New Moon in Libra

6 Oct 2021, 12h05 BST

I realised after I had sent out the newsletter that I had forgotten to include a link to the October forecasts. You can use the button below to navigate to the monthly horoscopes page.

Moon Signs

Use the chart below to find out which areas of your life (astrological houses) the Libra New Moon will illuminate. For the most accurate results, choose the sign of your Ascendant for the position of the moon. This is the astrological house where you can benefit most from this particular lunar cycle.


Although a New Moon, there may be some thematic links to the Libra Full Moon in March 2021 when we had that beautiful Venus Cazimi and symbolic ties with the Archangel Gabriel – the angel of the heart/emotional body and of humanity – via the Sabian symbol at the time, which evoked the Feast of the Annunciation. We saw this link again at the Sturgeon Moon in August 2021 via the image of white flowers and again at the Venus-Jupiter trines in early September near to the Virgo New Moon, with it’s focus on blossoming and acts of grace.

Many of the outer planets will begin to go direct during October, starting with Pluto which stations on the same day as the Libra New Moon (6/7 October depending on your timezone). Saturn follows on the 11th, with Mercury and Jupiter turning direct a week later (October 18th). This is likely to make the pace quicken when it comes to outside events and worldly affairs – a sharp contrast to the treacle-like, exhausting energy of the Pisces Full Moon waning moon cycle. After a long lull in which very little appeared to happen, this may come as a bit of a shock to the system, so be prepared by getting more rest and building breaks into your schedule, as the Sabian symbol is urging you to do.

Wheel of Fortune: Lunar Degree & Face

LUNAR degree: Sabian SYmBol

The Sabian symbol is a series of messages channelled by the medium, Elsie Wheeler, and interpreted by the astrologer, Marc Edmund Jones, during the course of one day in 1925. They give a set of symbols, word associations and images for each of the 360 degrees of the tropical zodiac. The duo believed that they had managed to tap into what Jones called ‘ancient mind matrix’ of the Sabian Brotherhood of ancient Mesopotamia – an occult sect from the city of Harran that was keen to preserve the original Chaldean traditions, centered around moon worship (the name Chaldean literally means ‘moon worshippers’), which underpinned the very earliest beginnings of astrology. This included talismanic or sympathetic magic, which Michael Baigent describes as “the magic whereby a deity’s power is attracted or coerced down to be concentrated into a physical object” using resonant symbols, metals, colours and numbers. We see this continued in texts such as the Picatrix – and later in the natural magic of Marsilio Ficino.

There’s a strong need to find balance and pace yourself during October. With many of the outer planets going direct, it’s a strong likelihood that life will get a lot busier than it has been in a while, making it important to make sure you make time for regular downtime so that you don’t burn out.


Rather than use the decans, which divide each zodiac sign into three, we will be zooming in 2X to look at what Marc Edmund Jones (who created the Sabian symbols) and Alan Leo – the father of modern horoscopic astrology – called a‘ demi-decan’ which in turn, has ties to the traditional astrological concept of planetary ‘face’. By way of analogy, think of it as being like the five-minute intervals we have on the face of a clock. Together with the Sabian symbol, which uses a channelled image to describe the nature of each individual degree of the zodiac wheel, I think that that this offers us a more in-depth snapshot of the ‘quality of time’ represented by each moon phase rather than simply looking at something as general as zodiac sign.


happy little girl with yellow leaves standing in autumn park

In 360 degrees of wisdom, James Burgess describes the nature of this particular demi-decan as follows:

It is highly beneficial to relax and enjoy simple pleasures in beautiful places, because this is how we dissolve the darker, heavy clouds of a worried mind. The very act of perception of beauty is therapeutic, a smile heals, and love is a potent tool of joy. We are studying the law of attraction, which is a fundamental life mystery – like attracts like; it may not always be self-evident, but it is known by esotericists as a universal law. So we make ourselves light in order to lighten our lives. The refinement of self is a process of mind. If we think only clear and loving thoughts then we tend to pull situations to us that are conducive to happiness. We need to associate only with empathic people, have only good intentions, expect only what supports our vision, and allow only love to inhabit the heart. This lightens our lives. Anxiety, fear, resentment and prejudiced judgements are invasions – we must cast them out.

Thanks to the lunar face, which is all about cultivating happiness and focusing on what makes your heart sing, we’re being asked to invite more lightness of spirit and joy into our lives – anything that lightens our outlook and brings us into higher vibrational energy frequencies, because from here, we are better able to attract in what we truly desire.

One way to do this is to deliberately look for, and include, beauty into our everyday lives. For, as the Greek philosopher, Plotinus reminds us, beauty induces in us a sense of wonderment, reverence and delight, inspiring what he calls a ‘loftiness of spirit’ that in turn, but also awakens in us a desire to live more noble and refined lives, but also to become more beautiful: to aspire for what is best in ourselves and others.


This waxing moon phase is also a time for emotional healing and shadow work, thanks to the fixed star aspects of Venus, Uranus and Chiron. Much like the Libra Sugar Moon, the fixed stars are also encouraging us to continue working through unhealed wounds and unconscious patterns  – a strong theme at the Pisces Full Moon – anything that holds you back or leads you to self-sabotage.

The main difference here is that some of your healing may occur through relationships or encounters with others. Although this may feel counter-intuitive to us Westerners, who believe we have to do everything by ourselves, Buddhists believe strongly in the power of loving kindness  – or what they call ‘metta’ – a state of compassion, joy and unconditional love that softens the heart and helps us to extend these feelings, both to ourselves and others.


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