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Taking place on the same day that Jupiter does direct, November’s New Moon has a much brighter feel compared to the heavy, dark energy of the recent Halloween eclipses. You could say that this lunar phase marks the true start of Sagittarius season. With Mercury and Venus in the mix, this should be an especially sociable and eventful time.

In stark contrast to the dramatic and chaotic energy of the Halloween eclipses, the November New Moon promises to be a jovial and positive affair. Taking place just as the Sun ingresses into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, and on the same day that the planet of faith and expansion turns direct, this New  Moon has ‘progress’ and ‘momentum’ written all over it. This should be good news for the crypto industry and for anyone who may have felt a little stuck or thrown off-centre by the push-me-pull-you energy of Saturn and Uranus.

Although we still have another three months or so during which we’ll be closing out/working through the fallout of situations or issues highlighted by the Taurus lunar eclipse, there’s a definite sense of optimism and forward movement about this fresh two-week phase.

This New Moon period also coincides with the stationing of both Jupiter (23 Nov) and Neptune (4 Dec), two planets concerned with meaning, spirituality, expansion and a sense of connection to the cosmos – the bigger picture. As a result, you’re likely to feel a renewed sense of faith and optimism in life, and be more inclined to want to zoom out and see things from a much wider perspective. The meaning of recent difficulties or puzzling events may now begin to emerge.

Neptune and Jupiter are both indirectly connected via their rulerships of Sagittarius and Pisces – two signs that Jupiter used to co-rule in traditional astrology. This month, this connection is further highlighted by the Sabian symbol (see below) for this New Moon, which is all about the waves of the ocean.

In many respects, we are being encouraged to ‘go with the flow’ and to find ways to cultivate a sense of ease and naturalness, as this will help us to get in touch with the frequency of abundance – a big theme during this two week period, thanks to Hexagram 14, which is all about wealth and success.

According to both the I Ching and James Burgess, the secret to working with this bounteous energy lies in harmonizing inner and outer worlds, and by realising that outer success is often dependent on developing inner poise and living according to one’s highest principles.

This two week period is also likely to be a sociable and eventful time filled with plenty of contacts and interactions, thanks to the proximity of cosmic twins, Mercury and Venus, who will form a conjunction with the luminaries at the New Moon.

I suspect it will also serve to hasten movements and developments already underway regarding the mass migration way from/towards certain social media platforms as people seek to find connection with other like-minded souls during this period of flux.

Although you may compelled to get out there, communicate or take action, it will also important to get some much-needed distance from matters and view things from a wider, more philosophical perspective before acting. Detachment and focus will help us to navigate through what is likely to be a busy yet sociable time.





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