FULL MOON – 16 Degrees Libra, 6 April 2023 (05h35 BST)

April’s Libra Full Moon has been dubbed the ‘Pink Moon’ an indirect reference to the planet Venus, the goddess of love and beauty whose energy will preside over the 2023 Easter waning moon phase. In many ways, this Full Moon is all about achieving equilibrium in the life area/s indicated in the cheatsheet below, which of course, will differ slightly for everyone.

In general, though, this full moon is all about the need to seek greater reciprocity, fairness and equality in partnerships, be they business or personal; and to find a healthy balance between our individual needs and those of others.

It’s also worth remembering that in the tarot, Libra is associated with the card of Justice, which can represent the righting of wrongs (this is the sign, after all, where Saturn, planet of karma, is exalted), but also the rebalancing of polar opposites. So it is entirely possible that this Full Moon could highlight areas of social inequality and/or injustice, creating conditions that allow matters to be retored to a fairer and more harmonious position, so that past wrongs can be righted; and peace restored in conflict situations.

This may also be an important time for finalising legal contracts or business agreements, some of which have connections to events begun at the equinox New Moon in Aries, but could stretch back as far as April 2020/1.

Venus and Mars, the rulers of Aries and Libra, which is where the luminaries will be positioned, are the archetypes of peace vs war, compromise vs assertiveness – Empedocles referred to this planetary pairing as the two polar opposite qualities, Love and Strife. This is as much about personal and political conflict or war – the art of tact, bond-building, diplomacy and compromise, on one hand; and the need to vent our frustrations, assert our sovereignty and actively taking steps to get our needs met, on the other. As such, this full moon is asking us to let go of old resentments, resolve conflicts or find more constructive ways of handling difficult emotions like anger or resentment.

Given Jupiter and Chiron’s presence in Aries, together with the Sun, I suspect that the urge to be right or win an argument may be pretty strong and need reigning in so that Chiron’s healing presence can be felt. Otherwise, we could potentially end up becoming a little too brash, impulsive or over-bearing, interfering in situations that don’t concern us, or forcing unsolicted advice or moral judgements onto others. Where possible, count to ten before responding over-zealously, or acting rashly or selfishly just for the sake of being right or winning a point.

Coming in the wake of the Sun-Pluto square that happened at Tuesday’s 444 earth gateway , which saw Trump being indicted for several counts of fraud, and further protests break out in Israel, this full moon is likely to feel quite intense, especially for prominent male figures or those in positions of authority. Given Pluto’s rare recent sign change into idealistic and humanitarian Aquarius, it’s possible that any flare-ups, power struggles or thorny issues raised now will have ties to the larger, over-arching patterns set in motion by this important ingress.

Helping us to pivot towards the lighter end of the spectrum in terms of emotions and habits, will be a kite formation taking in the nodes, Mercury and the malefics, who will be trine to each other. Allow any inner tension you may feel to motivate you into taking action to let go of the past and embrace new ways of being and seeing now. Swift and significant progress is possible if you put your mind to it, and then take decisive action.

full moon CHEATSHEET

To discover which two life areas you may be asked to balance out, look for your rising sign and it’s corresponding zodiacal partner – these will indicate the positions of the sun and moon during this particular lunar phase.


This particular full moon evokes the energy of both abundance and creative feminine energy, thanks to this month’s Lunar Face, which according to James Burgess, places a strong emphasis on the number 3, which in numerology, is associated with the planet Jupiter, but is also the number of the Empress in the tarot. One gets the sense of tension or exertion that eventually leads to some type of creative endpoint or product, and should be seen in terms similar to giving birth – a lot of moaning, pain and push-pull activity before a sigh of relief as everything finally comes together in a final burst of exertion.

There’s also a strong focus on release, endings and culmination points, which is all very ‘south nodey’ but is also true of most full moons. Again, finding the centre-point of stillness within the tension of opposites may hold the key to resolving tension or conflict constructively. This should tie into the energy of the kite formation rather nicely, allowing us to reap real rewards from constructive and consistent efforts to ditch bad habits or unhelpful sub-conscious patterns, especially in water-based activities i.e. emotions and relationships. Look at where the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces fall in your chart for clues.


Getting even more specific, the Sabian Symbol for this full moon centers around the image of a retired sea captain watching, from a detached perspective, the back and forth activity of something that he/she was once actively a part of. It suggests a need to take a step back from the action to see the bigger picture, or just to view things from an uninvolved and dispassionate perspective – to be a spectator or observer, rather than an active participant in a situation.

To me, it suggests a need to take things less personally, but also a warning not to feel compelled to get involved in situations or dynamics you are no longer responsible for, or perhaps do not concern you directly. In other words, to mind your own business and focus more on being rather than doing, especially if you have a natural inclination to be overly helpful or a bit of a busy body, however well-intentioned.

It may also be that those around you have a tendency to try and suck you into their dramas, or want you to sort out their problems for them – and this time, you’re being asked to let go of your inner parent, take a step back and allow others learn how to become the captain of their own ship, thereby paving the way for healthier, less co-dependent relationships. Which is ultimately, a win-win outcome for both parties.

By learning to say no, keep your advice to yourself, or simply detach and view your own life, past experiences (or triggering situations) from a more phlegmatic perspective, you create the possibility for new outcomes, healthier patterns and a less stressful way of approaching things, especially when it comes to relationships. And that can only be a good thing. Here’s to greater peace, harmony and serenity. Good things come in threes, as they say.

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