July 2018 Skylights

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Much like June, July will be busy, eventful and anything but dull.  With some extremely magical highs will come some potentially difficult lows, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you and remain philosophical when it comes to plans and developments. As if that weren’t enough, we also have two eclipses to look forward to – look out for my forecast closer to the New Moon on the 13th.

In the meanwhile, here’s a last of starry signposts to mark in your diary.

July 2018 Skylights:

5-8 July – Sun trine Jupiter and Neptune. Picking up where Venus left off,  the Sun in Cancer reactivates the water grand trine so prominent during June. Once again we are encouraged to combine deep wisdom and heartfelt compassion with a soulful, nurturing approach to living. This time, though, you’ll need to cultivate an attitude that goes beyond simply explaining or valuing this energy – you’ll need to actually embrace, if not embody what you believe in. The upshot, though, is the potential for a deep sense of confidence, happiness and wellbeing that goes beyond the realm of anything you may have experienced before. Feel it and then try to integrate this into your life. Quite a feat, but one worth aspiring to.

By the way: As was the case in June, these periods won’t be free from a few speedhumps, this time from Mercury in Leo, which will knock heads, first with Mars in Aquarius on the 5th, and then with Jupiter in Scorpio on the 9th. This could lead to a few clashes of viewpoint and opinions. Tolerance for attention seeking or self-righteous behaviour will be quite low now, so diva’s may want to save their strops for another day. Leave your ego at home on these two days and you should be just fine.

10/11 July – Jupiter direct. Those of you who may have been wondering what happened to all that incredibly healing, deeply insightful and expansive energy that seemed to disappear in March, fear not: Jupiter is set to change direction this month! This means a return to full throttle for the planet of wisdom and good fortune.  Break out the champagne! It’s time to reaffirm your faith in the profound abundance and ultimate goodness of the universe.

12-14 July Venus trine Uranus and Saturn. This month, love gets both exciting and serious in quick succession, thanks to a series of trines between Venus and two of the key outer planets. Instant chemistry  – think eyes locking across a crowded room type of scenario – is a distinct possibility on the 12th, as are flashes of creative inspiration and unexpected windfalls; while on the 14th, talk may move quite naturally toward making plans for the future. This is earthy energy, so while sexy and touchy-feely, it is also very real and pragmatic. Plans and promises made now are sincerely meant – and kept – so have complete faith in whatever happens now. This is no fantasy – it’s 100% real.

By the way: Just before the New Moon, the Sun and Moon will come to blows with Pluto, which could temporarily muddy your emotional waters, making it difficult to know who to trust. What’s really going on is a re-calibration as people try to find a healthy balance between wanting to nurture others and protect themselves from hurt and abuse.  See any tension as a release of tension before things reset themselves firmly in favour of the heart at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th.

22-24 July – Venus sextile Jupiter,  opposition Neptune. Another high followed by a corresponding low – we should be getting to used to this cosmic rollercoaster ride by now, but somehow when it comes to the things and people we value, it’s never that easy to accept or come to terms with. It’s not that the bold moves or dramatic gestures of the 22nd are insincere, it’s just that expectations may be too high  – or just downright unrealistic – and so this may need to be corrected on the 24th. The lesson to take from this series of transits is that when people disappoint you, it’s not always because you’ve bet on the wrong horse, but perhaps rather more to do with the fact that they are only human, and the bar you may have set for them is just too high for anyone to meet. So throw ticklists out of the window and cut people a bit of slack on the 24th. Over time, people will show you whether or not they are worthy of your affection, trust or energy. The trick is to wait and see, rather than rush into hasty pronouncements now when your judgement may be more than a little off. Far better to wait until the 28th when your perception will be keen, and important shifts can more easily be negotiated.

25-27 July – Sun square Uranus, opposite Mars.  Fireworks and sparks could definitely fly during this short window as the Sun, now in haughty Leo, crosses swords with two of the most masculine and uncooperative of planets, Mars and Uranus. If you are a leader or boss,  take note: this is not a time to try and strong arm or browbeat people into submission – that style of leadership will just spark a rebellion.  A much more egalitarian, chummy approach is what is required to get people on board with your plans or convince others of your importance.

Substance over style will definitely pique interest, especially if you are trying to get the attention of the computer guy, or tech department. Think out of the box ideas but subtle, down to earth execution. Otherwise, what with Mercury about to turn retrograde, things could really begin to unravel.

Think back to the 23rd of June and try to rekindle the goodwill created back then if you want to keep talks and existing relationships moving forward. Whatever you do, tread carefully and try not to sign any contracts or make any promises or announcements now – the potential for things to unravel due to misunderstandings caused by Mercury retrograde is just too great to take any chances.

26 July – Mercury retrograde. We’d almost forgotten what it was like to experience all the misunderstandings, travel nightmares and tech head-scratchers that usually accompany a Mercury retrograde period, because we’ve had so few this year. Now, as if to say, ‘Not so fast!’, Mercury switches direction for some playful high jinks in flamboyant Leo. Luckily, this is a short retro spell, lasting until 19 August. Still, given the sign Mercury is in, expect that if things go wrong, then they will do so spectacularly. So go large, or go home. (I know what I would do…especially between 25-27 July – hide!)

28 July – Venus trine Pluto. If you’ve felt as though you’ve been on an emotional, or creative, rollercoaster ride this month, you may be pleased to hear that while life won’t be any less eventful, it certainly has the potential to turn a positive corner towards month end. When Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn combine their sharp, precise and highly focused energy, things really can improve  – and get done. No obstacle is too great to overcome now, if you and others cooperate and put your minds to it. So although intense and potentially game-changing,  this combination is also highly transformative, incredibly healing and deeply moving. Shared passion, profound connection and deep commitments to reform are all possible now.

Coming off the back of the lunar eclipse on the 27th, this combination could very likely bring about ‘do or die, scenarios’ and/or ‘make or break’ decisions. However, the key thing to remember is that what’s meant to be will be, and what’s meant for you won’t pass you by. So if something ends now, it’s more than likely outstayed its welcome. Equally,  though, what remains has the potential to really stand the test of time.

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