February 2015 Astro-Insights

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Although February gets off to a slow start, things should pick up towards the second half of the month. Initially, though, Mercury will be retrograde until the 12th which, together with Neptune, may be fogging up your perceptions.  That’s not to say that there won’t be some upbeat days to look forward to, including the Leo Full Moon on the 3rd and a handful of important Venus contacts on the 8th and 24th. Read on to get your cosmic guide to Valentine’s month.

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Lunar Phases

FULL MOON IN LEO – 03 February 2015

Dramatic events and larger than life emotional reactions are all possible at the Leo Full Moon. Taking place at 23h09 GMT (18h09 EST/01h09 SAST) in the flamboyant sign of Leo, this particular phase of the annual lunar cycle coincides with a Moon-Jupiter conjunction. As a result, everything is likely to be amplified – both positive and negative reactions to situations. Try to avoid anything OTT – hysteria and hyperbole will not get you the reception or support you desire. Instead, be benevolent, humble and gracious in your outlook and actions, focus your emotions on attracting abundance and be tolerant of others. If anything needs to end, try to let go gracefully rather than make a scene. With generous Jupiter in the mix, it seems likely that past kindnesses may be repaid now – as the saying, goes, bread thrown on the water of life often comes back threefold – and 3 is Jupiter’s number!

NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS – 18 February 2015

Midmonth, we’re due to for a reprise of January’s New Moon in Aquarius. Think of this as a chance to have another shot at activities that allow you to help others or live a more authentic life. This New Moon, which takes place at 23h47 GMT in the last degree of Aquarius, is likely to be a powerful affair – the first and last degrees of any sign were considered especially potent by ancient astrologers. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “Moon-lit fields, once Babylon, are blooming white”. Make of that what you will! This symbol also rules the tendons in the lower leg, so if you have ankle trouble, then it may be time to get it sorted out.

This soli-lunar conjunction also fall son the Part of Brethren, which suggests a link to siblings. On a wider scale, given the link to Aquarius, this may also point to the ‘brotherhood of man’. It may be therefore be important for you to locate yourself within a wider context now – whether this be humanity as a whole or a particular social or political movement. On a more personal level, it’s possible that over the next month or so, you’ll feel driven to find a place where you feel you belong, whether this be a circle of friends or a group of people with similar interests, or a charitable institution that can either help you get back on your feet or where you feel you can make an important contribution. The key is to find somewhere you fit in, rather than just reject your current circumstances and be a rebel without a cause. If you’re a square peg, then find a square hole to fit into – don’t keep trying to make the round hole into a square, or vice versa.

Solar Phases

SUN INTO PISCES – 18 February 2015

This year, the Sun will ingress into sensitive and compassionate Pisces on the 18th at 23h50 GMT. Taking place just after the New Moon in Aquarius, this is a time of shape-shifting and liminality – both the Sun and Moon will shift from Aquarius to Pisces, from air to water in a matter of minutes!

This creates an atmosphere in which ideas and emotions, thoughts and feelings can combine seamlessly, making it ideal for meditation and visualisation sessions. Going forward, this ingress marks the beginning of a four-week period in which it is good to focus on creativity, spirituality, music, photography and film. Personal initiatives or goals that involve spas, cleanses, or anything related to large bodies of water are also well-starred now. Perhaps a trip to the lakes or a cruise is in order? Watch your reaction to drugs or medication, especially on the 26th when the Sun conjuncts Neptune. Relationships are also likely to be on your mind until the 20th whilst Venus is in Pisces. If you want to renegotiate a creative or romantic partnership, try to do so while Venus is in an exalted position and people are willing to compromise.

Key Planetary Events & Red Letter Transits

Retrogrades & Stations to note

Mercury Stations – 12 February

On the 12th, Mercury will station in the first degree of Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for this is: ‘An unexpected thunderstorm.’ Perhaps the weather may indeed cause disruption today, either through flooding or electrical problems as a final hoorah for the planet most associated with mischief and trickery. At any rate, the good news is that the recent problems with travel and spate of hacking and scamming should begin to subside. Hopefully we should also see fewer incidents of mechanical failure in the aviation industry – these last few months have not been great for airline companies! If your concentration has been poor, or your perception faulty, then things should begin to improve now. Certainly by the time Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 19th, we should all be back on track as far as communications, teaching and travelling is concerned.

