Sept 2006 Eclipses – A difficult Saros Series


Solar eclipse Virgo

The eclipse we will be experiencing on the 22nd of September 2006 (at 29 degrees Virgo) forms part of the 8 South Saros Series, which is, in the opinion of Bernadette Brady, “the worst or most difficult series”. She has characterised the theme of this eclipse family to be about separation, loss, bodily injury or upheavals…. Grim stuff!

However, she also suggests that this eclipse can be about the act of completing something which might bring about feelings of sadness as you realise it is time to move on – not so dramatic but possibly more realistic!


Lunar eclipse in Pisces

The accompanying lunar eclipse in Pisces on the 7th of September seems to corroborate this. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is therefore associated with the final stages of life, attaining a state of wholeness or merging with the collective. By activating this zodiacal axis, the eclipses are stressing issues surrounding order and chaos, perfection and completeness, criticism and compassion, details versus the overview and work versus spirituality. Both signs emphasise selflessness through service and sacrifice – something our materialistic and selfish society seems to have largely forgotten about.

This eclipse is due to take place in the southern hemisphere over parts of Brazil, West Africa and the Atlantic Ocean, so it might be worth watching these parts of the world to see if anything major happens. The last time this eclipse occurred was in September 1988, so it may be interesting to look back at what happened during that year for clues as to what types of events may reoccur.

Previous occurrences of this eclipses series include: 30 July 1916, 10 August 1934, 20 August 1952, 31 August 1970, and 11 September 1988.

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