New Moon in Sagittarius, 14 December 2020, 16h16 GMT

December’s Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius marks a real shift in the cosmic energies. Indeed, in many ways, this turbo-charged new moon marks the true start to the new year, taking us into a brand new six month soli-lunar phase that will last until June 2021.

The upbeat, hopeful and somewhat excitable fiery atmosphere will be palpable. This is helped along, both by the Sabian symbol for the 24th degree of Sagittarius (the bluebird of happiness) and by the much-touted Grand Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturnmore on which below – which begins a brand new 20-year cycle that is likely to be felt most strongly on a collective socio-economic and cultural level.

However, much like the double-headed Janus – the Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways – we are reminded at this solar eclipse that every beginning also marks an end. And in this case, we are likely to be leaving behind more than 2020 – with the luminaries conjunct the south node, we may indeed, be putting to bed a rather longer 18-19 year cycle that began in December 2002. Find out more in the ‘Saros series’ and ‘Sagittarius themes’ sections below.

Sabian Symbol

When I was preparing the video forecasts for this eclipse, I found myself thinking of the song in the Wizard of Oz that Judy Garland is famous for – ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. Not only do the lyrics tally nicely with the Sabian symbol for this particular eclipse (see below), but the emphasis on rainbows, which have been such a huge theme this year – and the desire for happiness – seem equally fitting. Although quite a wistful tune, I actually find it quite hopeful, given the brand new era we are all about to enter, thanks to the upcoming Grand Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius – something I discuss in-depth in this video which I prepared for my YouTube Subscribers.

Sagittarius Themes

At this particular solar eclipse, we are NOT JUST beginning a fresh six month phase that will take us into the first half of 2021, but ALSO closing out a major 18-19 year cycle, so think back to 2002 because there may be parallels with now. (More details and date below in the ‘Saros series’ section). This is because the Sagittarius Sun and Moon will be making a conjunction to the south lunar node, which in both evolutionary astrology and geomancy, is of course, cauda draconis – the tail of the dragon – a figure associated with exits and endings.

Below are some key themes likely to be activated by this solar eclipse. For more details on where this energy is likely to manifest in your life, refer to the table of sun signs below, or check out the video playlist (links below) to hear how this event will impact each of the 12 sun signs individually.

  • Beginning a new personal chapter or period of expansion and adventure
  • Renewing your faith in a particular philosophy or person (perhaps even human nature!) and restoring hope
  • A desire for truth, honesty and tolerance in core relationships
  • Learning something new or seeing something from a fresh perspective
  • Heading in a new spiritual path
  • Seeing the bigger picture: employing big-picture thinking and putting personal experiences/beliefs into a wider context
  • A strong desire for adventure, expansion and/or travel/cultural exchange
  • Search for meaning or a deep calling to participate in/contribute to something larger than ourselves
For those looking for a quick cheatsheet on where this eclipse will ‘land’ in your chart, here is a breakdown. However, I do recommend that you watch your personalised eclipse forecast – for best results, choose the one for your Ascendant/Rising Sign. Links are above.

Wondering how the Sagittarius Eclipse will affect you personally? Find out with my extended video forecasts and geoscopes – now personalised for all 12 signs!

Additional Factors: Aspects & Moon Condition

Mercury detrimented in Sagittarius

At this solar eclipse, Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and Moon, so will play a slightly larger role in proceedings than usual. As I outline in my blog post on Mercury’s lightning fast tour through Sagittarius, Sagittarius is not one of the most ideal placements for either the planet of rational thought and speech, or indeed, the mistress of our emotions and physical bodies. The ancients considered Mercury to be in fall in the sign of the Archer, no doubt because it can lead to delusion, inflation and a tendency to exaggerate or make risky decisions motivated by over-optimism. Just something to watch for in what is otherwise a really positive period, astrologically-speaking.

