New Moon in Aries
1 April 2022, 07h25 BST

April 2022’s Aries new moon offers us a way to ‘ground’ the solar year begun at the equinox into our everyday physical and emotional realities.

As the first new moon of the astrological new year, it’s a great time for fresh starts when we can sew new seeds and intentions for the coming 12 months

With the luminaries forming a stellium with Mercury and Chiron in Aries, this particular lunar month is likely to be a good time for communication, travel and healing, especially in terms of the way we think or express ourselves emotionally.

Jupiter and Neptune will also be edging towards their conjunction on April the 12th, so don’ be surprised if you feel quite sensitive and more in tune with your intuition than usual. Spiritual gifts or musical abilities may also start to come online or be amplified by this rather rare transit.

The last time we experienced a Jupiter-Neptune union like this was in May, July and December of 2009, so you may want to think back to that period in your life to look for parallels to events that unfold now. Mystical or peak experiences, particularly of the cosmic or galactic variety, are distinctly possible, so set aside some time to meditate or open yourself to this magical influence – you may be pleasantly surprised by how much you find yourself expanding and connecting with all that is in a very positive and uplifting way.


Aries is a sign that’s primarily focused on will, courage and bravery, so don’t be surprised if you feel more confident and able to take action in the world right now to make your dreams or wishes happen.

Much like Sagittarius and Aquarius, it is also a zodiac sign that values freedom and autonomy. Arians prefer to be independent and able to act decisively when the need arises without having to consult others or jump through hoops to get permission. This can make them a bit impatient and sometimes even a tad mercenary. However, if balanced with consideration and mindfulness, these qualities can be very helpful in driving us forward and motivating us to take some risks in life.

So if you tend towards complacency or normally lack drive or confidence, this could be the month you finally get your shiz together and start making your dreams a reality. After Pisces season, it’s time to get spark back and get physically active.


Use the cheatsheet below to find your rising sign or ascendant. This will help you to identify the life area where you are most able to begin anew or press the reset button this month.

Sabian Symbol


This Sabian symbol for this month’s full moon seems to be drawing our attention to group structures and relationships.

Geese are also migratory birds, so there may be something in this lunar phase about travel, movement or some kind of internal shift. You may even find yourself relocating, perhaps for work, or returning to old stomping grounds after a long period of being away, perhaps as a result of travel restrictions during COVID-19.

Another key theme may be friendships, family and group cohesion. There may also be more of a focus on activities like socialising or coming together for a celebration, a shared purpose or perhaps to pool knowledge eg via a conference.

Finding the right balance between leading and following, and between individual vs shared goals may also be important now.



The video below gives a more detailed breakdown of the astrology of this lunar phase.


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