The March Full Moon is not only another Supermoon, but it also takes place along the equinox vernal point, giving it added cosmic significance and power.  In addition, it occurs at the same time as a number of powerful and fortunate aspects to Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn. After the doubts, sacrifice and confusion of the last two weeks of unboundaried Pisces and Mercury retrograde, things now have the potential to come to an unexpectedly positive conclusion. Thanks to the involvement of Chiron, the Libra Full Moon also has the potential to be a time of mending and healing in relationships too… 


The 2019 March Full Moon takes place along what is known as the vernal axis – the pole that runs along the cusp of Aries and Libra. In astrology, these two signs mark the start and the midpoint of the astrological year because the Sun reaches the spring and autumn equinox points when it ingresses into these signs of the zodiac. Consequently,  these two constellations carry added symbolic punch.

Exaltations and Dignity

Like Aries, which is associated with spring in the northern hemisphere, Libra is a cardinal sign. However, while the Sun is considered to be exalted in Aries, it is traditionally thought to be in fall in Libra, because this was the time of the year when the light (and its source, the sun) began to fade from the skies. Luckily though, it is the Moon – a feminine sign associated with the coolness and wetness of the night, which will be in orbiting through girly Libra.


Along with Taurus, Libra is ruled by sensual and relationship-oriented Venus – the lesser benefic in the planetary scheme of things. Venus is associated with beauty, joy, pleasure, charm and attraction, which probably why Libra is often labelled as a shallow, fickle, co-dependent sign. However, this is generally a bit of an unfair generalization. Being naturally drawn to harmony, symmetry and all things pleasing to the senses, they instinctively know how to add peace, tranquillity and a touch of grace and loveliness to any situation they find themselves in.

In general, Libra is ultra feminine, soft and elegant  – think pastel colours, dove greys and flattering lines. This is a sign devoted to bringing out the best in themselves and other people – no bad thing, right? Except that they tend to be put others’ needs above their own, which can be a problem if they don’t have any assertive placements in their chart.

Moon in Libra

When the Moon is placed here, it can be a bit of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it gels with the feminine, relationship-oriented aspects of Libra, which gives good soft skills. On the plus side, it means that they are good in a crisis and very sympathetic listeners. As friends or therapists, they always know just what to say to soothe people and calm them down.

Unlike earthy Taurus, Libra is an air sign, which rules the intellect and speech. However, the Moon prefers the element of water, so when in Libra, it can make people over-analyse their feelings and become a little too detached and cerebral about relationships. It does, however, explain why this sign places a lot of store on balanced decision-making, equality and a need to be diplomatic.

Although it can often mean that Librans take a lot longer to make up their minds than Aries, this is because Librans like to weigh up the pro’s and cons and consider both sides of an argument before they arrive at a fair and well-considered decision – one of the reasons why they are such good peacemakers, judges and arbitrators. It’s no coincidence that their scales are also associated with the law.

Full Moon in Libra

Given that a full moon is an opposition between Sun and Moon,  it’s likely that the Libra Supermoon will, to a larger extent, focus our attention on the balance between our own goals and needs, and those of others. This is the classic polarity between self and close relationships that is mirrored in the Asendant-Descendant axis in the natal chart.

Getting the balance right

With Mars energy very strong during this particular Full Moon, the urge to assert your rights, and impose your opinions or wishes may be stronger than usual – not always a bad thing if you have a tendency to sacrifice your own wants and interests for your nearest and dearest. However, Mars is, interestingly, in Venus-ruled Taurus, making for more of a natural synergy between Aries/Mars-Libra/Venus soli-lunar energy. That being said, Venus and Mars will be squaring each other around the time of this Full Moon, which does suggest some challenges in getting the balance right between the expression of yin and yang energies: knowing when to initiate or give and when to give way and/or receive. More on this in the ASPECTS section below.

Equinox and Mercury retrograde – a chance to reconcile with past loved ones

In many respects this Full Moon will probably feel more like a new beginning, rather than an ending. As a result of the Equinox, there’s a spring-like quality in the air. In addition, Mercury is still retrograde, so the focus remains on looking backwards and revisiting the past. Add to that an active Pluto and the sign fo the Full Moon, there’s every possibility that this energy could well manifest in the revival or regeneration of existing or past relationships, although much depends on the position of these planets in your natal horoscope as to details of ‘what’ and ‘how’…

Libra Full Moon Themes

Overall, the Full Moon in Libra points to a high point or pivotal moment in relation to the following themes:

  • An emphasis on compromise, reconciliation and peace-making in relationships
  • A desire to consider the emotional needs of loved ones and significant others in relation to your own
  • An urge to create beauty, harmony and symmetry in creative pursuits or in everyday life via personal make-overs, or via redecorating/beautifying spaces
  • A need for fairness, proportion, equality and balance in your home or working environment via discussions, diplomacy or legal advice
  • An emphasis on politeness, charm, social graces, kindness and tact in social situations
  • Mundane matters: love, sexual allure, the visual arts, the beauty & fashion industries, the law, diplomacy, hobbies and pleasurable activities


The Libra Supermoon takes place along the axis of the vernal point – 0 degrees Libra and Aries, which adds a certain ‘purity’ to the expression of these signs. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Libra is:

A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it.

James Burgess interprets this Sabian symbol as concerning the desire to try and pin down or hold onto (the dart) ephemeral qualities or experiences such as beauty and love (the butterfly):

In the very moment of creation, all forms are doomed to die, and what eventually remains is memory’s impression. Then let us make our hearts as tender as a new-born, so they will be impressed deep and forever with the grace of beauty that only a loving heart can perceive.

