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Beauty in the Breakdown

There’s an air of revolution about the 2022 Sturgeon Supermoon on August the 12th.

That’s because this particular full moon, which also marks our final supermoon for the year, will catalyse the fixed grand cross involving Saturn, Uranus, Mars and the nodes, which I first mentioned at the Leo New Moon towards the end of July. As a result, emotions could run pretty high. Expect things to get a little chaotic, possibly even a tad fraught.

With Saturn opposing the Sun, which can be about pride and ego, it’s possible that you may feel internal pressure building up over a situation or life area where you feel stuck, or you know deep down needs to change, until you finally reach breaking point at the full moon, when emotions are likely to spill over and you admit that you don’t have all the answers. Given that the Sun will also form a square to Uranus, the likelihood of breakdowns or sudden collapses are highly likely. Think Tower moments.

In fact, with Uranus still located close to the north node (and poised to turn retrograde), there’s likely to be a crackle of excitement or restlessness in the air, especially given that the Leo Sun will square it the day before the full moon. As a result, don’t be surprised if you find yourself rebelling against, or taking issue with, a leader or someone prominent. You could also suddenly decide to change your plans or position rather abruptly, or have someone do this to you, leaving yourself or others rather shell-shocked.

There’s also the distinct possibility that events could conspire to push you, or possibly even an entire social group, out of their comfort zone/s, and into a new way of living or doing things, perhaps out of necessity (Saturn can sometimes back us into a corner or create limits or restrictions that leave us nowhere to run or hide). I kept thinking here about the energy transition that is currently being accelerated as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war and the cost of living crisis.

Unlike the Leo New Moon, we won’t have the benefit of feelgood Jupiter to mitigate what could be quite an explosive and/or chaotic combination. Short term, this could result in financial or political turbulence, unexpected curveballs, civil unrest or challenges to the status quo.

However, in amongst any volatility or uncertainty that might ensue from these unexpected tensions or plot twists, there is the potential to make important structural changes to lifestyles, coping mechanisms or systems that may be creaking or in serious need of updating. When I was producing the videocast for this lunar phase, I kept thinking of the lyrics from a song by Frou Frou called ‘Beauty in the Breakdown’ which suggest that within the chaos that often comes with a meltdown come an opportunity to break free from personal constraints, remake a situation, or even reinvent ourselves.

However, with the Moon orbiting close to Saturn in Aquarius, we’re being asked to try and be sensible and practise detachment. So, although Saturn’s involvement could add a serious air to proceedings, or make us initially respond with fear or pessimism, the ‘steady one’ could also help us to stabilise or regulate our emotions so that we don’t over-react to whatever curveballs or plot twists crop up now.

Rather than default to knee-jerk responses, we are being asked by Hexagram 49 to pause and see the opportunity to pivot in an entirely new, and more hopeful, direction. Where possible therefore, wait until the 14th, when Mars will trine Pluto, before taking decisive action.

Although potentially scary and emotionally fraught, this two week period is not all doom and gloom – there are decided upsides and lucky days to look forward to, which I discuss in-depth in my Cosmic Calendar forecast.






This eclipse occurs at 20th degree of Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:


Naturally, this symbol is likely to evoke both the biblical dove that Noah sent out from the ark to find dry land after the flood, and the alchemical white bird often used to denote the phase known as albedo, which I discussed in my May 2021 New Moon forecast.

In this context, it seems to me to represent a winged messenger, similar to an angel (angel comes from the Latin angelus which literally means ‘messenger’) or some kind of sign. And with the nodes activated by Uranus once again at this full moon, I would definitely be open to encounters with the strange, unusual or unearthly during this two week period.

Given that we are talking about the sign of Aquarius, it may also tie into the notion of utopianism – think how strongly the hippy movement became synonymous with the tagline ‘peace and love’…If you have been arguing with someone, now might also be a good tiem to extend the olive branch.

For a more detailed breakdown, check out my videocast.





This month, given the Tory leadership race and the upcoming mid-term elections in the US, I decided to include some prominent Arabic parts in the forecast. With the Moon set to conjunct Saturn and the Part of Treachery, themes concerning betrayal may loom large. These are most likely to be linked to systems or social structures, rather than individuals. However. with Jupiter also orbiting close to the Part of Private Enemies, it is entirely possible that some past rivalry or vendetta could be renewed now as a result of events linked to the Grand Cross, which will be pretty active in the days leading up to, and following the full moon.

Much like last month, there is also likely to be strong ties to themes around social justice, especially advocating for, or defending parties considered to be the underdog in terms of power dynamics. This is thanks to the fixed star aspects of Mercury and Mars.

Not only will the latter be approaching a trine to powerful and strategic Pluto (exact Aug 14th), but Mars will also be conjunct the fixed star, Capulus in the constellation of Perseus the hero. As a result, we may be called upon either to take action to deal with a tricky situation, or defend ourselves from critiques or attacks emanating from hostile quarters (here the Arabic Parts may be pertinent – you may want to take extra care to guard against gossip, slander or smearing, especially if done behind your back). Negative briefing by rival camps in the Tory leadership race may be just one way that this combination could manifest.

Find out more in my members’ only moon phase videocast.




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