16 February 2022 at 16h56, 28 degrees Leo

We are guided by optimism to see the bigger picture – that when we trust in life, and trust in ourselves, we can look for, and expect, outcomes that sparkle and shine.

– James Burgess
360 Degrees of Wisdom


February’s Snow Moon is likely to feel anything but icy – with a full moon in warmhearted Leo, and a Venus-Mars conjunction on the same day, this two week period is likely to feel very upbeat and sunny.

The playful energy of the Leo Full Moon encourages us to express ourselves from the heart, get clearer about our choices and celebrate what brings us joy.

Adding to the feelgood energy is an exhilarating and rare sextile between Jupiter and Uranus on February the 18th, which promises to expand our literal and figurative horizons, leading to aha moments and positive life changes.

Taking place on the same day that Pisces season begins, this magical transit should definitely elevate the collective vibration and raise hopes that pressing world problems can be solved. On an individual level, it could coincide with exciting, if unexpected breakthroughs, news or developments.

As if that weren’t enough, love planets, Venus and Mars, will also meet for the first of two passionate love-ins – first in Capricorn on February the 16th – the same day as the full moon – and then again in early March, this time in Aquarius.

Conjunctions blend or combine the energies of both planets (both good and bad) making it a neutral aspect. However, it’s hard not to think of The Lovers card in the Tarot deck, which brings together Adam and Eve (microcosm), and heaven and earth (macrocosm) via the divine intervention of the Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing, magic and the element of air, which rules the heart chakra.

The upshot: Lots to look forward to over the next two weeks.






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