ARIES NEW MOON, 12 April 2021, 03h30 BST
Action, identity and independence – these are just some of the themes in play at the April new moon, which carries a strongly martian flavour.Taking place very close to the Mars-Jupiter air trine, this particular waxing moon phase is likely to be an exciting and eventful time. With the luminaries + personal planets, Mercury and Venus forming a stellium in fiery Aries, you’re likely to feel a strong desire to take control and make things happen, both personally and professionally. This month’s Sabian symbol suggests that the key to success lies in projecting an air of quiet self-confidence – stepping up, or asserting yourself – without feeling the need to reveal too much, too soon, “Neither complain nor explain” would be a good idiom to describe the energy of this particular lunar degree.

Fresh Starts & New Opportunities
The Aries New Moon provides us with a double dose of initiating energy – perfect for beginning new projects or setting off in a brand new direction. Add to that the expansive and enthusiastic sextiles taking place between the Moon, Mars and Jupiter, and we’re really talking about a time of new possibilities and fresh perspectives. A time when you are likely to have both the confidence and optimism needed to take a leap of faith, ala The Fool card in the tarot.Sabian Symbol
The Sun and Moon will be located at 22 degrees of Aries. The Sabian symbol for this particular degree is: A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load, suggesting a need to be self-sufficient, but also circumspect – there’s no need to reveal everything about yourself to others right away, especially not your weaknesses.

22: Mastering Your Emotions
22 is a master number connected to the Moon, which is in the tarot, is associated with secrets and mystery. This is about having the emotional self-discipline to refrain from acting in haste or saying too much.  As a result, it might be good idea to play your cards close to your chest right now and not give the game away until you are sure it is appropriate to do so.In fact, keeping a ‘poker face’ and minding your own business may give you a strategic advantage  – enough to get the edge over your competitors without having to resort to any unseemly tactics. So think like a panther and take the silent but focused approach to achieving goals.

Cardinal Fire – Dynamic and Inspiring
Aries is cardinal fire and Mars ruled. With so many planets in masculine signs, this New Moon is an excellent time to take action towards your goals and dreams. Not relying on others to get things done but instead, taking control of your own life or personal circumstances, is well-favoured under this particular waxing moon phase.This combination is likely to give you a welcome boost of energy and self-confidence, helping you to go the extra mile and have the courage of your convictions, so don’t be afraid to take a risk or a gamble. Provided you aren’t overly arrogant or impetuous, you should find yourself landing on your feet,Stars

Aligning with Action
Freedom, movement and action are further highlighted by aspects between Mercury, Mars and the fixed stars, Alpheratz and Capella. As a result, I think you are likely to find the pace of life, and the speed at which events unfold, increasing quite significantly. Good news if things have stalled or you’ve felt a bit stuck recently.

Help from Higher Ups
Given the mini grand trine between the luminaries and expansive Jupiter, it seems probable that the more you help yourself, the more the universe, possibly in the form of powerful benefactors or people in positions of influence, will step in and back you up.


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