Self-empowerment, inner strength and the call to come into your full power and splendour – these are just some of the core messages and potentials up for grabs at October’s New Moon in Libra on October 16.

At first glance, the Sun and Moon in Libra seem to be asking us to cultivate greater internal emotional balance, as well as more equality and peace within close relationships. And while it certainly is drawing our attention back to some of the themes and dilemmas raised at the Pink Supermoon back in April, there is another overriding them at work: the need to heal any distortions or rectify any gaps in our perception, skills, knowledge or abilities that may be preventing us from enjoying a greater sense of wholeness, better relationships as well as increased success and prosperity in our lives.

In many ways, this two week phase is really asking us to get clear about what our innate gifts and talents are, (these may include healing, teaching or creative abilities) and then to do whatever we can to take these diamonds in the rough and polish them up so that we are better able to handle the changing environment that we find ourselves in, but also so that we are in a better position to fulfil our true potential.

Venus in Virgo will be giving us a helping hand via a series of earth trines to the outer planets in Capricorn in the period leading up to and following this lunar phase. This could translate into events or encounters that help us gain greater clarity about what we are here to do as souls, and what work needs to be done in order to fulfil our soul’s purpose, whether that is to live a happier life or be of service to others and the world. It is also excellent for manifesting and abundance.

But, as usual, it is not all going to be smooth sailing – not only does this New Moon take place smack bang in the middle of a phenomenon known as Mars Opposition (see the above graphic), but the luminaries will also be making some difficult aspects to Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn, which could increase the pressure on us to make the individual and collective reforms, course corrections and structural changes called for back in January that will be necessary in order for us to successfully transition into the new 20 year cycle that begins in December at the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

To help us decode the messages of this New Moon and successfully navigate our way through what is likely to be a pretty intense but significant time period, I have prepared an in-depth astrology-based videocast, which you can view on my YouTube channel.


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