29 June 2022, 03h52 BST

July’s New Moon in Cancer is likely to be one of those moon cycles where you feel a bit sensitive.

Not only will the Sun and Moon be in the shy and often retiring sign of Cancer, but both will also be contacting Black Moon Lilith. This can lead to contacts with our shadow aspects, or those of others – things like projection and scapegoating are certainly possible dynamics that this chart point can activate. Inherited family patterns, bad habits or learned behaviours that have been passed down through the family line are all possible ways that this dynamic could manifest.

Together with BLM, the luminaries will also be squaring Jupiter. Though a benefic, Jupiter’s challenging aspect can sometimes lead to self-indulgence, over-confidence or psychological inflation. Just something to be aware of as it can manifest in things like emotional spending or eating, laziness or in some cases, arrogance.

In general, we may find ourselves grappling with issues around confidence and personal insecurity, or coming to terms with the feelings of discomfort that assuming new familial or public roles can bring. Public scrutiny, shyness or imposter syndrome are just some of the ways this theme could make itself felt.

Neptune turns retrograde on June 28, the day before the New Moon, until the 4th of December. This can sometimes lead to feelings of disillusionment, confusion or problems with boundaries. On the positive side, it is a period when we can use things like dreamwork and creativity to really plumb our depths and heal past wounds – something also highlighted by the fixed star, Ras Alhague, which will be setting.

On the plus side, Jupiter will also make a delightful, flowing aspect to Venus about an hour after New Moon. This should really help to brighten outlooks and keep feelings relatively bouyant. The first positive contact between these two planets since their conjunction at the Taurus Solar Eclipse in May, it’s possible that you may begin to see signs that whatever seds you planted back then are now beginning to manifest in the 3D.

In fact, there are a lot of thematic connections between this New Moon and the May 2022 eclipse – something I detail in my video forecast, which is now exclusively reserved for subscribers. Many of them revolve around authenticity, coming home to yourself and building or creating your best life. There’s also a need to stick with whatever creative process you started or foundations you laid back then, because the seeds you sewed in May are likely to start flowering into something lovely and inspirational now.

The fixed star Mirzam will also be parallel with the luminaries. Arabic for ‘herald’, it carries a lot of similar symbolism to that of the Star of Bethlehem, suggesting that if you pay attention, you could be given clues or signs now that ensure you keep following your bliss and realise your dreams. Loyal friends or companions could also enter your life during this period, either in animal or human form (Mirzam is in canis major) perhaps to help you heal something.

In fact, with Cancer so prominent, there’s a lot here about building strong foundations around emotional or financial security, and of creating the lifestyle or home you desire. Check out the ‘Lunar Face’ section for more detiled tips on how to do this.

Moon Signs

Use the chart below to identify which areas of your life (astrological house) the Cancer New Moon will activate. For the most accurate results, choose your Rising Sign or Ascendant. This is where you fresh starts or new beginnings are most favoured.

For more details on what to expect from July 2022, be sure to read your Monthly Horoscope.


With the fixed stars, here’s a sense that messages and signs are on their way to you with the luminaries conjunct Mirzam, the beta star in the constellation of canis major. This is known as the ‘herald’ – a bit like the star in the east that caught the attention of the three wise men in the nativity story. Except this time, the birth being announced is not the divine male child but Sirius, the star of Isis, the Great Mother.

For a more in-depth discussion on the fixed stars, check out my videocast below.

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