For a summary of Mercury retrograde dates during 2015, visit my 2015 Skylights page.

Key Planetary Ingresses

Mars into Aries: 20 February

Things begin to hot up in the last week of February, thanks to the ingress of fiery Mars into its own sign. This may bring about a welcome change of pace for those frustrated by the recent slowdown effected by Mercury and Neptune. If you’ve felt tired, apathetic or lacklustre of late, then this ingress could well bring the boost of rocket fuel you need to get back into the gym, or catch up with work backlogs. Healthwise, things should improve markedly now – thanks to Mars, you’ll probably feel much more vital and energetic than you have in a while.  Just try not to be overly aggressive or competitive over the next few weeks, especially if you’ve been enjoying a period of cooperation with colleagues or loved ones. An excellent day to power through a packed schedule or attack some particularly challenging tasks is the 25th when Mars trines Saturn. Overcoming obstacles will be a breeze on this day, so be sure to mark it in the diary if you need to be especially productive towards month-end.

Venus into Aries: 20 February

A few hours after Mars, Venus is also due to ingress into passionate Aries, suggesting a burst of ardour or desire on the 20th, fuelled further by a Venus-Moon conjunction at 23h30 GMT. If there is someone or something that you’ve been lusting after, perhaps someone you sent a Valentine’s day card or gift to, then it seems likely that today your patience will run out and you will go for the kill, so to speak. Whether it’s a new handbag or a beau, you’re not likely to beat around the bush or be shy in coming forward now – anything you desire will be ardently pursued and you’ll be much more spontaneous and assertive when it comes to love and sex. Conversely, although you may initiate relationships, you may also seek more autonomy and independence within existing associations. Try not to be too aggressive in terms of pushing forward your needs or opinions, which could alienate you from others; and watch the bank balance because over the next few weeks, you’re more likely to act first and think later. Don’t live to regret it! Instead, use this energy to be a cheerleader or spokesperson for loved ones who are more shy about coming forward or are in need of an ego boost.

Key Aspects

Below are some astrological highlights you won’t want to miss during February.  

19 Feb – Mercury sextile Saturn

If you want to turn plans into action, get taken more seriously or enjoy sustained powers of concentration, then today is your day. Mercury in problem-solving, technical Aquarius will team up with Saturn in enthusiastic and philosophical Sagittarius, making it easy to grasp difficult concepts and structure your thoughts logically. Your understanding of complicated subjects will be second to none now, making it excellent for lecturing, teaching or studying. You’ll easily be able to put things into context, develop systems and explain things succinctly but in an interesting or novel way, so if you plan to make a speech, publish a written piece or do a presentation, then this is your day.

24 Feb – Venus trine Saturn

Romantic commitments and sustained creativity are just two of the possible outcomes of today’s Venus-Saturn trine. The combination of passion/enthusiasm and steadiness means that you’ll be able to enjoy a period of relative stability within relationships. Partners will be much more reliable than usual and if someone says they will do something, you can be pretty sure they will keep their promise now. Creatively, this is likely to be a day when you are easily able to convert inspiration into solid ideas or objects so don’t waste any time in seizing the moment, especially if your ability to do so has been elusive recently. This is also a good time to impress potential mentors and find the right investor or business partner for a pet project. Social occasions or marketing presentations should also go off smoothly today.

26 Feb – Mars trine Saturn

If your motivation or confidence has been lacking recently, especially when it comes to problem-shooting, exercise or strategizing for the future, then today is your day. Energetic Mars and stable Saturn combine favourably to give you the determination, concentration, willpower and confidence to overcome obstacles of all kinds. Whatever your normal modus operandi, today you will have added self-control, allowing you to pace yourself energetically and go about accomplishing tasks calmly and consistently. Structure and discipline will not seem oppressive now – if anything they will help you to thrive.

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