August’s highly charged Sturgeon Moon is all about healing the past and energetic uplevelling, thanks to some positive aspects between the luminaries and Chiron. The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon puts the focus front and centre on the ascension process, reminding us not to judge ourselves or others, because everyone is at different stages of awakening. Let’s not forget that this Full Moon occurs just before the peak of the 2020 Lion’s Gate Portal activation on 8 August, which in itself, is set to create some fairly seismic shifts. And with Uranus, planet of shock and awe, catalysing some lightning bolt-style personal breakthroughs and warp speed tower moments, you may be surprised at where you find yourself by the end of this two week lunar phase. Feelings and situations are likely to change in the blink of an eye under this aspect, so hang onto your hats! To find out more about how this particular lunar phase is likely to play out in your life, be sure to check out my Full Moon geoscopes.


The August 2020 Full Moon falls in quirky, idealistic and independent Aquarius. Taking place at 16h58 BST, this Full Moon, known in folklore as the Sturgeon Moon, urges us to embrace change, celebrate our differences and possibly welcome new members of our soul tribe into our lives.

Over the next two weeks, it’s possible that you may find yourself being called to balance your personal views, needs and opinions (emphasised at the Leo New Moon) with those of friends or peers as the tension between individual expressions on one hand, and your desire for belonging, group membership and social acceptance become more pronounced (Aquarius Full Moon).

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so tends to be liberal and socially inclusive. However, as a fixed sign, it can get very entrenched in a particular viewpoint, which can lead to truculence and self-righteousness. There may also be a tendency to be perverse and/or stubborn, especially if challenged by authority. Although people who have this sign prominent tend to revel in being different, they can also sometimes feel misunderstood or like an alien/outsider, especially if they can’t find a group of other likeminded folk to hang out with. 

Things to guard against at the Full Moon:

  • Erosion of human freedoms and democratic rights or processes
  • Technology being used to divide, rather than unite
  • Anxiety, panic, disassociative states caused by emotional triggering or unexpected shocks 
  • Emotional detachment, commitment issues in relationships that create alienation and loneliness

As long as social media companies profit from outrage, confusion, addiction, and depression, our well-being and democracy will continue to be at risk.

Center for Humane Technology

Another issue to watch out for is the tendency to be emotionally swayed and psychologically manipulated by deliberately provocative (and often staged or planted) videos, posts or fake news stories in the digital domain and on social media – a ploy that is being increasingly used by unscrupulous political groups and dark entities to induce low vibrational energy states such as depression or anger, as well as foment civil unrest and social division as part of a larger plan to subvert human freedoms and harvest human life force energy. You can find out more in the June 2020 newsletter on GroupThink written by Lisa Renee of Energetic Synthesis and in the Ascension glossary. Shocking stuff! But then Uranus is the planet of shock and awe – and sometimes these sorts of lightning strikes are what is required for people to awaken to what is really going on within the collective (Aquarius), and then take steps to regain their personal sovereignty (Leo) and consciously work to come into (and then stay) in a place of balance and coherence. No mean feat, but this is the site of the true battle of light and dark takes place.

Sabian Symbol

Key Aspects

At the Aquarius Full Moon, we will experience a peak, not just in our emotional and biorhythmic cycles, but also in the healing and elevating energy of the Lions Gate Portal.

Sun & Moon trine/sextile Chiron

In addition, a set of positive aspects between the luminaries and healing Chiron offers us a chance to mend aspects of our divine masculine – or root chakra – energy. Chiron will be retrograde, so the emphasis is very much on resolving and transmuting past wounds or trauma, particularly events that took place around puberty.

Themes such as rejection, abandonment or alienation, especially in relation to sex, body image or peer acceptance, are highlighted when the wisest and most just of the centaurs gets involved. Some astrologers also associate Chiron with health issues. The good news is that during this period, you will be given the opportunity to actively alchemise any hurtful past experiences or lingering pain into power and purpose, using your hard won wisdom to help others in similar predicaments.

T-square to Uranus

The luminaries will also make a highly charged t-square to rebel planet Uranus, ruler of the sign of Aquarius, which could lead to a few unexpected twists and turns, especially in relation to habits, possessions, food or finances. This is because Uranus is currently touring through Taurus, a sign closely associated to the geomantic figure of Amissio, which is all about loss and the transience of the physical world. Interestingly, Amissio came up quite a bit during this month’s geoscopes – be sure to check yours out if you haven’t already.

Sudden perspective shifts, realisations and energetic frequency changes are all possible as a result. If you are suddenly shunned, rejected or blocked by someone, just remember that rejection is spirit’s protection. It may be that you are no longer resonating at the same frequency as certain people, which could lead them to suddenly leave your reality.

Mercury oppositions

The second half of the lunar cycle is also likely to be overshadowed by a series of emotional oppositions between Mercury in sensitive Cancer, and three of the outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – in stoic Capricorn. This could lead to conflicted feelings and a few moments of anxiety as we are faced with some tough choices. Here, the key is balance and compromise, particularly when it comes to the need for self-care, on one hand, and doing the right thing, or fulfilling our obligations, on the other.

Mars-Jupiter cardinal square

Also adding a spanner in the works, is a high energy cardinal square between Mars and Jupiter. This could create a certain degree of urgency or pressure to take action. However, this would probably be a mistake – with squares of this nature, it could be case of ‘err in haste, but repent at leisure’. Wherever possible, buy yourself more time to turn things over in your mind before you commit to any particular path.

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