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Emotional confrontations, healing crises and a much-needed release of pent-up aggression, or emotional/physical tension are all likely themes at the Aries Full Moon. With the Sun and Moon making a T-square to powerful Pluto, this particular lunar phase is likely to feel super intense and possibly quite uncomfortable as hidden feelings bubble to the surface and secrets are revealed. So strong are the energies that you’re likely to be stopped in your tracks. After months of putting things off, it’s time to finally deal with/make peace with situations that have been simmering with unspoken tension.

Relationships are likely to be the area where we experience these dynamics most acutely. The luminaries symbolise the archetypal mother and father, making it very likely that whatever comes up now may have some connection to inherited family patterns, whether these be sibling rivalry, domestic abuse, hidden resentments or longstanding feuds. It also goes without saying that patterns developed in childhood often replay themselves in close relationships, so we could also see faultlines emerging here too.

Although this New Moon is likely to be a challenging time, the good news is that, with conscious effort and the right attitude, a positive outcome is indeed possible. The Moon will be making a flowing trine to ebullient and highminded Jupiter, encouraging us all to cultivate a tolerant and positive mindset – one that can see the lessons in certain experiences and doesn’t allow the ego to dominate in our one-to-one inter-actions.

And there’s the rub, because at this time, you may find all your buttons being pushed; and the desire for self-preservation, strong. You’ll need to summon all your willpower and make a concerted effort to curb any selfish or combative tendencies encouraged by the Aries Moon (See the Sign and Sabian symbol) and be prepared to face up to whatever needs to be addressed/healed/worked through, in order to move past current power struggles.

Indeed, with Pluto and Jupiter involved, it could well be a case of things having to get worse before they get better – a bit like a fever. Many of us are learning new and healthier ways to manage conflict and assert ourselves, rather than generating more tension and chaos. And this can take some time to master, which means having to live through an awkward period of adjustment.

However, the good news is that if you can find the courage (and self-control) to state your needs without being confrontational and try approaches usually outside your comfort zone, then you could potentially liberate yourself (and others) from some very old and painful wounds and behaviour patterns that may have been holding you back for quite a while. Indeed, we may be talking lifetimes for some people (see the section on karmic signatures). Healing is definitely possible nowyou just need to be open to it.


The October 2019 Full Moon takes place in fiery, ardent Aries. Aries is strongly associated with willpower, self-preservation and self-love. It’s a cardinal, forward-focused sign that thrives on action and progress.

As a Moon sign, it can lead to a warm, uncomplicated but fiery emotional disposition that is straightforward and honest but doesn’t have much time for those who are perceived as weaker or less resilient. Whilst this can act as a good counterpoint to a personality that is too nice or overly sympathetic, it can also create a selfish attitude if not kept in check.

In marked contrast to last month’s Pisces Full Moon, which was all about surrender and psychological release, the main theme of the Aries Full Moon  is likely to be how to assert your emotional needs and feel heard/affirmed without antagonising loved ones or having a major blow-up, especially with family members. Instead, see this as an opportunity to clear the air and release the past – a chance to do things differently. 

Given that the Full Moon will be aspecting Pluto, this particular lunar phase could be quite intense and passionate. You can read more about Pluto’s involvement in the Aspects section below. Suffice it to say, Pluto is also one of the lords of karma, so it’s entirely within the realms of possibility that as you face up to old wounds and heal any hidden trauma you may be carrying, that you may also simultaneously be releasing some very old and painful patterns/dynamics connecting you with the souls of family or loved ones at a very deep level.  

On an archetypal level, Aries represents the energy of a newborn/spring,  so is all about new life and fresh starts. It is also, to a large degree, about the emotional innocence of the lamb, as well as the natural confidence and warmth that comes so naturally to children and creatures in their infancy. Although people with the Moon in Aries can be fiery, boisterous and occasionally insensitive, they usually bear no malice or long term grudges and are quick to forgive. They may can also be quite trusting, unless they have a planet like Pluto prominent, in which case, they are more likely to pick up sub-text/underlying vibes.

Other qualities associated with Moon in Aries include: self-regard, healthy ego, independence, warmth, passion, emotional honesty, psychological resilience, but if expressed unconsciously, can lead to: insensitivity, selfishness and impatience.

Aries Full Moon Themes:


  • Asserting one’s emotional needs
  • Combining courage, passion and willpower – this is fiery, choleric energy
  • Feeling driven – achieving brings emotional satisfaction
  • Emotional honesty and a wilingness to say sorry/forgive easily
  • Standing up for yourself psychologically, especially against bullying or abuse
  • Psychological independence, emotional resilience and self-determination
  • Striking a balance between self-love and meeting the emotional needs of others
  • Learning to combine self-assertiveness with compassion for those weaker than yourself


  • Hurtful emotional outbursts
  • Refusing to acknowledge someone else’s feelings
  • Toxic anger, fits of temper 
  • Emotional selfishness – a ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude
  • Being overly confrontational or competitive, especially with family members
  • Anger masking sadness/depression
  • Moodiness and ogerish beaviour when out of sorts
  • Sulking if things don’t go your way


The October Full Moon takes place in the third decan of Aries. The Sabian symbol for the 21st degree of Aries is:

A pugilist entering the ring.

