25 Nov 2011, 06h09 UT

Following on from the three eclipses in June-July 2011, the winter 2011 eclipse season begins with a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. This pairs up with the lunar eclipse in Gemini that took place on the 1st of June 2011, the lunar nodal axis (always travelling in clockwise or retrograde motion) having entered the mutable signs of Gemini/Sagittarius back in February 2011.

In modern astrological terms, the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of signs is associated with lessons surrounding the true value of education, wisdom and spiritual knowledge, and the process of integrating learned knowledge and experience into one’s own life. This involves having a clear sense of discernment as to what rings true for you as an individual, and weeding out that which does not fit comfortably into your own philosophical or cultural framework, or which experience has led you to question.

Often, this involves acquiring sufficient knowledge on a subject in order to be able distinguish  between hearsay, sensation and gossip on the one hand, and well-considered opinions and viewpoints on the other. It also challenges cultures and religions that rely on blind faith and dogma to defend or affirm their position through logic and sensible argument rather than simply bullying people into following their creeds simply because of tradition.


Naturally this seems to suggest that those involved in the media may be forced to carefully consider all the facts of a situation and report the news with integrity rather than publishing wrong information that could affect certain communities or individuals. It also hints at the possibility that some religious groups or faith-based cultures may be forced to move with the times and allow themselves to be more open to dialogue about philosophical positions or practices that may not be in keeping with modern ways of living. Here the Catholic Church’s views on gay marriage, celibacy vows taken by priests and contraception spring to mind.

Given that the Sun and Moon will be square to Mars in Virgo and trine to Uranus in Aries at the time of the solar eclipse, it will be interesting to see if these themes somehow become the subject of heated debate and indeed, possibly even independent movements or break-away groups/individuals arising from the detached viewpoints, intuitive insights  or revolutionary initiatives of free- or forward-thinking individuals. (Uranus in Aries)

One can easily see how Mars in Virgo could lead to verbal jousts, possibly even a bit of hair splitting about an emotional (Moon in Sagittarius) issue, or indeed, revolve around philosophical or religious views or representatives (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius) and their views on celibacy, abstinence or sexual mores. (Mars in Virgo).


The following month,  on the 10th of December 2011, a total lunar eclipse in Gemini completes the six-month cycle begun in June relating to primary and secondary education, politics, telecommunications and the media. It is possible that in the UK, this could mean a return to the scandal surrounding phone-hacking and newspapers. Sport is another area where we might see controversial developments, football and the Olympics being two possible sources of newspaper headlines or passionate debate.


This time, the Sun and Moon, now opposite each other in the sky, will be forming a challenging t-square with Mars in Virgo, so sharp criticism and surgical analyses are definitely likely about decisions or announcements made now.

These eclipses are part of Bernadette Brady’s 14 North Saros family which she describes as:

‘A most peculiar eclipse family, heralding an acute time of confusion in personal relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters and possible illness. ‘ (The Eagle and the Lark, p. 328)

This she attributes to a Neptune opposition to Venus and Saturn in the ‘natal’ chart of this Saros series which she asserts will make clear judgements and important decisions difficult because of ‘too much confusion and possible delusion.’

Previous eclipses in this series during the 20th and 21st centuries occurred in: 1903, 1921, 1939, 1957, 1975, and 1993.

In the Van Den Berg saros system, this set of eclipses forms part of the VDB 123 (solar) and 135 (lunar) series. Related eclipses in the 123 series include a total lunar eclipse in Virgo that took place in March 2007. Another lunar eclipse in the same sign is due to occur in March 2025. The only recent eclipse in the 135 series – also in Virgo – took place in Sep 2016.

The lunar eclipse in this series, which will be a total event, will be visible from Asia, Australasia and north-west America at around 14h32 GMT.

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