March’s Supermoon takes places in the discerning and pragmatic mutable earth sign of Virgo. With so much emphasis on Piscean energy currently, this particular Full Moon should provide us with some much-needed balance in terms of perspective, as well as a healthy dose of practicality, to help us navigate safely through the hall of mirrors created by Mercury’ retrograde & Pisces season, towards the growing cosmic light that’s being activated at the Spring Equinox.

See the next two weeks as a great time to start detailed planning for your next move, so that you’re ready to take action at the ingress of the Sun into Aries mid-month.

This particular lunar phase carries within it an upbeat and expansive signature, thanks to some positive connections between the luminaries & planet of luck and wisdom, Jupiter. This aspect should add a dollop of optimism and hope to proceedings, taking you out of the drained and disllusioned place you may have fallen into during Pisces season – and making you believe that things really CAN change for the better. Employ some Virgo diligence now to clean up the residue of toxic patterns, fix emotional situations and ready your engine so that you’re in a position to head off in a brand new direction at the next New Moon.

However, with nebulous Neptune sitting close to the Sun, you’ll want to employ some good old fashioned Virgo discernment to see past any confusion, mass hysteria or unconscious projections that may cloud your mental judgement, especially given that this particular set of zodiac signs is closely associated with health matters and we are in the midst of a coronovirus outbreak. The key is to maintain perspective and stick to the facts/basics. This is a Supermoon, after all, a time when emotions can run extra high. With Neptune in the mix, its also a distinct possibility that our imaginations – or fears – can run wild, especially when fuelled by fake news and social media.

Also, be careful about who you turn to for information or support – some authority figures may not always be what they seem, or have your best interests at heart. You may need to take a minute to guauge their true intentions before blindly following orders/prescriptions or buying into their cure-alls, especially when it comes to health or nutritional advice.

The key will be learning to tell the difference between illusions/delusions created by your fears and traumas, on one hand; and illumination, provided by your newly recalibrated internal guidance system, on the other. Cultivating the latter should help you maintain a strong connection to the wiser and more elevated parts of your psyche, thereby averting any tendencies to blindly react.


Virgo is a mutable earth sign, which is what allows it to be both pragmatic and adaptable – qualities that are extremely useful in today’s working environment. Sun Virgos are quick learners and often very bright and eloquent – this is, after all, the sign where brainy and witty Mercury is exalted!

Virgos are also terribly good at fixing broken things, perhaps because their analytical mind is so adept at sorting things into categories and creating logical order – returning things to their rightful place – something Humpty Dumpty would not doubt have appreciated…

At the Full Moon, this quality may well become very useful – helping you to sort through your emotions and bring a degree of order to the chaos and muddles created by Mercury retrograde and Pisces season.

The only danger here is in over-analysing everything to the point of neurosis or of becoming overly critical because things aren’t perfect. While this combination certainly does help with emotional discernment, it can also lead to an exaggerated internal critic and/or a feeling of never quite being satisfied…’I’ll feel happy when I have achieved X or completed Y.’

This can also be projected outwardly at loved ones, who somehow are never able to measure up.

One needs to get the balance right between the forgiving and ‘all is one’ Piscean Sun and the discriminating, details-oriented Virgo Moon…

Overall, a Full Moon in Virgo points to a moment of culmination or completion (but also a need for balance) in relation to themes such as:

  • A desire to be helpful and to serve (it’s important to feel you make a contribution but are not a doormat)
  • A penchant for details, minutiae, small things (but not to the point of being a jobsworth or sweating the small stuff)
  • An interest in or concern with health, wellness, hygiene, nutrition (Virgo rules the digestion and bowels) but again, not the point of eating disorders and rigid eating regimes. (Here we may also need to guard against mass hysteria about things like coronovirus!)
  • An urge to create order through activities such as list writing, decluttering, tidying (but without losing ones sense of flow and spontaneity)
  • Importance placed on usefulness, utility, practicality, simplicity, punctuality (without sacrificing an appreciation of beauty or a need to go with the flow sometimes )
  • An emphasis on observing ritual, rules, etiquette and modesty (but not to the point of becoming puritanical or judgy!)
  • Mundane matters: writing, handicrafts, health/wellness, editing/critiquing/analyzing

Sabian Symbol

The theme of emotionally ‘moving on’ to pastures new – and bigger and better things (see the Moon’s aspect to Jupiter below) seems to be what this Full Moon’s Sabian symbol is all about.

Indeed, the 20th degree of Virgo is:

“A Caravan of Cars headed for Promised Lands.”

FINALLY ‘getting’ where you may have been emotionally stuck AND feeling able to take the practical steps necessary to move forward. Although with Virgo in the mix, these may need to be ‘baby steps’. But that’s OK! The key thing is not to get hung up on perfection – very few of us get it right first time, but that is no excuse for not trying at all.

Given that we also have Jupiter-Pluto in the mix, this Sabian symbol may also point to a mass shift in consciousness and behaviour – something we will definitely begin to notice more as we near Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius on March 22 – around the Equinox. For a recap of some of the themes this is likely to bring up, check out my extended New Moon in Aquarius forecast.

Keywords: Venturing into life with like-minded companions. The support of others in a quest for the future. Seeking new territory. Rallies and caravans of cars. Exchanging money. Commerce. Buses, caravans, trucks, etc. Leaving behind the known for the unknown. Gypsies. Hollywood. California. “Boom” towns. The “magic bus”. Conferences.

The Caution: Forsaking the individual path in favor of a more secure, common one. Perpetuating restlessness. Constantly seeking the “pot of gold”. Far-off lands. Inability to settle anywhere. Being a rolling-stone. Forsaking lasting relationships. Crazy goose chases. Running away from problems. Fear of flying.

key Aspects

Drivers of change during the waxing Moon cycle:

Moon trine Jupiter & Pluto

Cleaning up messy relationships and emotional baggage. Putting things to rights. Major internal restructuring and positive emotional shifts are both possible over the next two weeks, c/o this combined aspect. Pluto calls for justice/restitution and major, far-reaching (and permanent) changes, while Jupiter urges us to stick to our principles and do the right thing.

  • For some, this may coincide with an unexpected apology from a loved one, coupled with a genuine desire to make things right between you (especially given their trine to Venus later this month).
  • For others, it may be more about finally purging the residue of unhealthy habits and patterns, whether this be eating better or reducing stress and/or drama.

In general, this transit will make us:

  • Feel more optimistic about change, and hopeful that things are finally heading in the right direction.
  • Finally see evidence that the work you put in around the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January is beginning to pay dividends/make a difference.
  • Have incisive and profound insights about longstanding emotional issues, allowing us to get to the heart of the matter quickly and know instinctively what to do in challenging situations.
  • Feel empowered and more able to move forward again after a period of feeling stuck, indecisive or paralysed by doubts/fear.

Moon opposite Sun-Neptune

Curbing any tendencies to overreact, over-step boundaries or get a bit carried away. This aspect is all about balance and perspective – not allowing our imaginations or fears to run wild and result in irrational behaviour or self-sabotage. Other expressions iclude:

  • Identifying where you may have over-idealised other people (especially males, authority figures) or had unrealistic expectations about yourself (especially spiritually/artistically) or about certain family/domestic/communal situations.
  • Letting go of emotional crutches or physical addictions that keep you trapped in cycles of victimhood, dependence, apathy or over-giving is another expression of this energy.
  • Feeling a need to distinguish between your own identity, ego needs and emotions and those of others, especially where there is an element of unconsciously projecting onto the other party.
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