13 July 2022, 19h40 BST

Ego deaths, awakenings and dramatic internal shifts are all major themes at the Buck Supermoon on 13 July 2022.

The Moon will be pairing up with intense and volcanic Pluto, which could definitely dial up the personal drama levels. Being a supermoon, emotions could run pretty high, so it may be wise to pace yourself and allow time for pauses where you can collect yourself after any potential eruptions, before responding to a challenge or provocation.

Because, with the Sun opposing Pluto, power struggles and confrontations are a distinct possibility. Past grudges could also resurface and need dealing with. The more honest (but tactful) you are with yourself and others, the better. It’s time to take your power back and not allow others to try to bully and control you, or dictate the course of your destiny.

However, with Pluto retrograde, this combination could lead to profound inner shifts, perhaps as a result of some buried feelings erupting onto the surface of your consciousness. As a psychologist friend of mine said to me recently: anger is a useful emotion because it tells you where your boundaries have been violated. So you might to tune in and listen to what your psyche is trying to convey to you about your relationship to certain people, places or things, especially if you find yourself overcome with an inexplicably strong emotional reaction to something.

Equally, this could be a time of physical or psychological purging, possibly precipitated by a major ending or crossroads of some kind. The Moon rules both the physical body (especially dietary habits) as well as the emotions while Pluto is often about transmutation, a process that often begins with the need to burn something down that is toxic or no longer fit for purpose. Much will depend on how these planets work in your natal chart. Needless to say, though, this is potent stuff!

This process certainly does not have to spell doom and gloom. With the luminaries set to form a mystic rectangle with the lunar nodes, things could end up working out unexpectedly well, despite any initial misgivings you may have. However, this may require you to resolve any inner ambivalence or conflict you may have within you about certain situations in order to find more balance and equilibrium.

In the mystic rectangle aspect pattern, a tense red cross is surrounded by calm blue aspects. The high-energy oppositions produce a lot of tension and activity. The harmonious aspects bring resolution to any conflict but can also mask an unsettled inner nature. This cool exterior may fool others into thinking you have it all together but donโ€™t fool yourself. Recognize or admit the source of your red inner tension and use your blue talents to resolve them.

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However, with the Sun combining forces with Mercury and the optimistically-oriented fixed star, Castor, you’re not only capable of handling whatever occurs now, but you’re also likely to do so with good cheer and a cheeky wink. Your ability to think on your feet, and to see the funnier or lighter side of a situation could prove to be your saving grace. If nothing else, you and others are likely to learn a lot from whatever occurs now.

The key will be self-honesty and a need to reign in your ego – something emphasised by the Sabian symbol, which is all about grace under pressure. Seeing the wisdom in walking away or refraining from any urge to have the last say in situations that are really all about saving face, rather than achieving anything significant is a big message right now.

Luckily, Venus and Saturn will also be making a trine to each other on the same day as the supermoon, which should help to calm and stabilise your interactions with others. Keep calm and carry on is one message of this aspect – something emphasised by the Lunar Face. When in doubt, refuse to be blown off-course by short-term distractions and other people’s attempts to drag you into drama. Taking time out for some much-needed alone time is another a good way to use this energy – it may giving you the time and breathing space needed to see things from a different perspective.

Events now are likely to carry an air of fatedness about them, thanks to the nodes. Uranus, which will be located close to the north node, could also bring about unexpected developments, aha moments or surprise plot twists designed to push you out of your comfort zone and nudge you in a new direction or set you back on your true path, especially if you’ve strayed a little from your principles or soul’s calling recently.

Getting back on track and taking charge of your own destiny are both big themes now, as are awakenings and wake-up calls of all kinds. This is a pivotal moon cycle in many ways, one packed with tons of transits, so brace yourself for what could be a rather eventful time.


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Sabian Symbol

This eclipse occurs at 22nd degree of Capricorn (lots of two’s again!). The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

For me, this symbol evoked Hexagram 33 in the I Ching, which Stephen Karcher calls ‘Retreat to the Mountain Shrine’. In many interpretations, it is associated with retreat as a military strategy – withdrawing now to build up your inner reserves, in order to claim victory later when you’re feeling stronger, or circumstances shift in your favour. I think the below quote, from Norman Vincent Peale, sums it up rather nicely:

Part of the happiness of life consists not in fighting battles, but in avoiding them. A masterly retreat is in itself a victory.

โ€• Norman Vincent Peale

It’s also about losing the battle to win the war – being gracious in defeat or being a good loser. Surrender is another theme – that ‘letting go and letting god’ kind of vibe – accepting that you can’t control everything and allowing people or circumstances to come to you in their own time and way. This enables you to start trusting in the flow of your life, and to make peace with situations, rather than try and force them.




There’s quite a lot of prominent fixed stars highlighted by the July 2022 Supermoon. In addition to the Sun’s position close to Castor, one of the twins in the constellation of Gemini, the Galactic Centre will be rising and Polaris, the former pole star in the constellation of Ursa Minor, will be setting. I discuss the significance of these in my detail in my in-depth member’s videocast.

In addition, to that, we also have Zubenelgenubi positioned with the south node, opposite Uranus. This puts a strong emphasis on social justice and the desire to make a difference to society that has nothing to do with personal glory. It’s possible that destiny may nudge you toward your true calling now through a serious of surprise events or unexpected developments now, care of Uranus and the north node.

Find out more in my members’ only moon phase videocast.



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