New relationships of all kinds, together with opportunities to reaffirm the core values and ideals we share and uphold via our cooperation with others (think: peace, harmony, justice, reciprocity and fairness) are all possible this month, care of the Libra New Moon.

A stellium of planets in Libra, together with a harmonious Venus-Jupiter sextile on the same day as the New Moon, conspire to boost hope and optimism, encouraging us to reboot emotionally and restore harmony within existing relationships. For singletons, the next month could also offer new opportunities to find love.

The Sabian symbol for this event urges us to spend the next 28 days focusing on ways to blend the ideal with the real in order to live our best lives.

Get ready to manifest in a big way! You may just need to make a few tweaks in order to refine your technique/approach.


October’s New Moon takes place in the sign of fair-minded, relationship-oriented Libra. Althought it’s a little early this month, (happening end of September), it will still set the tone for the next 28 days or so.

During the next month, many of us will be given the opportunity to walk our talk – to live in closer alignment with our deepest values, create greater harmony amongst loved ones or in the home; and find love – with a Venus-Jupiter sextile on the cards, being lucky in love is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.

Given the Sabian symbol below, it may even be possible to use the Law of Attraction, or similar technique, to manifest the man/woman of your dreams now.

This New Moon takes place amidst a stellium of planets in Libra, emphasizing Libran themes, which include:

  • A desire for increased fairness, justice, equality and win-win outcomes
  • Balance, symmetry and even-handedness
  • Compromise, peace, harmony and diplomacy – a need to find a ‘middle way’
  • New relationships, partnerships and improved personal relations that more closely align with personal principles and values
  • An emphasis on more ‘civilised’ behaviour eg people showing good etiquette, mutual respect and social pleasantries
  • A need to be surrounded by beauty, grace, tranquillity harmony, or for soothing environs eg. a spa day or gallery visit


The October New Moon takes place in the 6th degree of Libra. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized.

Lynda Hill interprets this as being about realising or manifesting one’s dreams:

Something that we’re learning in this new and exciting age of human progress is that conscious concrete manifestation is entirely possible, especially when we feel aligned to our core purpose. When you decide what it is that you truly want, allowing the energy of it to be focused through the power of the mind will allow it to manifest.

Sabian Oracle, p.186

Given that this New Moon takes place in the 6th degree of partnership-oriented Libra, there does seem to be a strong emphasis on the qualities traditionally associated with the number 6 in numerology, which include nurturing, responsibility and relationship skills. In the Tarot major arcana, the Lovers is the 6th card, which again, reiterates Libran themes: relationships and choices. A fork in the road, or having to make a choice.

And in many ways, I think many of us will find ourselves at a crossroads of one kind or another in which we face this funmental question: “Do I want more of the same? Or is it time for something radically different?”

James Burgess see this choice in ‘now or never’ terms. He suggests that ideals and values are all very well, but some point, we have to choose to walk our talk – otherwise, these principles don’t really mean anything. If, at the New Moon, you feel strongly compelled to defend traditionally Libran values such as justice, equality or peace, then consider this symbol your green light to do so. BUt beware Libran indecision or vacillation – for Burgess, he who hesitates is lost:

When face to face with opportunity, the human spirit’s sole dynamic is to bring form to its ideals – anything less than this is self-betrayal. Otherwise our ideals are nothing –playthings of the mind – since in and of themselves, these values are simply escapist constructs without significant worth.

360 Degrees of Wisdom

Lynda Hill offers us a few more ideas on how to think about this degree below:

Keywords: Vivid confrontations with one’s objectives. Creative visualizations. Imagining things. Meditations and affirmations. Ideas crystallized. Putting things out into the universe. Making things happen. Seeing things take shape and form. Clairvoyance. Film making. Writing and getting published. The power of manifestation. Solidification. Builders. Sculptures. Dreams.

The Caution: Being dissatisfied with what was thought to be the true ideal. Feeling that things are “written in stone” and can’t be changed. Calcified situations or emotions. Neurosis. Focusing on the negative thereby bringing the negative.


Venus sextile Jupiter: The Libran New Moon takes place on the same day as a joyful, inspiring and expansive sextile between Venus, ruler of Libra, and lucky Jupiter.

This uplifting transit between the benefics brings with it the possibility of blessings, grace and happiness, as well as increased luck when it comes to anything to do with matters of the heart. What a wonderful auspice for the rest of the month!

Given that we already have so much emphasis on Libran themes such as love, harmony and equilibrium, this is just the icing on the cake!

If you regularly do intention-setting rituals at the New Moon, then it may be a good idea to try and incorporate this warm-hearted, tolerant and heart-expanding energy into the mix so that you spread the love over not just ne day but the entire month.

Sun & Moon opposite Chiron – As we know, Libra is all about balancing opposites, so it seems apt that on this day, we are also set to experience an opposition between the New Moon and Chiron in Aries.

Although traditionally interpreted as a challenging aspect, it is also the ultimate angle of relationship, since it joins up two points on the zodiac that are almost like each other’s natural counterparts – diametrically opposite but yet also perfectly suited because each has the qualities that the other lacks.

Chiron concerns childhood wounds, while the luminaries both represent the archetypes of the mother and father – you can see where this is headed, can’t you? A time to heal the wounds of the past, particularly concerning relationships between parent/s and child.

Over the next month, you may decide to work on and heal the pain of the past, mend old rifts or simply face up to old wounds and finally transmute them into wisdom.

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