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Under Pressure

December 2022’s New Moon could coincide with an increase in pressure, possibly due to unforeseen challenges or circumstances such as transport strikes and/or inclement weather. Taking place very close to Christmas Eve, it has the potential evoke those age-old feelings of dread that accompany familial obligations like spending the holidays with difficult or demanding relatives, or being alone over the festive season. On both a personal and professional front, you may feel called to assert your authority in some way, or act in a way that commands respect from others. With five planets in parsimonious and circumspect Capricorn, any form of excess (a distinct possibility, c/o a Jupiter square) is likely to be frowned upon now. Less is definitely more over this two week period.

There’s a sombre and determined air to the Capricorn crescent moon this December. With five planets in the sign of the goat, many people will find themselves firmly focused on overcoming personal challenges or practical obstacles.

Whether this be getting home for Christmas in arctic weather conditions or seeking respite from a demanding job in order to fulfil family obligations, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling a little under siege, either due to a time crunch or external pressures beyond your control.

While a square to Jupiter from the luminaries may push some into excessive or egotistical behaviour, there’s a strong need to act with integrity and humility, but also with grace and acceptance, whatever life throws at you now.

Given the Sabian Symbol for the 2nd degree of Capricorn, it’s probably wise to keep things low key right now so as to avoid any potential aggravation from those whose egos may be inflated by Jupiterian judgement, arrogance or self-righteousness. Or simply because it would be a waste of time to try and fight forces much bigger than you – like the weather, say.

Indeed, both the Lunar Face and Hexagram associated with this particular moon phase emphasise the need for self-respect and self-preservation. This may mean acting cautiously; or simply making a decision not to engage with unnecessary struggle or drama.

Doing so will not only help you to maintain your dignity and poise, but could also potentially align you with some unexpected opportunities that help you move in a much more empowering direction:

Empowering behaviours and an attitude of self-love triumph amidst all the Challenges of life and twists of Fate.

The key is to act from a place of naturalness. This, in turn, may require you to cultivate attitudes and states of mind that allow right action to become second nature – no small feat when you’re feeling under pressure, or life feels like an uphill battle.

However, as Richard Rudd says in his audio contemplation of the 1oth gene key – called ‘Treading’ in the I Ching – this lesson is all about learning to walk in the footsteps of greatness, a slipstream that has the potential to be relatively effortless, provided we can bring ourselves to loosen up and let go of self-consciousness; or the notion that everything worthy of merit can only be achieved through toil and strife.


‘Easy is right’ is the motto of this gene key. So if you need to rest after a busy/intense few months, or are waylaid due to circumstances beyond your control, then try to relax, exhale and allow events to unfold as they will, without the need to interfere or force things, or worry about missing out.

In the words of Richard Rudd:

To be fulfilled, your interactions need to be in accordance with your appreciation and love of life; and your singular and precious journey through it.




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