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December 2022’s Full Moon sees the dance between Venus, Mercury & Mars reach a flash point. With a retrograde Mars close to the Moon and opposite Venus, both emotions (and tempers) could run high, relationship making conflict and confrontation about money matters a distinct possibility. Taking place in the dual sign of Gemini , this Full Moon could highlight where we could feel torn or conflicted, perhaps unsure about whether to follow our values or intellect when it comes to certain conundrums or personal dilemmas.  Think back to the Gemini New Moon in May – there could be links to what transpires now.

Maturing: Mercury Senex vs Puer

Indeed, mixing new and old, fresh perspectives with tried and tested theories, is a major theme during this two week waning moon phase, There’s a clear emphasis on the need to marry wisdom and mental agility, experience with regards to how we think or communicate, care of the Sabian Symbol, which is:

The head of a youth changes into that of a mature thinker.

This takes us straight back to the tension and interplay between Mercury and Saturn – aka Mercury the Younger and Mercury Senex – and the contrasting themes around style vs. substance, youth vs old age we saw being highlighted back in May 2022.

Language: Liminality, Limits and Lexicons

Linking these two seemingly disparate intellectual orientations is the question of language – how crucial it is to develop a common lexicon in order to properly exchange or communicate ideas, but also to create the necessary boundaries needed to ensure understanding, build trust and avoid the ‘slippage’ that leads to lies and misunderstandings, or assumptions and ‘bad takes’.

And with Saturn prominent. there’s a lot in this moon phase about honour and maturation: learning from experience, being true to your word, understanding that concepts or systems need time to mature, and that we all need to take responsibility for our words and actions.

This time around, Mercury and Saturn will be linked via their aspects to Mars, so it’s possible that you may be pushed to find answers to these questions through situations involving conflict or a clash of ideas, wills or opinions.

Mars: Coulda Woulda Shoulda

The condition of Mars, currently retrograde until January 2023, suggests that any difficulties or challenges you encounter now will have their roots in past actions/inaction. See this as an opportunity to review your chosen  modus operandi : Was your action plan effective? Could you have done/not done anything differently? Paying attention to the answers from this ‘audit’ could help you to resolve any angst or feelings of regret or remorse. Here’s your chance to do better, come unstuck, or in some cases, let go and move on.

Lunar Face: Focusing the Mind

And indeed, the Lunar Face, which is all about intelligence, talks about the battle to maintain a clear sense of personal direction and identity in the face of criticism, inter-personal conflict and/or internal struggles. Commenting on this, James Burgess writes:

This same ability to focus the mind is applied to the task of holding a clear sense of identity whenever external forces push and pull. Intelligence is the ability to learn or understand things, or to deal with new or difficult situations, and for those willing to progress, the task of self-development is considered entirely reasonable. This includes conscious preparation for anticipated challenges that might come up, often together with a charming ability to harness cooperation.

Mercury & Venus: Word vs Image

Speaking of charm and persuasion, another duality we are being asked to reconcile is the notion of word vs. image, eyes vs. mouth – as embodied by Mercury and Venus. Post new moon, the two cosmic siblings are nearing the end of their playful time together and have begun to go their separate ways: Mercury, into serious Capricorn; and Venus, still in enthusiastic Sagittarius, positioned at the Galactic Centre: the zero point at the heart of the Milky Way.

As a result, you may feel torn between following your bliss/what feels joyful or creatively stimulating on one hand; and what seems intellectually logical, obvious or sensible, on the other. When in doubt, try to align your plans or ideas with your personal values to avoid feeling too split.

T-square: Confusion and Unrealistic Expectations

Muddying the waters – and our ability to clearly discern the outlines of things – is a mutable T-square between the luminaries, Venus, Mars and Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces. Glamour, the seduction of toxic positivity and false romantic hopes are just some of the ways this dynamic could manifest.

Venus & Mars: Relationship Tensions

Venus will be opposite Mars, so the likelihood of partnership clashes and power struggles, whether creative, financial or romantic, remains high. Look back to their square in September for connections to events now. The way through will be to avoid the pursuit of unrealistic standards of beauty or expectations around money, and where necessary, give things time.

With Mars firmly in retreat until early 2023, the need to withdraw in order to regroup or reassess may be what’s required right now, rather than trying to force things prematurely.

Stabilising Saturn

Helping us to stay grounded, define boundaries and stabilise emotions and resolving fraught situations will be a trine between by the Moon & Mars to Saturn. This is perfect for developing sensible frameworks and initiating mature conversations designed to clear the air. Consistency and a willingness to honour commitments or own up to responsibilities could go a long way to building trust and establishing credibility with others now.

Having the Courage and Strength to Stay the Course

The Sun will be conjunct the Part of Courage in the 17th degree of Sagittarius, suggesting that although it may feel foolhardy to be optimistic or expect positive outcomes, given all this messy energy, a strong sense of cheerful conviction will go a long way to resurrecting situations that might have otherwise seemed past redemption.



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