Full Moon in TAURUS, 19 Nov 2021, 08h57 GMT

November’s Beaver Full Moon is the very last lunar eclipse of 2021. In many ways, this soli-lunar event serves as a cosmic bridge, connecting us to both past (the last six months) and future (2021 and beyond), helping us to finally get clarity on situations or conundrums that may have been eluding us since June, but also laying the groundwork for the new six month cycle that gets underway at the December solar eclipse in Sagittarius.


At this lunar eclipse, there are close links to the Scorpio New Moon at the beginning of November, especially around themes such as sexuality, eros, fertility and our immersion in the material world. Images such as the oroboros, the divine feast and the generosity of sharing yourself and your gifts, knowledge or wealth with others, are all very prominent.


On an individual level, this is also a great time to gain greater clarity on emotional/sub-conscious patterns or situations that may have confounded you during retrograde season. The chart below should help you to gain some insights into which life areas these are likely to touch on. Bear in mind that this is a full moon, so find the sign of your ascendant (rising sign) and then read it in conjunction with it’s corresponding pair in the table opposite to ensure you get a sense of what the Sun (Scorpio) and Moon (Taurus) may be helping you bring back into balance.

Sabian Symbol

Just as was the case for the masculine at the Aries Full Moon in October, the Sabian symbol for the Beaver Full Moon Eclipse centres around the healing of the feminine. There is a lot here about the renewal of hope and romance, particularly amongst those who may have become a little jaded through bitter experience, trauma or some difficult relationships.

Second chances at love is a huge theme, as is menopause – a time usually viewed by society as marking sexual decline and aging, but which writers and women’s health experts like Dr Christian Northrup have revisioned as a period of healing, awakening, reinvention and empowerment for many women.

Fixed Stars

In my videocast on the Taurus Lunar Eclipse (see below), I do a deep dive into the symbolism of this month’s fixed star aspects, particularly surrounding the archetypes of Medusa and Pegasus, as well as the links between the mystery religion of Mithraism and the constellations of Perseus, Scorpio and Taurus.

Find out more about the themes raised by the Moon’s conjunction to Algol in this video below:

Saros Cycle

This particular eclipse does not have a Brady saros series (she only assigned those to solar eclipses). But in Van Den Berg terms, this eclipse forms part of Van Den Berg Saros series 126, which occurred in 1913, 1918, 1931, 1936, 1949, 1954, 1962, 1972, 1985, and 2003.

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