October’s Harvest Moon takes place across the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra. This is the classic ‘me vs we’ polarity that highlights the dilemma faced by many people in relationships – whether to put ourselves first or compromise for the sake of relationship harmony. Striking the balance between these two often competing needs/desires is one of the main themes for the first two weeks of this month, as is learning new ways to assert our emotional needs in a way that doesn’t create tension or exacerbate conflict.

However, this is no ordinary October! Topped and tailed by two Full Moons (the second one in the signs of Taurus-Scorpio on Halloween!), and featuring a major line-up of planetary activity, this is likely to be a very eventful, dramatic and possibly volatile time – certainly as far as the 3D world is concerned. In the spiritual dimensions, though, it’s a completely different story thanks to some fabulous Venus and Jupiter transits, especially as we reach the Libra New Moon on October 14 (sorry about all the confusion in my videos – this was due to a bit of a malfunction in my astrology software – next time I will check my printed ephemeris instead!). And this tale of two very different experiences means that we get to make a choice about which one we want to live in and operate from.

With Mars so prominent (not only does it rule the Aries Moon, but it will be hovering near to Black Moon Lilith in the same sign as the Moon), I think we can also expect an emphasis on self-sufficiency, agency, entrepreneurship and DIYdoing things independently and not relying on help from parents or authority figures/institutions, especially as old structures begin to crumble in the wake of possible after-shocks from the January 10 Saturn-Pluto conjunction as these two cosmic heavyweights briefly edge back towards each other in similar degrees to those they occupied at the beginning of the year. This is a time to break free from any form of dependency, take a few leaps of faith and try your hand at going it alone. Dreams really can come true this month, especially around the time of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile mid-month.



Sabian Symbol

The Sabian symbol for this month’s first full moon centres around the theme of improvement.

In many respects, it reminds me of Hexagram 18 in the I Ching, which is all about renovating or correcting a situation that has become corrupted, outdated or is no longer fit for purpose – getting a fresh perspective on something that has become a little stuffy and stale.

I think we can also draw some parallels between the Equinox New Moon, where Saturn also featured quite prominently, and this one which occurs just after the second pass of that enormously frustrating Mars-Saturn square that took place on August 24 and again on 29 September. We see a similar juxtaposition between old and new, tradition vs modernisation at work here too.

Key Aspects

Moon-Chiron conjunction

Healing core wounds and our relationship with nature is likely to be another major focus. That’s because the Aries Moon will be making a conjunction to Chiron, the centaur associated with the wisdom and compassion born out of suffering. Chiron points to where we feel like misfits, freaks or have abandonment issues.

There’s a real opportunity here to identify, integrate and improve the way we express anger, work with protest behaviour in relationships and assert our emotional needs – if we are willing to admit the role we may play in unhealthy dynamics and take steps to do what we can to resolve co-dependency issues and find healthier ways to deal with conflict.

Since it’s ingress into Aries back in 2018 it has also been highlighting major social issues such as body dysmorphia, depression and eating disorders amongst men/those who identify as masculine. Here I can’t help but find the timing of cricketer, Freddy Flintoff’s confession about being a bulimia sufferer very synchronistic.

Mars-Saturn square

With Saturn now direct, and parting from a square to impatient Mars, it’s likely that we will also see themes around innovation and the need to reform or improve decaying or antiquated systems, as well as a greater emphasis on self-improvement, health, physical wellbeing and stronger immunity – particularly in the northern hemisphere where COVID-19 rates are once again climbing in the build-up to winter.



EXTENDED COSMIC WEATHER FORECAST: Astrology Overview and Chart Analysis of the October 2020 Harvest Moon – Major themes, aspects and fixed stars, plus a general geomancy reading to guage the energies of the first half of the month.


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