As we reach the midpoint of what is coincidentally 2019’s ‘halfway’ mark,  a Full Moon in earnest and well-meaning Sagittarius encourages us to lead by example and have the courage of our convictions. At this time, many of us will find ourselves putting to bed the mentally daunting and morally challenging situations begun at the Gemini Full Moon. These may have forced some of us into having to defend our intellectual or ethical positions to a far larger tribe or audience than we usually feel comfortable dealing with. See this as a learning experience designed to toughen you up and get you ready to play a larger role within the wider community. The message of the Sagittarius Full Moon is that it’s time to let go of the fear of personal judgement, embarrassment or failure and become a contributing member of society.


The June Full Moon takes place in enthusiastic and adventurous Sagittarius.

While Scorpio is deep and complicated, its fiery neighbour, Sagittarius is far more straightforward, but no less profound. This is an optimistic, outgoing sign that is always looking for meaning and a sense of purpose – a way of being in the wider world that adds an extra dimension to life.

Heated Emotions

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius doesn’t always know its own limits, which can lead to emotional excess. While positive expressions of this, such as enthusiasm may be OK, nobody really enjoys being on the receiving end of the negative ones. Think fanaticism, hysteria, mania, OTT outbursts etc…Being a Full Moon, it is entirely possible that our emotions could get the better of us over the next two weeks, especially given the ‘big’ emotions Moon in Sagittarius tends to have.

Mundane rulerships

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign associated with large animals like horses, as well as courts of law, higher educational institutions and those who teach there, religious leaders and role models, foreigners and social and/or cultural customs.

At the Full Moon, it is possible that events or situations involving any/all of these may either come to a head or reach their natural conclusion.

Sagittarius Full Moon Themes

  • Learning an important emotional lesson
  • Reaching the climax or end of a personal chapter or period of expansion
  • Re-balancing facts and figures with big-picture thinking – putting personal/local thoughts or beliefs into a wider context.
  • A strong desire for adventure, expansion and/or travel/cultural exchange 
  • Deriving a sense of meaning or purpose from participating in/contributing to something larger than ourselves
  • A need to be more honest and straightforward in close relationships
  • Celebrating an achievement of some kind


The June Full Moon takes place towards the end of mutable signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. The Sabian symbol for the 26th degree of Sagittarius is:

The standard bearer in a battle.

James Burgess explains that:

In battle, the flag bearer carries no gun and is very vulnerable. Yet it is a high honour and requires a deep sense of nobility to raise up the standard that holds aloft the value-essence of those who are loyal to the flag.

At the Sagittarius Full Moon, it’s possible that situations that began at the Gemini New Moon will now reach their peak or natural conclusion.

On certain occasions, our personal stories take on a collective or mythical dimension and in that moment, our story becomes everybody’s story. Lynda Hill suggests this could mean risking one’s reputation or pride in order to ‘step-up,’  – tand by one’s beliefs/conviction and become a standard bearer for how to behave in difficult or morally challenging situations. 

This can sometimes be tough to handle – being so visible, you can become a target for other people’s judgement or projections – just like the poor unarmed and unmounted flagbearer. As she says:

It takes guts to get out front, putting yourself directly in the firing line, but it may be time for you, or somebody near you, to go for it and stand up for what you believe. Being willing to be upfront and “out there” in the line of fire can bring its own kind of rewards. 

Lessons of courage and bravery are likely to emerge. At the very least, we may find ourselves drawing meaning from emotional situations that, at the time, may have been painful, confusing, hurtful or difficult to comprehend (a bit like a battle, which often involves a lot of needless injury and destruction). Personal standards, morals and ethics are also likely to be a major theme at this time – you may want to ask yourself where you may have dropped your standards or let yourself down, or conversely, where others have disappointed you and just not lived up to expectation.

Sagittarius is a sign that has a social dimension to it though, so it may well be that part of our emotional recovery at this time involves finding a way to help others via our own personal experience. James Burgess urges us to take the high road as we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and carry on:

This is the image of a level of service so high that it awakens the spiritual dimension in our lives, as we put aside lesser considerations in order to apply ourselves in a self-sacrificing way to support the great cause of the moment.

The Sabian Oracle offers us a few more keywords to meditate on:

Keywords: Having the courage of convictions. Standing up for ideals. Representing one’s collective in a worthy cause. Carrying the standard or the ‘Flag’. David and Goliath. Being the messenger. Advocates. Ensigns. Leadership. Self sacrifice. Fighting for political ideals. Flag waving.

The Caution: The sacrificial lamb. Overzealous idealism. Empty shows of courage. The scapegoat. Always being ready to go into battle. Violence. Fanaticism. Stepping out of line. An inability to keep quiet. Not knowing when to back off.


Moon Void of Course

It may be significant that neither the Sun or Moon will make any further contacts to other planets before shifting into Capricorn at 17h15 BST. AInstead, it will go void of course – a slightly unusual situation whch suggests that situations activated by this Full Moon will not drag out but be resolved quite quickly. 

It may therefore be important not to drag things out but to act quite instinctively and decisively to resolve matters.

Given that the Moon tends to create exaggerated emotions, it will also be important to listen to your gut, but not get distracted by over-enthusiasm, or alternatively any fears or memories buried in our subconscious or stored in our bodies. If you find yourself being emotionally triggered by current situations as a result of past traumas or hurts, just bear in mind that the ‘fight or flight’ response can sometimes make things seem a lot worse than they actually are. So, where possible avoid over-reacting.

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