NEW MOON IN TAURUS, 19 MAY 2023 (16h53 BST)

May’s New Moon in Taurus comes at an interesting pivot point in the astrological calendar. Not only does it occur just days after Jupiter’s year-long ingress into Taurus (16 May 2023), and on the same weekend as the start of Gemini season (21 May), but it also takes place slap bang in the midst of a dramatic fixed T-square involving Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, which could prove revelatory but also potentially confrontational. Talk about eventful!

Closing the Loop

As if that weren’t enough, this new moon acts as the lunar twin of the Scorpio lunar eclipse that took place on 5 May – the day before King Charles’ coronation. This means that, in addition to planting new seeds of intention, we will also be grounding the alchemical energies and transformational changes set in motion by the current 2023 eclipse season.

Fascinating, then, that the snake-dragon/kundalini themes begun at the April 2023 Aries solar eclipse continue to weave through this soli-lunar event, particularly via the dynamics associated with the I Ching gates activated during the Taurus New Moon (see below for details).

The famous labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, which many people walk as a form of movement meditation.

Shift into Feminine Energy

As we move from the yang-like fiery energy of volcanoes and dragons, to the more serene yin-like vibes of the earth element (mountain), these energies are not only likely become more grounded and concrete in form (and therefore easier to sense physically), but could also become more lyrical and circular in nature, as epitomised by the spiralling character of the telluric or geomagnetic currents of Mother Earth, felt strongly at sacred places such as the famous labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, which is dedicated to the sacred feminine, and houses one of the famous black madonnas in her crypt.

Collaboration & Co-operation

However, unlike the previous two soli-lunar events, which carried quite a solitary and independent signature, this new moon centres around the theme of collaboration, either in groups or pairs, and on founding or joining new communities where you feel you fit in quite naturally, and together with others, are able to make a significant contribution that benefits the whole.

As part of the three month period of snakelike skin-shedding we began at the Scorpio lunar eclipse, you may also find yourself needing to release old bonds, ways of thinking/relating or community ties in order to make room for new people or places that are better suited to your needs and the person you’re in the process of becoming.

Releasing Hate, Managing Anger and Moderating Judgement

This is likely to become clear to you as we pass through a rare and difficult T-square involving Mars-Jupiter and Pluto, a process that began mid-May and is likely to intensify as we move through the weekend and into next week, particularly once Mars enters Leo (20 May). Expect things to get a little fiery and explosive, and for dramatic revelations of all kinds. The challenge of this aspect pattern is to overcome the need to judge, demonise or attack others for having a different belief or outlook to you – something that has become almost impossible in the highly charged, hate-filled and confrontational atmosphere that is being driven by capitalism’s survival of the fittest attitude, as well as the polarising environment of public debate, exacerbated by social media and the culture wars.

Healing Power of Music and Circular Movements

But try we must. Luckily, Mercury will be direct, (stationed 15 May) allowing for clearer communication and smoother progress with regards to travel and political or contract negotiations. Furthermore, the luminaries will also form a flowing mini grand trine to Mars and Neptune, which should help to pour oil on troubled waters, allow some much-needed calming actions to lower the temperature, despite any challenging or confrontational circumstances. Sacred movement, especially those that embody spiraling motions, such as walking clock-wise/anti-clockwise through a labyrinth or whirling like a Sufi dervish, are just some of the ways to work with, and activate, this enlivening transit and get the vital energies flowing.

Staying Grounded and Being Patient

Taking the good with the bad, and trying to be as pragmatic and realistic as possible, should go a long way to helping us get through this period. By asking for help if we feel stuck, and by adopting a cooperative, rather than competitive, attitude, we can also help to lower the temperature and foster more harmonious and free-flowing activities and inter-actions.


Use the cheatsheet below to identify the best life area to initiate changes or new beginnings during this particular two week lunar phase.

taurus 25-30: stillness

The lunar face for this new moon centers around the notion of collaboration and cooperation. After the playful energy of the Scorpio Full Moon’s sabian symbol, which encouraged us to get back in touch with our authentic spark via creative play and inner child work, we are now being asked to join forces with others to create something of beauty and worth that will not only make us feel valued and part of something special, but also has the potential to benefit the greater good.

However, this process should come about fairly organically and not be forced. Rather than go out of our way to prove our worth or virtue-signal, we should just aim to be ourselves and allow things to unfold naturally. This is made especially clear by the 5th line of Hexagram 8 (see the slides in the gallery below), which describes the founding of a new dynasty after a war and the celebrations that follow, which allow people to bond and form new alliances.

By adopting an attitude of mature coopeation, rather than grandstanding or jostling for position, we are more likely to find our natural place and companions. Taurus is a sign concerned with patience, pleasure and taking life at a slower pace. It encourages us to be, rather than do – changing only what is necessary, rather than engaging in busywork or unnecessary effort for its own sake.


Getting even more specific, the Sabian Symbol for the Taurus New Moon centers around the image of two craftsmen working amiably together to repair and/or make some important everyday items, which speaks of shared labour and collaborative duos. Sayings such as ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, and ‘two heads are better than one’ spring to mind.


