New Moon in Gemini, 22 May 2020 6:40pm BST

Clones, twins, masks & mischief

May’s Gemini New Moon is likely to be a rather tricksy and contradictory affair. With 4 planets retrograde and Neptune set to square both Venus & Neptune, this particular new lunar phase will have a somewhat liminal, if not downright surreal feel to it. Over this period, it will be imperative to exercise discernment and insist on getting clarity from others before making any important decisions.

Beauty certainly IS Truth, as the poet Keats once wrote, but getting to that truth is going to be challenging right now. With Neptune negatively aspected, there could well be an element of high strangeness (or deceptive optimism) in the atmosphere around this New Moon. Think the Matrix, Inception or that Paul Gallico’s short story, ‘The Hand of Mary Constable’.

In fact, X-Ray specs, a lie detector or anything designed to cut through persuasive patter, clever facades & flashy exteriors, wouldn’t be a bad idea right now. Fakes of all kinds, along with mimicking, cloning and in the case of original artworks or intellectual property, outright forgery, could well become a problem at this New Moon

Mirages and mirroring are likely to feature strongly at this particular New Moon, care of a conjunction between Venus & Mercury in glib Gemini, both of which will be square to vague Neptune. Think back to June and Sept 2019 when Venus last made challenging aspects to the planet of magic and mirages.

It will therefore be important to maintain your focus & perspective in order to avoid becoming distracted or deterred from your highest path… Watch my extended Venus retrograde video to find out more about how to navigate this deceptive, trickster-like energy, particuarly with regards to money and relationships, between now and the end of June.


Transience & the World of Appearances

Taking place in the 3rd degree of Gemini, the Sabian symbol for which is all about optics, transient beauty/pleasures and the surface of things, this New Moon can be approached in one of two ways – either take things at face value and enjoy the aesthetic but fleeting nature of whatever pleasant chimera’s happen to waft your way, or else assume that appearances are likely to be deceptive and make it your business to get behind the smoke and mirrors in order to discover precisely what is on offer/happening/being suggested …

The latter is probably the best way to go when it comes to business affairs and offers. With Mercury set to retrograde in June, it’s fair to say that you’re better off going through contracts with a fine-tooth comb, and not making any assumptions, particularly with regards to creative collaborations or commercial arrangements – otherwise you could end up drawing the short straw financially. Anyone inventive or creative should also take measures to protect their designs, inventions or intellectual property because cloning, industrial espionage and counterfeiting is likely to be rife.

In relationships, we could see a spike in catfishing, deepfake revenge porn, false twin flames and future fakers, so if you are single, tread with caution. This energy is likely to stay with us right until the end of June, so be on your guard, particularly against getting sucked back into situationships that are going nowhere fast or reunions with toxic exes. In this respect, you may want to check out these articles on the dark side of Twin Flame connections, as well as dark cupid and energy vampire experiences. Although these may sound extreme, forearmed is forewarned, in my experience!

Steadying the Ship: Saturn & the Luminaries

The one upside to all this potential chicanery is that the luminaries wil be trine to Saturn in Aquarius, which should help to steady our thoughts and prevent us from tipping too far over into emotional la-la land. However, we do have to bear in mind that this is an air trine, and that Saturn will be retrograde, so this is more than likely going to work more effectively when it comes to intermal processes and past matters.

Worth bearing in mind too is that Aquarius as a sign can be a little volatile and emotionally cool – and that Saturn will be in the 2nd Degree of Aquarius which is concerned with accidents and sudden thunderstorms, both literal and figurative. So I woudn’t be surprised if there was some sort of twist of fate triggered by the energies at the New Moon – one that required us to gird our loins and prepare for the unexpected, particualry when it comes to technology, science and the digital domain.


Perseus: Finding the Hero Within

The reason I say this is because of the position of the Sun and Moon next to the fixed star, Mirkar, which is the Alpha Star in the constellation of Perseus, the archetypal warrior-hero. It is located in the waist of Perseus and its name in Arabic means ‘one who helps’. The suggestion perhaps being that even if a calamity of some kind did strike, we can expect help to arrive, either via divine intervention or by utilising our wits. After all both the luminaries will both be in cerebral air sign, Gemini, so talking or thinking our way out of any potential pitfalls certainly does seem to ring true.

James Burgess reminds us of how to take a heroic ‘Saturn in Aquarius’ Perseus-style approach to such a turn of events:

The masterly approach is to seek out these events and chase the storms, so to harvest the juice they contain. We can call up our genius to create opportunity out of disaster, with the right mind of optimism and confidence, and use setbacks, and even catastrophe, to further our ends.

James Burgess. 360 Degrees of Wisdom

It may be significant that Saturn will be close to the fixed star, Altair, situated in the constellation of the flying eagle, which Bernadette Brady associates with the ‘spiritual or physical warrior’ as well as ‘building and seeking honour in everyday life’. Birds of all kinds are likely to be a theme now – Gemini being an air sign, is associated strongly with birds in mundane astrology.

Perseus and the Gorgon, Medusa’s head from Urania’s Mirror (Wellcome Collection)


This month, I have done something a little different – instead of my usual astrology-style video forecast, I decided to do a geomancy reading instead, which you can watch below. It’s overall message dovetailed well with this one – it highlighted some clear areas of tension, as well as clear themes around loss (especially financial loss) and restriction (lockdown) but also showed that there were some major spiritual silver linings that could come out of current events, if we gave ourselves permission to dig deep and transcend outer woes, tapping into the wellspring of joy and vitality within us.

Have a watch and see what you think. Your feedback/likes and subscribes are always welcome!

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