July 2020’s New Moon takes us back to the energies of the Solstice Solar Eclipse, which occurred in the early degrees of Cancer. This one will serve as both a reminder and a bookend – taking place in the last degrees of this watery sign, it is all about working through the intense purging and transmuting energies of the Capricorn lunar eclipse, and then returning to that heart-opening energy many people felt at the June 21st solar eclipse – to continue the work begun at that new six month cycle.

For this reason, you may experience the lunar month following this particular New Moon as a liminal or transitional phase, which begins one way (possibly negatively as you slowly move out of the Lunar eclipse energy), but ends in another. Think of the ebb and flow, push-pull movement of ocean waves as they push in and then pull back from the seashore. Self-care will be a big theme as you attempt to negotiate and navigate the difficult, often polarising experience of the pull between the outer world, and the need to maintain inner balance and restore your centre.

New Moons are all about beginnings, fresh starts, new cycles and incoming energy. The monthly equivalent of the solar New Year. Use this energy to set intentions or goals that you want to build on during the following month. This begins the two week period of the waxing moon phase, which is a associated with fertility and growth. As a result, New Moons are great for setting intentions, planting seeds (either literally or figuratively), manifestation visualisations, and starting new initiatives or projects.

This New Moon occurs at another important time in the cosmic calendar – the opening of the 888 portal – which will be active between 26 July and the first week of August, with energies peaking on August the 8th. In preparation for more lightcodes being activated within your DNA from higher celestial realms, you may need to ensure that you eat well, get a lot of rest and practise daily spiritual hygiene to cleanse and re-balance your energetic fields.

You may also notice things becoming more external or action-oriented once the Sun ingresses into Leo, which happens on 22 July 2020 – just 2 days after the New Moon. This marks the shift of the Sun from water (yin) to fire (Yang) energy, which will also activate another part of the heart chakra (both Cancer and Leo rule aspects of the heart). Here, it will also be important to maintain a balance between yin (Cancer) and yang (Leo) aspects of the heart – between the giving (Leo) and receiving (Cancer) of love, as well as nurturing (Cancer) vs protective (Leo) qualities and archetypes that get activated in us as a result of being part of family groupings.



As with the solar eclipse of 21 June 2020, the July New Moon will take place in the nurturing and family-oriented sign of Cancer. Feeling safe and self-care will both continue to be big themes – ones that will continue to be important over the next 2.5-3 years – so it is worth taking some time to develop, upgrade or refine effective ways of maintaining and protecting your physical, emotional and spiritual health, as well as your family and homes, in order to navigate the difficult, often intense energetic upgrades and chaotic external circumstances that may require you to adjust or adapt.

This soli-lunar event calls on us all to try and find a balance between giving and receiving love, self-care vs being strong and fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations to others, as well as emotional maturity – as a result of challenging external circumstances (represented by Saturn, currently retrograde in Capricorn), we may feel torn between honouring the needs of our inner child, on one hand, and the need to toughen up – keep calm and carry on – on the other. Collectively, this is about lifestyle and emotional adjustments to social structures, as well as issues that centre around matriarchal vs patriarchal approaches and structures to caregiving, discipline, home and family life.

Relocation and the structure of our homeswhere we want to base ourselves, as well as how we insure, construct, order or design our family homes so that they are safe and future-proof, is also likely to be a preoccupation – a theme continued from the solar eclipse. Striking a balance between light and shade, when it comes to colours or spaces, as well as hard and soft surfaces, may be important; along with ways to make homes more sustainable and reduce energy costs and/or water wastage through heat-retaining stones/flooring etc, or introduce rain water collection or better guttering, and/or protect against flooding or sea level rise.

Sabian Symbol


This Sabian symbol is all about trying to find a way to walk the ‘middle Way’, of negotiating polarity in the 3D, and not making comparisons to others. Think ‘both…and,’ rather than ‘either…or’. Chinese Taoist philosophy is likely to have a lot of resonance right now, which is pretty fitting as China is traditionally considered to be a country associated with the sign of Cancer and the Moon – they follow a lunar calendar, for example. Also, their divination system the I Ching, was according to Stephen Karcher, once a Moon oracle performed by women, before it was appropriated by the Confucians with their sterner, more more patriarchal (and some might say, Capricornian) approach.

In many ways, this particular Sabian symbol reminds me of the weighing of the heart ceremony that happened to every soul after death in the Hall of Judgement by the goddess of truth, order, karma and harmony, Maat, that occurred in ancient Egyptian mythology. In this sense, I think it will have overlaps with the tarot trump, Justice, which is all about karma, fairness, cause and effect.

It also highlights the dual or liminal quality of this particular New Moon that I talked so much about in my New Moon geoscopes. Occurring in the final degrees of Cancer, just days before both the Moon and Sun change signs, this particular lunar phase is likely to have the feeling of energetic shift or transition about it – out of yin energy and into yang, from water into fire, and back again.

Key Aspects

The Sun and Moon in Cancer will make an almost exact opposition to Saturn, currently retrograde in Capricorn. This is likely to result in a pull between the need to ‘toughen up’ in order to handle difficult or challenging external circumstances, be brave for family members, or simply get on with the business of trying to survive in economically lean times.

It is also likely to raise issues around different styles of parenting or self-care, for all these planets concern taking care of others – Saturn and the Sun are quite masculine and associated with discipline, creating/providing structure, as well as leading by example and protecting those weaker than us. The Moon, on the other hand, is about that softer, more maternal energy which is all about feeding, nurturing, soothing stresses and calming emotions.

The opposition aspect, which is all about balancing opposites, is likely to emphasise the need for compromise and harmony between what will sometimes feel like polar opposite views or approaches – something that was also emphasised during the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse. For Starseeds, this likely to manifest in the form of a need for greater integration between one’s energetic bodies, which may have been operating slightly outside of the physical body, and the density of the 3D world, which is characterised by polarity – something discussed by Lora Ladd in one of her latest YouTube videos.


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