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius doesn’t always know its own limits, which can lead to fantastical thinking, over-excitement as well as mania, inflammation or OTT claims, ideas or promisesโ€ฆThis may be why when I did the Solar Eclipse Geoscope Reading, there was a strong message around the need for Saturnian groundedness, discipline, wise discernment, emotional detachment (which is no doubt, why Saturn is associated with the south and with dryness). Saturn is known in hermetic circles as Mercury senex or the ‘elder Mercury’ and for good reason, as I explain in the video. Check it out below if you are interested in diving deeper.

Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

The Sagittarius solar eclipse takes place just a week before the winter solstice on December 21 – marked in Western astrology by the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn. However, much like 2012, this year will be a bit more special. Jupiter and Saturn, the planets of faith and reason, science and spirituality, idealism and materialism, will both ingress into Aquarius, before forming a conjunction on the 21st.

Although Jupiter and Saturn usually come together every 20 years, they only do so in a new element every two centuries years or so – this is known as a ‘Great Conjunction’. And indeed, this year, they come together in an air sign for the first time in 200 years. Medieval and Renaissance astrologers such as Marsilio Ficino saw this as one of the great cosmic cycles, often heralding a time of hope and positive social change, when worldly and intellectual wisdom have the capacity to create what Angela Voss terms ‘spiritual transformation on earth.’ Arabic astrologers saw it as a time of major changes to law and religions – matters over which Jupiter holds sway.

Although Jupiter and Saturn usually come together every 20 years, they only do so in a new element every two centuries years or so – this is known as a ‘Great Conjunction’.

Many see it as a corridor into the Age of Aquarius – the so-called New Age, which does not technically arrive until the equinoxes precess into the sign of the Waterbearer in around 2300, according to Geoffrey Cornelius. Nonetheless, given the combination with the winter solstice, which of course, highlights the ancient relationship between Saturn and the Sun and the return of the light to the northern hemisphere after the shortest day, I think it fair to say that this conjunction will act as a beacon of hope – a flag post or sign that we are on the way to this new Golden Age – no doubt, a very welcome prospect after what has been a very dark and difficult year for many.

Astrology Chart

Rather than repeat myself, if you are interested in a more in-depth look at the astrology chart for this eclipse, do watch the video that I prepared in which I highlight some of the key points to look out for.

The one thing I will draw your attention to is a really fortunate aspect between the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, on the same day as the total solar eclipse – something I discuss in detail in both my cosmic weather forecast and each of the Sun sign forecasts.

Fixed Star Aspects

Ras Alhague – the star that was so prominent at the Libra New Moon in October, returns to centre stage at the Sagittarius eclipse where it forms a powerful conjunction with the luminaries. Ras Alhague forms part of the constellation of Ophiuchus, which received a lot of media attention around June or July 2020 when a hoax alleging that NASA had declared it to be the 13th sign of the zodiac began circulating. As I outline in the fixed stars section of my videocast for the December cosmic weather. This particular constellation is fascinating – and extremely relevant – given it’s association with the healer-shaman-magician, Aesclepius and the parallels between this figure and Hermes Trismegistus, or Hermes-Thoth, from the alchemical tradition – something I discuss at length in the video embedded in this forecast.

Saros Series

This eclipse forms part of the 4 South Saros family, according to Bernadette Brady’s system, which has a strong Venus-Pluto element to it.

She therefore writes:

This series carries with it very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and money. There could be anger or lust. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals may find themselves caught up in relationship events which are beyond their control. There could also be a strong desire to finish a relationship.

Predictive Astrology, p. 314

Given that the luminaries will be making a conjunction to the south node at this eclipse, it is very likely that we may be closing out or completing a karmic cycle or set of soul lessons that began when we last experienced eclipses in this saros series. Check the dates below to look for parallels.

Looking back at the last two millennia, this group of eclipses (Van Den Berg 142 saros series) first began on 19 March 1624 and then have repeated during the last two centuries in 1912, 1930, 1948, 1966, 1984, and 2002.

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