An Intuitive Pathway into Astrology

Geomancy is a great way to learn horary astrology, as it follows very similar rules and uses the same symbolic ‘language’ as astrology – the only major difference being that it employs 16 figures and not planets.

The elemental ‘below’ to astrology’s ethereal ‘above’

It is especially great for those ordinary, down to earth questions that seem too trivial/mundane to bother an angel or celestial being with. It also isn’t as technical (bonus!) and so doesn’t require lots of calculations – beyond one set of conversions, which are very similar to the I Ching with its changing lines, that is! Which is where my FREE casting sheet comes in! Download it FREE now and then head to my YouTube channel to see how it’s done.


Now you can learn the ancient art of geomancy in your own time and way with my comprehensive and practical guide, ‘The Oracle of the Elements’. This concise and easy to use eBook provides you with all the tips and tools you need to start casting your own geomantic charts. Simply click on the image below to purchase.

And now there’s a matching deck of poker-sized playing cards to go with it!

Check them out on YouTube where I regularly use them to do eclipse and lunar phase geoscopes.

Email me if you are interested in pre-ordering a pack of your own – if I get enough interest, I will consider printing a batch before Christmas. Perfect as a gift for the card reader who already has everything and is looking for something unique to add to their collection.

See Geomancy in action on my YouTube Channel