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New Moon in Leo

8 August 2021, 14h50 BST

New Moons are all about beginnings, fresh starts, new cycles and incoming energy. The monthly equivalent of the solar New Year. Use this energy to set intentions or goals that you want to build on during the following month. This begins the two week period of the waxing moon phase, which is a associated with fertility and growth. As a result, New Moons are great for setting intentions, planting seeds (either literally or figuratively), manifestation visualisations, and starting new initiatives or projects.


To find out more about which areas of life offer the best opportunities to press the reset button, look for your Rising/Ascending Sign in the table below – this will tell you the position of the Leo Sun & Moon in your natal chart.


The Sabian symbol for the two week period of the waxing Leo Moon combines the collective energy of July’s Aquarius Buck Moon with the creativity, playfulness and exhibitionism of Leo to signal group ensembles, displays of comaraderie, artistic exhibitions and people getting together just for the fun of it – think music festivals, outdoor theatre or opera, fun nights out witha group of friends (complete with some peacocking for the opposite sex), dress-up events and fundraisers or celebrating special occasions . This may also evoke themes around status, prestige and being ‘in the club’ as well as the desire to join a society where you share interests or goals with others.

LUNAR Face: generosity OF SPIRIT


Some of us are lucky enough to come to understand that success itself is a personal quality, one which grows the more it is trusted. This is true of all qualities, and is the mystery of how to live well. Our open-handedness and open-heartedness are naturally expressed aspects of who we are, and they lead to a pleasing reciprocity. As we show our easy generosity of spirit, so we attract abundance, kindness and gentleness of disposition in the people we meet; we are treated well because we treat others well.

JAMES BURGESS, 360 Degrees of Wisdom


Treading the fine line between confidence and arrogance, between fortitude and forcefulness, and between caring and controlling, are all themes highlighted by the fixed star aspects at the Leo New Moon. This is about having the courage of your convictions, despite attempts at coercion, personal attacks or criticism, and about nurturing and protecting loved ones or projects close to your heart in a steady and determined way. There is also a need to remain aware of potential fears triggered by uncertainty, or overwhelm, due to a challneging aspects between the luminaries and Uranus, which will conjunct the fixed star Menkar in the constellation of Cetus the whale. You could find yourself feeling a little unsettled due to chaos or disurption caused by technology or circumstances beyond your control.


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