June opens with a New Moon in airy Gemini which acts as the perfect catalyst, launching us into a more sociable or public time when we may become well-known or be thrust into the public eye, perhaps due to a particular skill, talent or set of circumstances. The Sabian symbol for this particular Gemini Moon hints that we are moving into a period that is all about finding or sharing our innate talents and gifts with a wider audience, finding our niche within group settings and generally learning to handle the added responsibilities and personal trials that come with playing a larger role within the collective. Tests of merit, grit and resilience could also be in store, ¬†especially with regards to how we are seen, viewed or judged by others, thanks to a Venus-Pluto trine. However, if you are able to stand in your truth and remain true to your core values, then you should come out shining … ¬†¬†


June’s New Moon takes places in outgoing and curious Gemini.

Twins and Duality

As one of the so-called ‘bi-corporeal’ signs, this zodiac sign is often associated with situations or people that have a dual dimension to them, or involves things that come in pairs. A bit like The Lovers or the Two of Swords in the tarot deck, it can often signify a choice or fork in the road of some kind. So it’s possible that at this New Moon, you may find yourself having to make a decision  – one that may involve having to narrow down your options – or alternatively, find a way to juggle two different roles or responsibilities. 

In some cases, we may have been trying to pressurise ourselves into choosing between two options when the need to do so was unnecessary. Sometimes it is possible to find a ‘both and’ – rather than an ‘either-or’ – solution if we open up our minds and hearts, and are prepared to think like it’s clever and cunning ruler, Mercury-Hermes.

Remember that Mercury is the ultimate go-between, one of the few planets that was considered to be hermaphroditic by the alchemists – the psychopomp extraordinaire who could bridge multiple dimensions and bring together opposites. So if you currently find yourself on the horns of a dilemma, especially an emotional one, then it may be time to call on the aid of this cosmic trickster.  

Mundane rulerships

In mundane astrology, Gemini is concerned with schooling, local travel, neighbours, close relatives, sales, marketing, cars and other forms of transport, networking, politics and communications of all types.

A mutable air sign, Geminis are highly adaptable, good trend spotters, excellent at selling (both themselves and other products or people). It’s possible that over the next few weeks, you may find opportunities or issues arising that concerns a few of these typically Gemini-ruled matters.

Moon in Gemini

I should point out that the Moon isn’t as comfortable in air signs as it is in those signs ruled by water or earth elements. It can make people somewhat over-analytical and a tad superficial when it comes to their emotions  – or those of others. They may find it difficult to identify how they are feeling, so may be prone to denail, and sometimes cna over-rationalise to the point of lacking a certain degree of empathy.

On the other hand, if you are usually quite a serious person, this New Moon may be giving you permission to lighten up a little and enjoy life – get out and see friends or lighten your emotional load by talking your feelings through with another. Never under-estimate the power of the ‘talking cure’ when it comes to mental health issues.

Gemini Themes

A New Moon is all about beginnings, fresh starts and turning over a new leaf. Here are some ideas for ways in which you could set your intentions for the lunar month ahead, Gemini style:


  • Being open to fresh input and different points of view 
  • Trying new things, and welcoming emotional shifts and changes 
  • Cultivating a love of learning
  • Delighting in the pleasures of books, libraries and stimulating conversations
  • Travelling or trying a change of scene to lighten your mood
  • Seeking out help or collaborating with others
  • An appreciation for what’s new and trendy
  • Being emotional adaptable  – realising that everything changes and going with the flow more


  • Emotional denial or an inability to process your emotions
  • Fickleness or changeability, especially when it comes relationhips or feelings 
  • Gossiping or spreading rumours
  • Starting and never finishing anything  
  • Not getting in-depth enough: being a jack of all trades, master of none
  • Being glib, shallow or superficial
  • Overbooking or failing to meet obligations
  • Making promises you can’t keep
  • Being overly concerned with trends and the latest shiny new thing
  • Shopping, social media or gadget addictions


The Sabian symbol for this Gemini New Moon is:

A world famous pianist giving a concert performance.

Lynda Hill sees this degree as being about those moments in life where one is given the opportunity shine. Perhaps after years of slogging away at a particular job, you are finally given a break? Or you have to put yourself or your reputation on the line, and perhaps risk public ridicule or rejection.

It also speaks of the need to constantly refine one’s skills and maintain high standards in th public domain. If you are afraid of performing in public, then  this New Moon may coincide with some sort of trial or rite of passage that helps you to overcome this fear. 

James Burgess has a slightly more esoteric take on this particular degree. He suggests that the hidden lesson in this Sabina symbol is that: 

The greatest accomplishment is mastery of the ego

Rather than bask in the short-term adulation of momentary attention or being a flash in the pan, which will only bring short-term ego strokes, Burgess urges us to consider what role our gifts and talents might play in contributing to the greater good. In this way, we become a contributing member of society, as well as a valubale member of a caring and integrated community.  

At this New Moon, then, it may be a good time to focus on:

  • Your attitude towards public appearances and social events – how comfortable do you feel about beign judged by others, especially people you don’t know? 
  • Where you may be short-changing yourself or society by not investing in, developing or sharing your skills, talents or knowledge because of fear of ridicule or success.

The Sabian Oracle also offers us the following suggestions for how to consider the hidden significance of this particular zodiacal degree:

Keywords: Talent. Validations of social standing. Working hard at being special (or noticed). Reverence, respect and patronage of the arts. Feeling attracted to those with creative ability. Music, whether inspiring or tiring. Hands-on creativity. Feeling empowered by ability. Success. Practice makes perfect. Singing. Playing out front or in the band. Having an adoring public. Repertoires. Concerts.

The Caution: Relying on past success. Not putting in the day-to-day practice. The need for applause and acclaim to validate ones existence. Inflated egos demanding attention. Smugness about being talented, cultured, wealthy or privileged. Prima donnas. Cultural rewards for the privileged few. Conceit. Nerves that can ruin performance.


This particular New Moon is unusual in that the Sun and Moon do not make any contacts to other planets. However, there is a significant transit hapening on the same day, which is worth taking note of, so let’s look at that next.

Venus trine Pluto

On the same day as the June New Moon, Venus in Taurus makes a trine to  Pluto, which could lead to some major breakthroughs, decisions, confessions or shifts in creative endeavours or personal relationships.

It could also coincide with a revamp, reinvention or makeover of an important power structure, institution or industry. You may also find yourself challenged to make some major changes to your schedule, perhaps rearrange your commitments, in order to accommodate something that you value. Much will depend on where these planets fall in your natal chart as to which life areas this transit may touch. 

The key thing to remember is that any changes that arise from this particular transit are likely to feel challenging and have far reaching consequences but ultimately be for the best.

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