The June 5 lunar eclipse in Sagittarius marks the beginning of a year-long shift in emphasis within eclipse cycles, away from the shcoking and rather dramatic cardinal energy of Cancer-Capricorn of 2018-2020, with its emphasis on patriarchal vs maternal family and social structures, and inner child dynamics, towards a greater emphasis on issues around knowledge/information vs wisdom between now and Dec 2021.

This process, which began with the ingress of the lunar nodes into the signs of Gemini-Sagittarius in May, will be a gradual one, phasing in slowly this summer and lasting until December 2021. It is therefore best to view the June eclipses, which are a bit of a mixed bag of Gemini-Sag and Cancer-Capricorn energy, as part of ‘shoulder’ season. Just like spring and autumn, when the weather is often very changeable, this period is likely to have a liminal, ‘in-between’ period when we vacillate back and forth between the outgoing cardinal energies of Cancer-Capricorn, and the incoming mutable Geminii-Saqgittarius ones.

With this in mind, I will be preparing two sets of forecasts for the new upcoming eclipse season that will take us through to December 2020. Below are some fun, lighter eclipse forecasts, which combine some personalised astrology forecasts for each sign, with ‘geoscopes.’ These geomancy-based ‘horoscopes’, which are done using my own unique style and interpretation, are designed to take the general astrological themes and drill down into the more nitty-gritty, practical concerns and issues that may be activated by these eclipses in a way that dovetails with the overall messages coming from the planets.

These are designed to cover the two weeks between the Full Moon Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and the pair of eclipses in the Cancer-Capricorn axis that will follow it at the Cancer New Moon on 21 June 2020. Although these take place in the ‘old’ or outgoing energy, which is slowly phasing out, this energy will continue to predominate until the end of 2020. I will therefore prepare more in-depth, longer range forecasts for members for the new six month eclipse cycle that gets underway just after the June solstice at the Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the video forecasts below. Feedback always welcome. Full Mon blessings.













2 thoughts on “JUNE 2020 ECLIPSE SCOPES”

  1. Hi Lisa, this is absolutely brilliant on so many levels and just beautifully explained by you. Please, please, please do more of this. It’s extremely helpful. I hope your subscribers increase in volume, because your knowledge on all things related to astrology could be extremely worthwhile at this time. So if you haven’t subscribed, then you should. I also just looked over a personal reading that you did for me in 2014 and the content was so insightful for where I am currently. My love and support to you always, Taryn

    1. Aw! Thanks you, Taryn! That is so very kind of you to say. I always hope that my works touches people’s lives and makes a small difference – sometimes it is hard to know if that is the case or not because people don’t say anything. So really appreciate your thoughtful and warm feedback x

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