full Moon in Aquarius

23 july 2021, 03h36 bsT

Including BRAND NEW two week cosmic weather forecast. (Scroll down for details)



  • Change of heart – Shifts in your feelings or attitudes towards something or someone, perhaps due to an aha or tower moment
  • Celebrating diversity and your/others’ uniqueness  – individual differences mean we all have something to contribute to the collective or big picture
  • Shifts or revolutions in our everyday lives – e.g. ‘Freedom Day’ in UK, disruptive technologies like electric vehicles, universal acceptance of cryptocurrencies
  • Civil liberties vs social contract – Need to balance freedom with responsibility, and the selfishness of the individual vs the welfare of the herd
  • Importance of community/collaboration – Less ego, more about the greater good. Seeing your role within the larger picture. Humans as social animals, cooperation as key to our ongoing evolution eg opensource coding, crowdfunding etc


As with any Full Moon, the two weeks of the waning moon cycle is a a great time to rebalance, consolidate or close out a cycle that may have begun at the Aquarius New Moon back in February 2021. To find out more about which areas of life offer the best opportunities to press the rest button, find your Rising/Ascending Sign on the chart below. and then look to the opposite sign for the position of the Sun.



The Sabian symbol for this two week period conjures up the image of the falling tower in the tarot, which is all about breakthroughs and aha moments – Uranian lightning strikes the crown at the top of the structure, leading to its collapse, especially if the foundations of our thinking or life are shaky. Change and adaptation to change are therefore big themes, as are changes of mind or heart. This symbol also points to possible unexpected shifts in circumstances, possibly ones that are beyond our control, and which we will need to adapt to – themes that we see picked up in the Human Design section of the forecast (more on which below).


statue of liberty


To make things and situations ideal, we have first to examine what has happened and compare this to what could happen, and also to our ideas of excellence. There is a power of integrity written in things that were once new, many years ago, and have survived and evolved to a place whereby they give testimony to their enduring wisdom. Age has improved them in ways that only ageing can – by adding depth of character and proving their worth against the eroding forces of tide and time. It is not for us to throw out the old just because it is not modern. Yet it is for us to throw out whatever cannot find a place of relevance within the current zeitgeist. Our loyalties are not best given to outworn causes, people or ways just for sentimental reasons. It is for us to hear the roll of thunder as a presage of change, to feel its capacity to transform and to be ready to move things to the next level.

JAMES BURGESS, 360 Degrees of Wisdom



Becoming aware of where we run the risk of self-indulgence or of lashing out from an unconscious place  – and how far we might be prepared to go in order to protect our most-cherished ideals or freedoms are also highlighted by this month’s fixed star aspects. Identifying your hidden psychological triggers or unconscious biases is one of the gifts being offered here – highlighted by a trine/sextile between Black Moon Lilith and the luminaries. Together with Chiron’s sextile to Saturn,  this is a time when major healing can occur, especially once we accept that structure, self-discipline and limitation can actually be a good thing, and that freedom and the breakdown of the old order often comes at a price.


How do we know the difference between delusion and flashes of insight, on one hand, or be able to explain, in a rational and ‘scientific’ way, how we sometimes just ‘know’ something to be true? How do I know when I am getting ‘downloads’ or divine inspiration from my spirit guides or Higher Self? These are some of the issues raised by Pluto’s regression into Hexagram 61 in the Human Design bodygraph, which I look at in detail in the video embedded  below.

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