Virgo New Moon

27 August 2022, 02h35 BST


Encounters with the Other

Expect the unexpected is a big theme at the September Virgo New Moon. You’re likely to feel torn between sticking with the tried-and-tested, on one hand, and setting off in a brand new direction, on the other. With Uranus prominent, things could get a little weird and wacky, so have your wits about you. Sprinkled in between the tension will be opportunities for intimate moments and magical encounters with otherworldly entities. The only thing to guide you may be your sense of discernment…

In many ways, the Virgo New Moon picks up where the Aquarius Sturgeon Moon left off. After coming to a fork in the road during the August waning moon phase, you may now feel impatient to make progress.

In fact, with a strong emphasis on the planets Mars and Uranus, you may feel a sense of urgency to make decisions or take action towards something or someone new. There’s also something decidedly weird and wacky about this particular moon phase, which make events seem a tad surreal.

However, with the luminaries set to make a square to Mars, and Venus squaring Uranus, it’s probably best to hold your horses. Premature action could lead to a mistake that you could later come to regret.

Instead, slow down and ask questions. That way, you’ll be ready to make the most of the far more harmonious Mars-Jupiter sextile on 1 September when you’ll have both the confidence and the conviction to pull off ambitious plans.

However, be on your guard because relationships could also get temporarily rocky, thanks to a T-square involving Venus, Saturn and Uranus over the weekend. If you feel torn between commitment and making a dash for freedom, this could be why.

In a lot of ways, this moon phase is about intimacy and close encounters with the sacred other, whether through a person, dream or numinous experience out in nature.

In fact, the world of faerie and meetings with elemental spirits is strongly emphasized by the Sabian symbol, so be prepared to open your mind and succumb to the magic of enchantment if the opportunity presents itself.

The opportunities to see into normally hidden or unseen realms will certainly be present. The key will be to practise healthy discernment about what you value and believe to be true. This will help to guide you through any chaos or potentially uncanny experiences, and still come out the other side relatively unscathed.










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