Star of the Political or Military Nemesis, Fomalhaut, which sits in the constellation of Pisces, is setting.

Although one would expect the eclipsed Sun in Scorpio to mean that the incumbent president, Barak Obama, could well lose his position to his political opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, if we look a little closer at both their natal charts (click on the hyperlinks), we soon discover that Obama’s Sun is in Leo whilst Mitt Romney’s is in Pisces – could this mean that he will get a second term? I have prepared an in-depth blog post on the Astrology of the 2012 American Presidential Elections for those interested in reading further on the topic.


In the UK, I suspect that we may hear more revelations about hidden or secret money deals, power broking behind the scenes, as well as the abuse and clandestine sexual proclivities of powerful or well-known people. For example, the recent  scandal involving the now-deceased TV personality and DJ, Jimmy Savile, who has been described by London police officers investigating over 300 allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct towards minors, as undoubtedly one of the most prolific sex offenders of recent times.2

This particular eclipse will be visible from the South Pacific, starting at sunrise on the 14th of November in Queensland, northern Australia and then gradually moving west, finishing at sunset just off the coast of southern Chile.3


Moving on to the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th,  which takes place in the signs of Sagittarius and Gemini, we return to themes from June 2012. These include the cultural aspects of sport, including its ability to inspire and bring people together, as witnessed by the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


It also once again brings up the issue of responsible reporting and publishing, and the power of words and ideas, which I commented on in my Astro-Insights column for October. As we become more and more of a global society and information continues to become an instant and all-pervasive phenomena, so the onus will grow on any individual or company that posts a comment online, publishes an article, or broadcasts a movie, documentary or news report, to do so in a responsible and socially-appropriate fashion.

As phenomena such as internet bullying and anonymous trolls becomes more prolific, we will also see an increase in the ability for people to be prosecuted for what they tweet, post or publish. The fact that the eclipsed Moon, in the communicative and curious sign of Gemini, will be square to Neptune, planet of deception, anonymity and a lack of clarity; as well as sextile to Uranus, the planet that rules computers and IT technology, suggests that during the next six months, this area of the law will become clearer in discriminating between what is and what is not considered a prosecutable offence with regards to anti-social online behaviour and online bullying, and more appropriate to the 21st century environment.

This is because Mercury, ruler of Gemini, governs all forms of telecommunications and broadcasting, whilst Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, which is where the Sun will be located, also happens to rules the law, as well as social mores and shared cultural values.



Both the Sun and Moon will together form a t-square to Chiron, the ‘centaur’ or ice body associated most with vulnerability, psychological wounds and physical healing. Chiron is currently orbiting very close to Neptune in Pisces and in the chart for the November 2012 Lunar Eclipse, is located in the 11th house of group and social activities.

Named after Kheiron, the wise teacher-centaur of Greek mythology, Chiron symbolizes that which may be damaged and in need of healing, and the processes of self-discovery and wisdom-getting that accompany such learning and healing journeys. It promotes a heroic vision and the urge to be the best possible, and in these causes – as well as the broader cause of healing and self-regeneration – engenders a restless, maverick energy, brave and daring. Chiron bestows the ability to transcend circumstances and get out of one’s complacent comfort zone, into a new and liberating understanding, maturity and confidence.

Given Chiron’s sign and house placing, and it’s position at the apex of the t-square with the Sun and Moon, it would seem as though the challenge of the next six months is to learn how to find your niche and a way of belonging within groups and social situations of all kinds. Peer pressure and the need to be an individual, yet feel accepted by a particular gang or social circle, is especially accute during our teenage years, but may linger well into adulthood, making us feel awkward in certain social situations.

The world wide web provides a great way for people who feel socially inadequate to gain a sense of power, perhaps sometimes inappropriately so, over others. This can be used for good (think of the power of social media in terms of political and humanitarian activism) or for evil (cyber bullying, hacking, spying and illegal downloading). During the period between now and summer 2013, we are being challenged to consider how being anonymous or removed from direct contact with others can influence our social  conscience and indeed, the ethics of our behaviour, as well as affect our own relationships with friends and the wider world.

Choosing to buck the trend to be irreverent about observing laws or social mores online, or mercenary when it comes to downloading licensed software, movies, music or copyrighted material;  and instead choosing to be more considerate, responsible and ethical ‘digital citizens’ is something that I think will continue to grow in the public consciousness as the technological innovation continues to alter the digital landscape and in turn, affect the way that people exchange information and interact with each other. See this very interesting online presentation from the Economist, for some facts and figures on the topic.

fixed stars


As if to emphasize this, the eclipsed Moon will be located very close to a conjunction with Aldebaran, the star in the constellation of Taurus known as the ‘Eye of the Bull’,  and another one of the Royal Stars of Persia, this time of the East. This particular star is associated with ‘ethical integrity.’ According to Star & Planet Combinations, this star also governs contracts and exchanges, seeing them as sacred bonds that should be made with honesty and integrity  – a virtually arcane concept in this day and age – but perhaps one that will make a comeback, given how fed up everyone is getting with all the dishonesty, tax fraud and corruption within the political and banking sectors around the world that’s come to light of late.1


pregnant kate

In terms of the royals, I thought I would add that the lunar eclipse contacts Prince William’s natal Mercury in his 5th house of children. I wonder if we will have an announcement soon that his wife, Kate, is pregnant? As if to confirm that some big change might well be in the offing for the royal couple, I had a look at her chart and found that the Sun will conjunct her natal Uranus, while the eclipsed Moon will be hovering close to her natal Jupiter. Something is clearly afoot…


On a more positive note, this set of eclipses form part of the 15 North Saros Series, which according to Bernadette Brady’s Predictive Astrology,  is associated with rewards and a sense of achievement gained by honoring responsibilities and making commitments, suggesting that the next six months will be ‘a time of good news’ regarding house purchases, promotions, pregnancy, birth and marriage. This eclipse ‘family’ was ‘born’ in July 1219 and will continue until 17 August 2463.4

Previous eclipses in this series during the 20th and 21st centuries occurred in: 1904, 1922, 1940, 1958, 1976, and 1994.


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