In his tractise on Beauty in the Enneads, the Neoplatonic philosopher, Plotinus, explains that beauty allows us to elevate ourselves to higher levels of being, from where we realize that what we are actually seeking is an inner quality of the soul. He therefore advises people to stop looking for it in the outer world and turn our minds inwards to the contemplation of the eternal, for there we will find what we are truly seeking:

…Whoever perceives this species of beauty, should be seized with much greater delight, and more vehement admiration, than any corporeal beauty can excite; as now embracing beauty real and substantial.

An idea which reminds us of Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn:

    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
               Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

To do this, we are required to awaken an ‘inner sight’ – the ‘brighter eye of the soul’ which must be trained to see true beauty:

…The soul must be trained, first of all to look at beautiful ways of life: then at beautiful works, not those which the arts produce, but the works of men who have a name for goodness: then look at the souls of the people who produce the beautiful works.

This, then, is where you will find true beauty.

The Sabian Oracle offers us a few more suggestions on how to work with the symbolism of this degree:

Keywords: Perfection and beauty made immortal. Holding onto things or events from the past. Unchanging realities. Moments frozen in time. Superficiality. External beauty that’s lacking animation. Pinning things up so they can be admired. The “handiwork” of creation on display. Transfiguration. Suspension in time. Posters.

The Caution: Impinging others’ growth for selfish needs. Surrender and immobilization. Pinned down and unable to move. The attempt to freeze things from growing naturally. Placing importance on preserving appearances at the expense of all else. Staying far too long. Seeing no future. Having no past. Not letting go.


Although the Libra Supermoon only makes two aspects: a minor aspect to unpredictable Uranus, and a conjunction between Chiron; it will also enjoy some added power from a number of very powerful and auspicious aspects that will occur on the days before and after the full moon, all of which should add to the potency of this particular time period.

Moon Quincunx Uranus

First-up, a Quincunx (also known as an inconjunct aspect) of 150 degrees will take place between the Moon and Uranus, now in Taurus. Ordinarily, this can lead to a need for adjustments as unexpected things crop up that need to be tweaked or attended to, all of which can be slightly irritating.

However, given that both the Moon and Uranus will be in Venus-ruled signs, this should help to smooth the way somewhat. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff: adapt to chnging circumstances. So, if your schedule gets a little messed up or things don’t go exactly to plan, see this as a welcome distraction or a chance to experience something novel or different, rather than get your knickers in a knot. Chances are that you’ll look back and see that everything unfolded perfectly and couldn’t have happened any other way.

Sun conjunct Chiron, Moon opposition Chiron

Chiron recently ingressed into Aries – quite a big deal in the astrological world. As a result, the Equinox Sun and Chiron will make a conjunction around the time of the Full Moon, very close to the vernal point. This is likely to heighten your sensitivity and make you more compassionate towards others – no bad thing, as the sun in Aries can be a little selfish and brash under normal circumstances.

Chiron is the healer asteroid, so it is also possible that this aspect may facilitate healing experiences around the time of the Full Moon. Given that Mercury is retrograde, and that Mars and Pluto will be making a trine to each other on the day of the Equinox, after both having had recent contacts to Mercury, it is very possible that the Full Moon will coincide with a romantic reconciliation. If you and a loved one have been arguing or have hurt each other, then this aspect could help you to reconcile. Cultivating qualities such as forgiveness and compassion offer the best way to mend broken hearts. This is a great time for self-care too – be gentle on yourself, as well as others now.

The Moon will also be opposing Chiron, which could suggest the resurfacing of a deep emotional wound relating to your childhood, possibly stemming from your relationship with your mother. Often, this occurs around the time of puberty – age 12 or so. Sometimes a significant relationship can trigger this pain in us, often without us even being consciously aware of the link. If this does happen now, then the message of the Full Moon is to face up to the pain, heal it and then use it to help others.


A number of significant aspects are due to take place on the day of the vernal equinox, and on the actual day fo the Full Moon itself. These include:

20 March

  • Mercury sextile Saturn brings calmness and  a clear head, which should help to steady any nervousness or tension caused by the quincunx to Uranus. It also gives you the ability to carefully but quickly weigh up the pros and cons of any new offers or opportunities. Excellent for focus, decision-making, time keeping and contributing positively to serious discussions.
  • Mars trine Pluto brings the courage and desire to make important changes or to rise above petty squabbles. Taking place in earth signs, this combination brings about enormous but patient self possession and the drive and willpower to overcome obstacles in order to succeed. This aspect should make it easier to see past masks and smokescreens, as well as game playing and cut to the heart of the matter in a way that brings about lasting and constructive shifts. Also excellent for reviving structure, systems or situations that may have been flagging.

21 March

  • Venus square Mars can lead to an increase in sexual frustration, conflicts and an element of competition to relationships. It can lead to impatience and irritability, as well as a desire to have things your own way. Try and see past short term ego needs and keep your eye on the prize – controlling your emotions will help you to get what you really want.
  • Venus sextile Jupiter is an excellent and harmonious aspect between the benefics which truly has the ability to cancel out negativity, especially in relationships or creative scenarios, adding in a good dose of tolerance, love and affection. As a result, this aspect, together with those of Chiron and Pluto, could help to facilitate a mending of broken relationships. It also adds in a good measure of luck and abundance to speculative investments. Journeys will definitely be educational, profitable and very enjoyable, thanks to the involvement of fixed star, Markeb.
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