Full Moon in Libra

16 Apr 2022, 19h55 BST

April 2022’s Libra Full Moon is the last full moon before we begin a new six month soli-lunar cycle, set in motion by the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th.

In many respects, it is about making or finding peace after a difficult or challenging journey or process – one that either began at the Libra New Moon back in October 2021, or the Aries New Moon at the equinox earlier this month.

With the luminaries making a cardinal T-square to Pluto in Capricorn, the days on either side of this lunar phase will probably feel quite intense. Dramatic endings, realisations or revelations are a distinct possibility both now and over the two weeks of the waning moon cycle. Pluto’s associations with death and rebirth point to a need for self-honesty and a radical acceptance of the truth of how things are: this is not a time to escape into fantasy.

Coupled with the messages of the Sabian symbol and Lunar Face, this is is likely to be a time when we need to let go of the past or what is no longer healthy for us; or alternatively, to find ways to heal repeating patterns, such as the need for approval – a theme highlighted by this moon’s fixed star aspects.

Rising above current problems or taking a bird’s eye view will aid us in detaching from all-consuming feelings or circumstances and enable us to find the peace we may be seeking. Indeed peace achieved via detachment is strongly highlighted by the both the degree and demi-decan of the moon.

Given Pluto’s transpersonal nature, there may also be an archetypal or collective aspect to events now – as it nears the end of Capricorn (and prepares for its annual retrograde spell) , we may find ourselves seeing how our personal stories fit into much larger stories or themes that date right back to 2008 when Pluto first ingressed into this section of the zodiac. For example, the connection between money and control, or the relationship between patriarchy and power may feature somehow into both global news events and your own personal narrative.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom – the luminaries will also be making two positive aspects to the malefics, Mars and Saturn. Together with the fixed star, Capulus, there is a strong message in this full moon about using both self-disciple, boundaries/limits (Saturn) on one hand, and focused strength and momentum, on the other, to propel ourselves forward into new and better situations or mindsets.

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Moon Signs

Use the chart below to find out which TWO areas of your life (astrological houses) the Libra Full Moon will illuminate and ask you to bring into better balance. For the most accurate results, choose the sign of your Ascendant for the position of the moon. This is the astrological house where you can benefit most from this particular lunar cycle.


There’s a strong need to rise above or remove yourself from the day to day stresses of everyday life, or to get some distance between you and a challenging situation in order to regain emotional balance and perspective. A trip away (by aeroplane) may be literally what is needed. Alternatively, it may simply be that you need to employ a toll such as meditation in order to reach more peaceful states of mind. Libra is an air sign and strongly associated with the need to weigh up your options, or two sides of a situation, in order to make a decision or reach a sensible pronouncement on a particular situation – perhaps identifying a comulsion or unconscious pattern, or simply viewing things from a more rational, less triggered place.


In 360 degrees of wisdom, James Burgess describes the nature of this particular demi-decan as follows:

Sufis pray to remember a state of perfection, known as ‘Hu’, which exists within us all, and is beyond pain and suffering. It is approached by recalling a feeling, known as ‘Ishq’, which is taught to be Divine Nostalgia – the heart-centred aching felt by one who has known and yearns again for Absolute Love. It is taught that we have all known that Love – that we were born from it and inevitably will return to it. There is a close relationship between love, beauty and harmony. Since love is ambiguously defined, often capricious, and extremely idealized, it is conceivably more reasonable to venerate beauty, and aspire towards harmony, rather than demand or expect something as transcendental as love. A pilgrimage of beauty is almost certain to succeed, and will lead inevitably to connectedness and harmony – and then with grace, love may descend upon us.

If humanity is to claim its spiritual destiny and emerge from a sleeping state into awakened consciousness, we will eventually need to affirm a life of innocence and beauty, fellowship and awareness. Beauty is but a passing mood – its power to inspire awe enhanced by its transiency. Through beauty, the heart reaches out to know love – and through transience, it knows pain. We attach ourselves to that which is always shifting – and the attachment itself is responsible for sorrow, and its terrible sister, grief. Perhaps we do this for protection because we ourselves are shifting too? However, ultimately, we must come to know that both the flow, and the instant, is illusion. The ache of the grieving heart can actually be a fast-track path towards joy – if we would only surrender our fear of loss and discover the sacred mystery hidden deep within the broken heart.

360 Degrees of Wisdom


This waning moon phase is also a time for shadow work, thanks to Uranus’ return to the fixed star, Menkar. Situated in Cetus the whale, this combination asks us to address what scares us or makes us feel overwhelmed. Given the involvement of Uranus, there may be a link to perverse, rebellious or avoidant behaviours that keep us stuck in patterns where we are victims of the unconscious.

The moon’s parallel position to fixed star, Rigel may point to a desire to reconnect with hidden or esoteric knowledge, or point to a meeting with a female or someone with strong feminine energy who has something t teach us.



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