One of the ways this theme constellated for me was via the discovery of the invaluable contribution by Toni Wolff to the work of Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, especially dring his early explorations of the shadow and collective unconscious which he undertook during his ‘Red Book’ phase – a spell of emotional crisis and creative illness beginning in November 1914, which Jung later described as his ‘confrontation with the unconscious’. Largely kept secret by Jung’s family for many years, the extent of their cooperation was only revealed after the publication of the Red Book or Liber Novus in November 2009 – just as Pluto was in the early stages of it’s ingress into Capricorn.

The Systema Munditotius – Jung’s first mandala, which not only mirrors the circular and spiralling energy of the uroboros and the celestial spheres, but would also become emblematic of Jung’s concept of the Self . To many astrologers, it bears a striking resemblance to a horoscope. Notice how the luminaries sit opposite each other on the line of the ‘horizon’, rather like they do at full moon. The tree of life sits in the IC position, echoing something that the astrologer, William Lilly, once said about their being a ‘cabal lodging within astrology,but one ‘so mysterious and difficult to be attained, that I have· not yet been acquainted with any who had that knowledge’. Jung would later describe this mandala as representing the polar forces or ‘antimonies’ embedded within the structure of the cosmos, and the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm. His journals reveal that this image came out of a revelation conveyed to him by his spirit guide, Philemon.

As Jungian analyst Brenda Crowther and author Nan Savage Healy bring out so wonderfully, many of the fruits of this period – including the discovery of some of Jung’s most foundational concepts – arose from his close collaboration with Wolff, a former patient, who proved to be both a stabilising and ‘medial’ influence, as he explored the underworld of his own psyche during what turned out to be some of his most personally challenging but professionally formative years. If you’re interested in discovering more, check out Brenda’s introductory talk on the subject on YouTube. I was particularly struck by Brenda’s story about their mysterious exchange in Ravenna.

To further affirm the message of collaboration embedded in the sprit of this new moon, I include a quote from the Red Book, in which Jung writes:

Go thus into the depths, but do not go alone. Two or more is greater security, for the depths is full of murder.

Carl Jung

I am sure many an experienced therapist or shaman would agree! It was certainly the opinion of Jungian analyst and D.O.M.E. founder, Edward Steinbrecher, who developed a modern methodology for journeying to this place, the Inner Guide Meditation, using what Jungians would call active imagination (but which many will recognise as being something much older). So if the current eclipses has set off a calling to start exploring the shadowy world of the depths, I suggest you take some precautions in terms of spiritual protection, or at least do some research first.

Sadly however, despite all the personal sacrifices she made and her steadfast dedication to the development of Jungian analysis, Toni Wolff was eventually written out of Jung’s story, in much the same way as Mary Magdalene was. It is only now, over a century after their unusual and pioneering collaboration, that she has been restored to her rightful place in the history of psychoanalysis and Jungian studies. On an astrological note, I find it interesting that she was a Virgo, which fits very well with the spirit of the Virgin Mary, who is venerated via the Notre Dame cathedrals all over Europe, including Chartres. There is indeed, something very self-contained and matter of fact about her – traits that probably came in handy in terms of dealing with the irascible and impetuous Jung, especially during those years when he admits he came close to psychosis.

According to Laurens van der Post

I don’t think if it had not been for her, that Jung really could have survived and could have done the work on the collective unconscious that he did. This is the debt that we owe Toni Wolff. And the only way to repay to somebody who is dead is to talk about it, and to give it decent recognition.

Sir Laurens van der Post

And so, in the spirit of the revelatory Jupiter-Pluto aspects at this new moon. that is exactly what I am doing!

Resources for further Research:

hexagram 8: contribution

In mny ways, the Taurus New Moon bookends the themes and symbolism of the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, this lunation takes place in Hexagram 8, which stands at the opposite end of Channel 1-8 in Human Design (see the slides in the gallery for further details). And of course, Hexagram 1 is where May’s Scorpio Full Moon took place! (See slide 3 in the gallery for more details on how this works within the HD bodygraph).

Further confirming the Sabian symbol’s theme of collaboration, Gate 8 in Human Design is called Unity or Contribution by Chetyn Parkyn.

In the I Ching, it centres around the notion of the founding of a new community, one that is formed after a war and the slaying of a demon named Feng-fang. Given how much dragon and snake symbolism has been constellating during this eclipse cycle and the excess of Mars-Pluto energy that’s around right now, it is possible that this may involve wrestling with (or taming) a few stubborn inner demons for certain individuals; or attempts to slay what some have termed our collective death wish, via things like war and environmental degradation, that we seem to be currently possessed by.

On a more positive note, this particular activation concerns looking at ‘who you group yourself with and how you use ideas to categorise things’ because these are both likely to undergo a shift. The advice of the I Ching is to ‘find who or what you belong with’ and not to put this off or procrastinate but instead, to move with the spirit of the times. Being late or dragging your heels in this hexagram spells disaster.

From an HD perspective, this time period may coincide with some community building initiatives, a group collaboration or joint creative effort of some kind. Alternatively, you could find an agent teacher or spokesperson who can help you to connect you to the right people, or help to promote, express or bring out your natural gifts and unique talents.

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