18 MAY 2019 22H11 BST, 28th DEGREE of TAURUS-SCORPIO

This weekend we can look forward to a rather passionate, if unpredictable Full Moon in Scorpio. This is likely to amp up the emotions. What is hidden or unsaid is likely to come out into the open, offering many of us the chance for resolution and closure when it comes to past hurts or unresolved situations. However, there is a twist: you will only be able to influence the sitution indirectly, or by what you DON’T do/say. In other words, you may have to hold back or prevent yourself  from overreacting. In some cases, doing nothing and letting events play out may be your best bet. Certainly, there is a sense that things will fall into place now if you can control your emotions. That being said, a Venus- Uranus conjunction on the same day adds a slightly unpredictable element to what occurs now. Still, not all surprises are bad, especially when the planet of love, pleasure and beauty is involved! On a positive note, its a good time to let go of psychological baggage or break free from situations where you may have felt stuck or helpless.    


The May Full Moon takes place in the fixed water sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is one of the most complex of the zodiac signs. The Moon is considered to be in fall here because Scorpio sits opposite Taurus, where the Moon is traditionally exalted. A nocturnal sign, Scorpio is associated with underground water, including sewers and springs. Scorpios tend to keep their feelings hidden and can be very secretive, mostly because they are ultra sensitive and take a long time to get over a personal slight or emotional hurt.

However, because of this sign’s tendency to conceal their motivations/intentions, it does tend to get a bit of a bad rap, which is why Scorpios tend to be seen as moody, sneaky, paranoid and unforgiving.

However, the real tragedy of this sign is how much it tends to be misunderstood. Unlike some of the other more selfish (Leo anyone?) or fickle (Gemini)  Moon signs, these are incredibly loyal friends who will stand by their people through thick and thin.

From a mundane astrology perspective, Scorpio is associated with healing, regeneration, survival and rebirth. With it’s ruler, Pluto, currently retrograde, its possible that this Full Moon could coincide with the final resolution of a past situation, or some form of emotional catharsis. 

This is a very good time to let go of any lingering hurts, grudges or toxic situations that may have been keeping you stuck in the past. This is a good time to shedding dead psychological weight and start afresh.

Scorpio Full Moon Themes

  • Letting go of toxic, controlling or abusive situations or relationships
  • Balance any strong emotions with some common sense
  • A strong desire for deep connection, passion and sexual fulfilment
  • The drive to cultivate greater self-empowerment and self-mastery
  • A need for greater honesty and sincerity in close relationships


The May Full Moon takes place towards the end of fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Scorpio is:

The king of the fairies approaching his domain.

A big theme that has been constellating this week (especially given the impending Game of Thrones finale) has been: who is the real king?

This seems to have a dual dimension to it: on the one hand, it seems to be cahllenging you to ask yourself: Who is really in charge/pulling the strings in your life, particularly when it comes to your emotions?  In this sense, it seems to be about owning your current situation/position/emotions and not being ashamed of how you feel.

On the other hand, this Sabian symbol also seems to be about self-determination: Being willing to step up in your own life and take responsibility for where you are headed, as opposed to making excuses or blaming others/Fate for where you find yourself. To quote Thomas Carlysle: “The king is the man who can.”

Lynda Hill has a slightly different interpretation – she sees it as someone either becoming more aware of where he belongs in the grand scheme of things, or someone who is reclaiming something he lost but which he feels belongs to him. So either an emotional homecoming or a reunion with something or someone from your past.

The Sabian Oracle offers us the following keywords to meditate on:

Keywords: Imaginary worlds. Finding a place. Feeling comfortable. Taking command of life. Leadership and its responsibilities. Feeling like a dominant leader and that one has a doting populace. Being welcomed. Midsummer Night’s Dream. Returning home. Web domains. Finding one’s true vocation or purpose.

The Caution: Imaginary worlds and dependence on trickery. Ridicule aimed at those that don’t have their feet on the ground. Someone acting like a “hot shot”. Feelings of superiority which alienate others. The fear of approaching the unknown. Never finding a real place to settle down. Fairy tales about how life could or should be. Lording it over others. Being bossy and commanding. Being impotent. The fear and loathing of having to accept one’s true place. Not taking command of one’s life. Loneliness. Feeling locked out.


The Moon itself will not make any aspects to other planets. Instead, it will go void of course after its opposition to the Sun – a slightly unusual situation that we will look at it in a minute. 

However, the Sun will be orbiting close to Mercury, and both planets will be trine to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, which does seem significant, so I have included this aspect in my forecast.

In addition, Venus will be making a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, which could lead to a few unexpected twists in love and money matters. Don’t book any spur of the moment makeovers because they could potentially end up going a bit pear shaped. More on that below.

Moon Void of Course

It may be significant that after opposing the Sun, the Moon makes no aspect to any other planet before shifting into Sagittarius on the 19th at 02:01am BST. This gives the Full Moon quite a ‘pure,’ undiluted energy. It also highlights the fact that Full Moons are often about endings.

What will you choose to leave behind? Mistrust? Suspicion? Paranoia? Or perhaps a lack of faith in your own strength and ability to survive in the face of adversity. In many ways, this Full Moon is reminding us all that we are tougher than we think, but that strength does not need to blind us to what is good in the world and in each other.

In the words of Max Ehrmann:

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

While it is important to listen to your gut, it is equally imperative to learn the difference between our intuition and the sometimes irrational reactions of our subconscious, particularly when it comes to the limbic system and it’s ‘fight or flight’ response, which can sometimes be on a hair trigger.

Mars and Venus both change signs this week, with the Sun not far behind. So rather than overreact prematurely, perhaps just take a minute to let the chips fall and then re-assess where you stand.

Sun-Mercury trine Pluto

Despite the Void of Course Moon, which is essentially prompting you to go with the flow, the Sun and Mercury will be trining a retrograde Pluto. On a literal level, this could suggest either hearing from, or finally ‘getting the message’ about, a male figure, who had an emotional impact on you in the recent past.

A trine is a positive angle, so this should be a positive experience – getting closure or, in the spirit of the Sabian symbol, experience a kind of homecoming – possibly, it could signify a reconciliation of some kind, or alternatively, some sort of resolution, perhaps to let go and move on? Given Pluto’s aspects to Mercury in recent weeks,  there may be a connection to evenst that have occurred arond the new Moon in early May.  

Given that Pluto tends to operate in the shadows, it is difficult to know exactly how things may play out, especially where Full Moons are concerned, given how this tends to heighten emotions. Furthemore, there is another slightly unpredictable aspect in the mix, which we will look at next.

Venus conjunct Uranus

Althouhg not directly connected to events at the Full Moon, Venus and Uranus will be hooking up in Taurus. Although Taurus should help to stabilize the normally unpredictable rebel planet, I can’t help thinking that both planets will also be sextile Mars in Cancer, which is not a comfortable place for the red planet.

The Chinese expression ‘fertile shock’, common in the I Ching, keeps cropping up, so I feel I need to mention it  – it sounds a bit like an earthquake (will the earth move for you in unexpected ways? I guess anything is possible!) However, Mars could become overly moody, defensive or act out, especially if Venus & Uranus create a passive-aggressive vibe. 

Overall though, this has the potential to effect unexpected but positive developments that stand to affect relationships or your sense of emotional wellbeing, personal values or self-esteem. If nothing else, it could shake you out of a financial, creative or emotional rut. Just try not to overdo or overeact and you should be fine.

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