Here we have the image of a boxer entering the ring. Given that we are talking about Aries here – a Mars-ruled sign associated with, amongst other things, war and the military – we get the sense of someone fiesty, who is ready (perhaps even spoiling for) a fight.

While we definitely see people beginning to lose patience and tempers starting to flair within UK politics, this is also likely to be true of certain inter-personal situations in which you are called upon to be more emotionally assertive or stand up for your beliefs/rights.

The luminaries symbolise both the archetypal mother-father, as well as the balance between feminine/masculine energies within us, so this Sabian symbol could point to a need to resolve or balance issues within families (or within ourselves).

Families are definitely one of these psychological touchpoints for many people, as are significant relationships, so either of these areas may be highlighted by this Full Moon theme. Much depends on where these signs sit in your natal chart.

Of course, it could end up being work dynamics or a friendship that needs some attention. The common theme here is conflict, especially where there are unspoken power dynamics at work. Bullying and/or abuse could be a factor, as could defensiveness or the need to stand up for one’s position, viewpoint or rights.

Whatever the case, this symbol seems to be highlighting the need to find new and healthier ways to deal with conflict and to assert yourself emotionally.  Although this could feel scary (see the square to Pluto below), chances are that if you can muster up the courage to try something new and/or break free from old patterns, you may be pleasantly surprised at how situations (including your emotional outlook) improve.

The Sabian Oracle also offers us the following suggestions for how to consider the hidden significance of this particular zodiacal degree:

Keywords: Physical or psychological self-assertion and determination. Attack or defense? Fighting for emotional, psychological or physical space. Being seen as a person of strength. Throwing punches. Fighting on any level. Being prepared to take a swing at someone or something. Stepping up to the plate. Throwing down the gauntlet. Going after the title. Big vs. small egos.

The Caution: Using force or power to dominate people or those who challenge. Acting in a combative manner. Not displaying sportsmanship. Wanting to knock people out. Looking for combat. Throwing punches at anything. Belting, smacking, invading. Being punch-drunk.


This is a Full Moon that is likely to be filled with highs and lows. A T-square between Pluto and the luminaries generates intensity, while a series of harmonious contacts to Jupiter creates reasons for optimism. The key is not to go over-board and remain determined to see the bright side. Conflict is not always a bad thing if you go into it with the intention of improving dynamics and resolving differences, rather than simply argue or rage for the sake of it.

Full Moon T-Square Pluto: Emotional Boiling Point

The feisty, passionate side of the Aries Full Moon is highlighted by a T-square to powerful Pluto, which could signal emotional tension and/or intensity. Pluto rules Scorpio but before it was discovered, it was Mars, ruler of Aries, that held dominion over this sign. There is therefore, a certain degree of synergy between these two placements. Both concern healing/physical vitality and the ability to assert oneself or deal with power dynamics.  

However, given that this is a Full Moon and we are talking about a square aspect here, it would be disingenuous of me to suggest this Full Moon is likely to be a walk in the park.  Some difficult emotions are likely to be triggered at this time and need dealing with.

Full Moon energy tends to bring things to a head, so we could see a personal situation or health issue reach crisis point. Confronting things head on (without being overly aggressive) is probably the best way forward. While this feel uncomfortable, it also has the potential to be very healing long-term – something to bear in mind when the going gets tough.   

Findings healthy ways to drain off/clear difficult emotions and heal subconscious emotional trauma, whether this be through exercise, energy work or some form of therapy, could also be a big theme. Learning to release pressure before it builds up to unmanageable or toxic levels is not only important for our psychological health, but our physical constitution too.

Moon trine Jupiter – Cause for Optimism

A second, much more ebullient and expansive aspect between the Aries Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius offers a silver lining in amongst all this angst and drama.

In stark contrast to the Pluto square, this positive transit adds a sense of optimism and emotional tolerance to proceedings, making it easier to maintain a sense of perspective, despite the intensity of difficult feelings or situations.

Use this aspect to set your intentions for positive outcomes, even from challenging situations. Conflict can be healthy, provided both parties maintain a certain degree of honesty and respect. The key is to cultivate openheartedness, generosity of spirit and a willingness to learn from one’s mistakes. Approach things from this perspective, rather than seeing situations as emotional battlegrounds where someone has to win, and healing has a much better chance of taking place.


In many ways, this particular Full Moon represents a major healing crises or emotional clearing: With the luminaries simultaneously aspecting Jupiter (which was activated during the Libra New Moon) AND squaring Pluto, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many of you find yourselves at some sort of karmic crossroads.

This is especially likely if Pluto is currently transiting your natal north node – a strong possibility if you were born between these dates: 

  • Late 1916 – Spring 1917
  • Summer 1935 – Autumn 1935
  • Spring 1954 – Summer 1954
  • Autumn 1972 – Spring 1973
  • Spring 1991 – Autumn 1991
  • Winter 2009 – Summer 2010

If so, then it’s possible that in addition to any emotional letting go, that you may also be doing some major karmic clearing at the same time, possibly in relation to inherited or ancestral family dynamics or patterns.

This requires you to be extra conscious about your choices because they are liekly to have ripple effects for many years – if not lifetimes – to come.

No pressure then!

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