The May 2013 solar eclipse in Sagittarius carries many parallels with its 2020 counterpart in the same sign and Van Den Berg series, which coincided with race riots as well as the pulling down of statues and monuments to colonialism across many parts of the world in the wake of the muder of George Floyd.

It seemed to combine both the righteous anger and indignation that can sometimes be the hallmark of Sagittarius, together with the ruthlessness of Pluto and unpredictability of Uranus, which were locked in a deadly square to each other during most of 2013.


TYPE: Appulse

DATE: 25 May 2013

DEGREE: 5 Degrees Sagittarius

SABIAN SYMBOL: An old owl up in a tree.

SAROS SERIES: Van Den Berg 111 series

RELATED OCCURRENCES: This eclipse is related to the lunar eclipses that occurred in May 1984 and 2002, as well as the fiery and explosive Black Lives Matter eclipse in June 2020.

KEY PLANETS/ASPECTS: Despite the emblem of wisdom associated with the Sabian symbol – a theme one would associate with sagacious Sagittarius and its wise ruler, Jupiter, this eclipse – rather like it’s fiery 2020 relative – was all about moral outrage and righteous fury. In many ways, it remind sme of the famous speech by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction (1994) that quotes Ezekiel 25.

Taking place under the violent and volatile Uranus-Pluto square and just a month after the April eclipses that coincided with the Boston Marathon Attack, this eclipse coincided with the Woolwich Machete Massacre during which a soldier at Woolwich barracks, Lee Rigby, was attacked and killed by two men wielding machetes while he was walking down the street. The luminaries did make a trine to Uranus, but due to Pluto, any positive influence from this aspect would probably have been cancelled out.

Although Mars did not feature strongly in this eclipse, there are strong paralelles between this eclipse and the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that took place in June 2020, around the time of the Black Lives Matter riots following the killing of George Floyd (which featured a fiery T-square to Mars). There was, however, a mutable T-square in play between the luminaries and Neptune which can signal delusion and madness if badly aspected.

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