Full Moon in Virgo
18 March 2022, 07h17 GMT

March 2022’s Virgo full moon is, to a large extent, about letting go and decluttering before we begin a fresh year-long solar cycle at the equinox.

By itself, Virgo is a sign that loves order, tidiness and efficiency, so don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to sort, detox or simplify the areas of your life governed by this sign. Paired with some powerful transits between the luminaries and Pluto, this two week waning moon phase is likely to feel like a time of catharsis and purging, when we let go of internal patterns, habits or ways of being that no longer serve us in preparation for Aries season. After the rather confusing, emotional and somewhat depressing energies of Pisces season, this shift could feel like a welcome change.

Both the luminaries and Pluto form part of a larger aspect pattern – a mystic rectangle – that takes in the lunar nodes, suggesting that the next two weeks could be a great opportunity to integrate important soul lessons or release ancestral or behavioural patterns that might be holding you back.


Venus and Mars will still be within close orb of each other. However, as I mentioned in my two week cosmic weather forecast, they will be making a set of difficult squares to unpredictable Uranus, which may see sparks fly or tensions arise within close partnerships, be they working, social or romantic in nature. In general, this can lead to volatility, people acting out or unexpected plot twists, especially given that both Mars and Uranus are prone to occasional hissy fits if things don’t go their way.

And with the war in Ukraine disrupting supply chains in Europe and upsetting the natural order of things, its possible they could manifest as price hikes on everyday goods and services or even food shortages: Uranus in Taurus governs the banking and food sectors. Venus and Mars are currently touring through idealistic Aquarius, and together they could point to further developments in what’s essentially become a humanitarian crisis in eastern Europe, as people are forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring countries like Poland: all of these developments can have unforeseen consequences, some o which may emerge between the full moon and the 23rd as this transit unfolds.

Luckily, both planets will also be make a healing contact to Chiron during this period, which could motivate couples to heal rifts and patch up difficulties. By digging deep and tapping into your intuition, you and others may discover new and surprising ways to improve relationships, enhance your creative processes and regenerate your money situation. So, it’s definitely not all bad news.


The first Full Moon of 2022 takes place in Virgo, the sign of the earth, the harvest and of mother goddesses like Isis and Mary.

This soli-lunar event calls on us all to try and find a balance between the sacred and profane, between what striving for high ideals and making do with what we have or doing what is most pragmatic under the circumstances.

Use the cheatsheet below to find your rising sign and its corresponding counterpart. This will help you to identify the two life areas you are trying to balance or reconcile this month.

Sabian Symbol

This Sabian symbol for this month’s full moon seems to be drawing our attention to patriarchal structures and patterns of behaviour, such as warmongering, competition and the urge to dominate or control.

The description of the baldheaded man does seem to spookily resemble an army general, Roman emperor (Vespasian is the one I chose for the illustration) or indeed, a war leader like Vladimir Putin.

One of the key themes seems to caution us to curb the not-so-great expressions of having excess testosterone. which include bullying, anger issues, impatience and a tendency to compete rather than cooperate.

We see this played out in the continued gamification of politics and culture in the west, which creates this zero sum win-lose mentality that is so destructive to social cohesion, connection and capacity-building. As Edward Bellamy once said:

Competition, which is the instinct of selfishness, is another word for dissipation of energy, while combination is the secret of efficient production.

Edward Bellamy

I think anyone with strong Virgo and Venus stuff in their charts would concur. With the prospect of a third World War looming, it’s never been more important for humanity to come together and let of of the separation consciousness that has led to so much bloodshed and suffering over the last few millennia.


Key Aspect patterns

The Sun and Moon will form a mystic rectangle with Pluto and the nodes. This aspect pattern is associated with integration and the ‘constructive use of natural talents.’ Made up of two oppositions, two sextiles and two trines, it is all about finding ways to blend tension with harmony in order to assimilate important karmic lessons.

In this case, these are likely to involve our relationship to truth and power, as well as our attitudes to change. With the nodes, there is always a tension between wanting to stay in our comfort zones and being pushed to try new things or experiences. Add Pluto into the mix, and we’re definitely talking about having the courage to let go of things that no longer serve us, or open ourselves up to events or developments that may be beyond our control.

Add to that the inclusion of the luminaries, and we really are talking about personal growth and finding ways to heal, refine or transmute patterns, dynamics or behaviours that might be controlling us or holding us back on some level. Ancestral patterns or family dynmaics could also play an important role here, given that we are talking about the signs (Cancer/Capricorn) and planets (Sun/Moon) most strongly associated with archetypal maternal and paternal figures.

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