Lunar Eclipse in Leo

11 February 2017, 00h32 GMT


In many ways, this eclipse will end a six month cycle begun at the Leo New Moon on 2 August 2016, which hit a sensitive point in August 2016 during the ‘Ghost’ Eclipse of 18 August 2016. I also suspect that this eclipse may have energetic ties to the Aquarius Solar eclipse we experienced back in February 2008 – just before the Global Financial Crash, which many people see as beginning with the bankruptcy of sub-prime mortgage lender, Fanny Mae, and Lehman Brothers bank in September 2008.

This eclipse occurs at the time of the Snow Moon as February is associated with heavy snowfalls in the northern hemisphere. Astrologically, this is when the Sun is at its coldest because it is furthest away from the earth – something that is reflected in the coolness and detachment of the zodiac sign, Aquarius, where the Sun is said to be in detriment. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this Moon is also known by North American Indians as the ‘Bone Moon’ because it is associated with a time of leanness and slim hunting pickings, when people ate bone marrow soup and gnawed on bones.

On a more upbeat note, this particular Full Moon Lunar Eclipse also coincides with the brightest period of Venus, the lesser benefic, planet of love and beauty. In fact, between February 6 and 17th,  she is set to dazzle us in her role as the Evening Star, especially as the Moon begins to wane, leaving her with little competition once the Sun has set.In many respects, this should be seen as Venus’ swan song  – her ‘victory lap’ before she turns retrograde on 4/5 March for six weeks. Although Venus retrogrades are not generally considered to be a lucky period for finances, they have been known to coincide with romantic reunions  – good news for anyone keen to reconnect with ‘the one who got away’.

This eclipse is therefore likely to be coloured by Venus’ movements, and so represent an end to a difficult six month financial/health cycle, whilst boding well for retrospective art exhibitions and relationship revivals. It could also be a time of breaking free from difficult or limiting relationships  – a drive towards greater independence and personal freedom, thanks to a mystic rectangle which has a Jupiter-Uranus opposition at its core.

In fact, we should see a shift away from the difficult energy of January’s cardinal crosses and T-squares, back towards the more positive energy we experienced around Christmas Day 2016. More on this below.

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse occurs at 22 degrees and 38 minutes of Leo, which most astrologers would round up to 23 degrees Leo.


To me, this symbol evokes a show-off (what Leo isn’t a bit of a showoff) taking risks to impress his or her audience. I can’t help but think of Donald Trump with his Leo Ascendant and insatiable appetite for being in the news here. Is he rising on a horse that he can control, though? After all, it has a strength and will of its own…?

This eclipse may highlight themes around leadership and control, but it is much more likely to concern spectacle and our preoccupation with ‘optics’ or sensationalism.One way of interpreting this might be to stop worrying about how things appear to others  and instead make your own decisions, based on what feels right or authentic to you personally. Uranus, the planet associated with personal authenticity, is very much implicated in this eclipse, and so these types of ideas fit rather well with our interpretation of the Sabian symbol.

Another way to consider this is in terms of man’s seeming mastery over nature – do we really have as much control as we think?

The Sabian Oracle offers some other keywords to consider here which may pertain to your personal experience of this event:

Defying gravity. Controlling one’s animal instincts. Courage and mastery over one’s energies. Shows of strength. Situations where one might get “bucked”. Rushing in where angels fear to tread. Being shown in the media. The allure of drama and danger. Life as a circus or carnival. Amazing displays of skill. Superheroes. Comic book characters. Impressing people with well-rehearsed skills.

Saros Series

This eclipse forms part of the van den Berg series no. 114 – Brady does not cover this particular Saros series.

Astrological chart

Key Aspects

There’s even more good news: this Leo Lunar Eclipse is also characterised by a mystic rectangle involving greater benefic, Jupiter, which will trine the Sun on February 11th – the day of the eclipse. Both will send their positive energy to the Moon, which, in turn, will be sextile to Jupiter.

Added to this mix will be planet of excitement, modernisation and revolution, Uranus, which sextiles the Sun a few days before the eclipse on February the 9th; and will trine the Moon at 22h36 GMT on Friday the 10th.

These planets have been pretty active recently: Uranus was involved in the cardinal T-square with Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury during February’s first week. This stands in sharp contrast to the rather glorious planetary configurations we experienced on Christmas Day 2016  – the last time that Jupiter opposed Uranus – when Jupiter trined Venus and sextiled Saturn. Think back to that little oasis of peace and harmony amidst the storm that was the back end of 2016  – this is likely to be the sort of atmosphere that will be recreated now.

As Jupiter and Uranus come together with the ‘lights’, we can expect to experience a sort of spiritual and social rebalancing, during which we may take a much-needed step back in order to review our emotional, knee-jerk reactions to recent events from a more detached, philosophical standpoint. Zooming out to get an overview of our current situations or circumstances may help to give us a bit more of a balanced perspective (Jupiter in Libra) about how things really stand externally, versus how we are reacting to them internally.

Then, if we feel we need to make some major personal changes – perhaps stand down from certain social, public or leadership roles, or perhaps let go of an ideology, lawsuit or philosophical position, then we can do so.Taking our cue from the Sabian Symbols, it could well be that we decide to remove ourselves from public life e.g. take down our social media profiles/blogs etc, or step away from a career in the limelight/glare of publicity. It could also coincide with a change of path – one that forsakes ego-based definitions of success in exchange for personal freedom, greater authenticity in relationships or a lifestyle that makes us happier, rather than famous or rich.

This is all about letting go – freeing one’s self from outdated beliefs and ideals – and then making the necessary external and internal adjustments required to integrate these changes and make them more permanent.

Parts and Lots

Interestingly, Jupiter will be conjunct the Part of Imprisonment, so I wonder if someone who acquired wealth, fame or power through unscrupulous means may now get their just deserts or a comeuppance? Will we see someone rich, powerful or famous go to prison, perhaps for misusing funds or being dishonest?

Fixed Stars

Jupiter is also conjunct Spica, a fixed star combination associated with success, popularity, wealth, honours and preferment. However, this star has something of a mixed reputation. According to Astrology King:

As the star of the grain harvest, it is the provider of our material needs, and indeed it does always show up well in that respect. There is, however, a word of warning to go with it: We only reap harvest if we have first sown the seed and cared for the fields, and what we reap must last us, and all who labored in our fields, until the next harvest is ready. He does not do so well from Spica who reaps what he has not sown, uses it profligately, or denies to others their share in his good fortune.

Libra is a sign associated with justice and re-balancing, which in some cases, may mean a reckoning or retribution, particularly if there has been discrimination, unequal treatment or an abuse of power involved.

Geographical position

This eclipse will take place over the north-eastern parts of the Americas, as well as most of Europe, and the whole of Africa, Asia, so will be visible to a large number of people. The eclipse will begin at around 00:22 UT and last until around 02h53 UT. For more information, and a diagram of its visibility, visit the NASA page for this series of eclipses.

Past Precedent

This group of eclipses previously occurred in 1908, 1927, 1945, 1963, 1981, 1999 and will not take place again until 2035.

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