An Intuitive Pathway into Astrology

The elemental ‘below’ to astrology’s ethereal ‘above’

Geomancy is a great way to learn horary astrology, as it follows very similar rules and uses the same symbolic ‘language’ as astrology – the only major difference being that it employs 16 figures and not planets.

It is especially great for those ordinary, down-to earth-questions that might seem too trivial or mundane to check your astrology transits about, or cast a horary chart for, and more the sort of questons you might put to the tarot or another oracle. Like other randomised oracle systems, it also isn’t as technical (bonus!) as astology, and so doesn’t require lots of calculations or an encyclopedic knowledge of aspects etc beyond one set of conversions, which are very similar to the I Ching and its changing lines. Which is where my FREE casting sheet comes in! You can download it FREE from the link below and then, if you like you can head to my YouTube channel to see how it’s done in practice.

See Geomancy in action on my YouTube Channel


oracle of the elements

Learn the ancient art of geomancy in your own time and way with my comprehensive and practical guide, ‘The Oracle of the Elements’. This concise and easy-to-use ebook provides you with all the tips and tools you need to start casting your own geomantic charts – and interpreting them.



There’s also a matching deck of sleek minimalist poker-sized oracle cards to go with it! These are come in a beta linen finish for easy shuffling and durability, are packed in a custom-designed tuckbox made from recycled card in a matte waxed finish.

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For those who prefer something more traditional and ornate. I have also created the more opulent Oracle of the Elements Luxury Heritage Edition.

This 64 card deck is printed in a linen finish for added texture with gilt edging that adds a dash of opulence, and comes in a black velvet drawstring bag.

There’s a different coloured Arabesque-inspired design for each of the four elemental suites that evokes geomancy’s desert origins (it is known as the ‘science of the sand’ in Arabic esoteric circles). Each card includes additional details such as astrological associations along with a short list of keywords to aid in interpretation and help beginners memorise the meaning of each of the 16 figures.


For those looking for the perfect companion to their card deck, there’s now a revised and updated pocket-sized (4.25 x 6.875 in / 108 x 175 mm) print version of the ‘Oracle of the Elements’, which you can order seperately using the Buy button below.

This 122-page pocketbook contains everything you need to get started with geomancy, including detailed quick-reference tables outlining the key symbolic associations of each geomantic figure; a section with some traditional spreads, as well as a set of handy tables at the back for those who want to quickly decipher what each planet, aspect or house position means. Perfect for both non-astrologers and those interested in learning geomancy or want to master the basics of horary astrology.


For those who prefer an antique design but a more minimalist look and feel, I have created a set of 64 vintage-style cards, printed on eco-friendly card stock, that comes as part of a set with a mini edition of the pocket handbook.

This tarot-sized deck is gilt-edged and comes in a black velvet draw-string bag. All the geomantic figures in this pack have the same background design. As per the poker-sized luxury deck, each card includes astrological, elemental and geomantic information, as well as some keywords to spark off your intuitive process.

The 52-page tarot-sized perfect bound mini booklet (70mm x 121mm, 2.75″ x 4.75″) is designed to help you master the basic meanings of each geomantic figure and try out some of the traditional spreads and techniques.

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