Jupiter ingresses into Taurus

On the 16th of May, just after 6:20pm BST, the planet of luck, faith and expansion, Jupiter, will change signs, gliding into earthy and patient Taurus. This is excellent news for earth and water signs, as well as anyone who has this placement natally.


Unlike some of the other signs, this particular sign shift is likely to be pretty noticeable. We move from almost opposite energies – from that of Mars-ruled Aries, which is impatient, fast-moving and independent; to that of Venus-ruled Taurus, which is patient, languid and collaborative. So expect a major change of pace and a shift in emphasis from the decidedly masculine and action-oriented, to the more feminine and sensual.

This is all about grounding, becoming more practical and immersing yourself in the realm of the five senses, as well as getting back in tune with nature and the natural seasons and cycles of life on earth.


From a mundane perspective, we are likely to see an expansion of Taurus-ruled industries and everyday matters, which include:

  • Banking and personal finance
  • Farming and food production
  • The beauty and leisure industries
  • Luxury items, especially clothing and textiles
  • Music, fashion and the visual arts
  • Personal resources, skills, salary/income and financial security
  • Material possessions, especially artworks, precious gems, real estate and long-term savings or bonds backed by, especially those backed by physical collateral like gold
  • Nature and the earth (this is Venus in her earth element)

For the collective, this is often a good time to consolidate finances, look for ways to increase your earnings, buy a property or invest in real estate. It is also a great for anyone looking to live a more grounded lifestyle, or improve their health and sense of wellbeing through getting back to nature or adopting more wholesome nutrition.


Those with Jupiter in Taurus natally should take especial note – it means you should prepare yourself for what’s known astrologically as a Jupiter Return sometime between now and this time next year.

Jupiter returns to the same part of the zodiac every 12 years, or so, which means that Jupiter cycles tend to coincide with the different signs in the Chinese zodiac. Those celebrating their Jupiter return this year are likely to have been born in: 1953-3, 1964-5, 1976-7, 1988-9, 1999-2000, 2011-2.


As always, Jupiter will spend roughly 12 months in Taurus before moving into Gemini on 26 May 2024. During this time, it will turn retrograde: 7 October–31 Dec 2023, giving those who miss any lucky breaks or opportunities to explore or expand, a second chance at changing their fortune for the better.


Of course, every sign has its negative qualities, and Taurus is no exception. Taurus vices include: laziness, stubbornness, difficulty breaking out of routines or habits, and being greedy or overly materialistic.

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