Full Moon in Sagittarius, 14 June 2022, 12h51 BST

Mid-June 2022 sees the energies start to open up and expand again after the intensity of May’s Scorpio Lunar Eclipse.

Expect to feel more optimistic, hopeful and adventurous than you have in a while as we move into calmer cosmic waters. Astrologically, the second half of June is likely to be much smoother sailing, thanks to a plethora of favourable aspects, making it a waning moon cycle to look forward to. (To get the skinny on June’s scintillating planetary line-up, check out my Cosmic Calendar video below.)

June Solstice Grand Alignment

Part of the favourable energy includes a rather spectacular alignment of the seven visible planets on 22 June 2022 ( I know, right?!) along the line of the horizon which astrologers are calling the Grand Alignment. Coming just after the solstice, this is likely to be an important turning point for many people. You can find out more about it below, and in the special video I have prepared for members.

Neptune & Saturn

One thing to guard against may be a tendency towards addiction, self-deception, self-sabotage or escapism – something highlighted by the T-square happening between the luminaries and Neptune. We had a similar configuration back in the summer of 2021 at the May-June eclipses, so it is possible that there maybe a connection to events prominent around that time.

Helping us to stay grounded and sensible will be Saturn, which will be making two favourable aspects to the Sun and Moon. By tapping into this more pragmatic and mature energy, we can avoid or bypass any Neptunian-style traps that might otherwise threaten to keep us feeling stuck or helpless.

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune is due to turn retrograde on 28 June until late November, a period I often liken to Jung’s night sea journey. in which we journey into the watery depths of the lunar dreamworld to tame the monsters of the sub-conscious, and find our way to wholeness. Just something to be aware of as we near the June solstice and the ingress of the Sun into Cancer, a period very closely associated with the inundation of the Nile and the heliacal rising of Isis, the Egyptian mother goddess.

Venus-Uranus Conjunction

On a more positive note, Venus will be making an exciting conjunction to Uranus, which may coincide with plot twists or exciting developments in love or money matters. We could also find ourselves open to change or doing things differently when it comes to creative or technical pursuits. Embracing our quirks and celebrating unusual forms of beauty are other ways that this energy could manifest.


On an individual level, this is a great time to try and find balance or compromise between things like our relationship to knowledge vs wisdom, school vs higher education, and local vs foreign journeys or relations. To find out which two life areas you are likely to be trying to equilibrate, consult the chart below: Look for your Ascendant/Rising sign and then look at the corresponding sign next to it – this will tell you where the Sun and Moon are likely to be highlighting for you during this two week waning moon cycle.


The two weeks of this waning moon cycle encompass the magical astrological event known as the Grand Alignment, which peaks on 22 June 2022, when all of the seven visible planets will line up along the line of the horizon just after sunrise.

In general, this is likely to be a major turning for many people, when the stars literally begin to align for you, especially if you have experienced a lot of struggles or difficulties in recent months or years, particularly since the May-June eclipses of 2021. Given that Mercury will be the planet closest to the eastern horizon, and Saturn will be the western-most visible planet in this line-up, I think it likely that we will see the themes prominent at the Gemini New Moon around the pairing of Mercury and Saturn, such as master-apprentice, father-son, mentor-neophyte and puer-senex, continue or reach a peak.

You can find out more in the special video on the June 2022 Grand Alignment, which I have prepared specially for members.


In a nod to December 2020 solstice eclipse and the Grand Conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn, the full moon will be taking place in the Sabian symbol associated with happiness, and the crossing of thresholds into more fortunate cycles. There’s a lot here about allowing love, joy and good luck into your life – feeling worthy of good things – and so heart-opening rituals or affirmations may be something to consider including in your full moon ritual if you feel you’ve developed a heartwall or found yourself shutting down a little as a result of challenges, setbacks or difficulties related to things like the pandemic. You can find out more in my supermoon videocast.


The luminaries will be making parans with two complimentary fixed stars. The Moon will pair with Ras Alhague in the constellation of the shaman-healer, Ophiuchus, urging us to undertake some form of deep healing work, such as a vision quest or soul retrieval, because major physical or psychological breakthroughs are likely. It may also relate to some of the themes surrounding the need to restore the sacred to our lives which we explored during the Gemini New Moon – Robert Romanyshyn’s remarks on the need to reunite the fragmented or broken parts of us – the ‘monsters at the margins,’ stands out especially for me.

The Sun will also be making a paran to Phact, in the constellation of Columba, the dove. To find out more about this fixed star and its significance at the Strawberry Supermoon, watch my full moon videocast.


Get a detailed breakdown of the cosmic weather between now and the end of June 2022 with this special video that I have prepared for members.
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