New chapters in love, money, looks and creativity are all possible this month, care of a New Moon in Leo, which takes place very close to Venus on Thursday at 04:11am BST. Revolutionary Uranus will also be adding an unpredictable air to proceedings. In fact, the New Moon marks the beginning of what is likely to be a month-long dance between the Sun, Venus and Uranus, which peaks around the Full Moon when the Sun and Venus conjunct. As a result, we can expect the upcoming lunar cycle to be fairly eventful, full of twists and turns, which means that it may be some time before we can make decisions or see a clear way forward, especially when it comes to finances, creativity and relationships …

Emphasizing verbal/intellectual about-turns will be Mercury, which stations within an hour of this soli-lunar event. The planet of intellect, travel and communication will begin retracing its steps through moody Cancer on Friday before heading back into Leo next week. As a result, we can expect a few more revelations about the past during that period. Knowing who we can trust or rely on may therefore not be obvious at first, so adopting a wait and see attitude is probably a good idea for now…


Get ready for the first New Moon in Leo since the 2018 Lion’s Gate Solar Eclipse. Taking place in the first decan of Leo on the first day of August 2019, this New Moon offers many of us the chance to start fresh on personal level. With Venus also added to the mix, there is also an opportunity to bolster our finances and strengthen key relationships – provided we are willing to make some personal changes, whether this be by boosting our self-confidence or toning down any diva-like tendencies. More on this in the Aspects section below…

Time to shine

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the planet associated with rulers, leaders and consumate performers. These are the natural stars of the zodiac who exude charisma and work the crowds using a mixture of presence, poise and natural confidence. As a result, this New Moon will be intimately associated with not only how others view us, but also how we view ourselves.

Ego can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on whether it is mixed with grace, modesty, humour and dignity. The best leaders know that they are there to serve and so aren’t overcome by pride or an inflated sense of self-importance. On the other hand, perhaps you have been struggling to feel positive, assertive or optimistic about much recently. If the recent eclipses and Mercury retrograde hit you hard, then know that your moment to in the sun is on its way.

Other themes highlighted by the New Moon:

Leo themes:

  • Self expression and creativity
  • Individuality and unique brands or personalities
  • Courage, self-confidence and the ability to carry yourself in public
  • Dignity, nobility of spirit and respect in close personal relationships
  • Fame, influence, authority, leadership and organizational abilities
  • Creativity, colour and brightness – whatever makes you stand out
  • A natural flair for the dramatic, outrageous or flamboyant
  • Playfulness, child-like joy, a sense of humour and the ability to relax

Something to think about over the next few months may be getting clearer about what gifts you have to offer the world, as well as what makes you special, unique and lovable, but also where you may be over-doing things or perhaps creating unnecessary drama for yourself.

This is a great month to get in touch with your inner child, explore your creativity and bring some joy back into your life. Leo also rules the heart, so themes such as courage, bravery and taking personal risks are all worth contemplating.

Sabian Symbol

This eclipse occurs in the 9th degree of Leo, the Sabian symbol for which is:


At first, this symbol appears to be all about creativity, and to some degree, the sign of Leo is all about life as a performance art – one in which we are assigned a certain role and must play our part. Learning to do so with grace, energy, confidence and style can sometimes take a while – hence, the need to master our breath – something that may be hard to control at first, especially if we find the storyline demanding or scary.

According to James Burgess:

Our truest art is to transmute the shabbier parts of our character into grace

This takes skill, experience and to a certain extent, a willingness to put side ego, become transparent like glass, and allow the light of something higher to shine through us. It also requires cultivating qualities such as joy, inspiration and enthusiasm – the qualities that make us ‘light up’ from the inside. Through this act of being ‘filled with spirit/the gods’ (see the etymology of the word, ‘enthusiasm’) our actions become works of art, acts of love and divine creativity.

However, when the going gets tough, or we lose our spark/confidence, it can sometimes be hard to reconnect to those feelings or states of mind. It is at these times that we may need some help, either from a loved one, or from a higher being or source. This is where spiritual grace comes in.

At this moment in time, with the Sun, Venus and Uranus currently at odds with each other (see the ‘Aspects’ section further down), it’s highly likely that you could find yourself experiencing the latter more than the former. If so, it may be a good time to consider making some personal changes/attitude adjustments between now and September in order to get yourself back into a place of alignment and flow.

One such change may be to admit when you are struggling or not coping, and to ask for help. This can be hard, especially if you are a proud person. Leo rules pride, after all. However, you may be presently surprised by the response that you get, especially from loved ones.

This is even more true when it comes to your spirit guides and helpers, who are always there, waiting to assist you with unconditional love and acceptance – all you need to do is pray/appeal to them…

Asking for help does require a measure of humility. But, the rewards so often outstrip any prick of ego you may experience at first. Something to bear in mind over the next few weeks…

The Sabian Oracle offers us some other keywords to consider here which may pertain to your personal experience of this event:

Keywords: Being able to create beautiful forms out of nothing. Prana. Singing, performing. Buteyko breathing method. Sculpture. Beauty. Breath meditations. Artisans. Rebirthing. Extreme care and detail. Lungs. Respiration = creation and inspiration. Pouring life into creative visions. Smoke rings. Didgeridoos. Smoking pipes and implements.

The Caution: Failing to take proper care. Lapses of concentration. Distortions of the truth. Hyperventilation. Lung troubles. Asthma. Smoking too much.

Key Aspects

What needs to change on a personal level in order to enjoy more joy, self-confidence, happier relationships and a more abundant and fulfilling life? These are the over-arching themes set in motion by the Leo New Moon this month.

That’s because the New Moon coincides with the beginnining of a month-long dance involving Uranus and the personal planets (Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo) – one that will peak around the Full Moon mid-month. The theme tune driving this particular set of moves is one of paradigm shifts.

If you want your life, health, finances and relationships to improve, then you are going to have to make some fundamental personal changes. Look to the natal and transiting placements of Uranus for clues as to which life areas these may involve. Chances are though, that you may already know because tension levels have been building in this particular arena for some time.

Whatever the scenario, the message is the same: something has to give, because things simply cannot continue as they are. Rather than resist, see this as your lightbulb moment – a sign that maintaining the status quo would be more stressful than it would be to switch tack.

However, with Uranus involved, the process will not be without its surprise twists and turns. Accept this state of affairs and do your best to go where the signs lead you. When in doubt, follow your bliss – you’ll know when you are on track because you’ll get a hit of feelgood energy. This is especially likely around Aug 11 when Mercury not only re-enters Leo, but Jupiter turns direct and forms a flowing trine to Venus.

At this point, choice and chance have the potential to converge into a stroke of luck, act of grace or blessingof some kind. So keep your heart open and learn whatever you can from events along the way. Later you’ll be glad you were willing to put aside your ego/any preconceptions and try something different.

Parts and Lots

The Sun and Moon will both be conjunct the Part of Servants, which is interesting, given that Leo is the sign of leadership.

With Boris Johnson having been ‘annointed’ the new Tory crown prince and given the keys to No 10 Downing Street on the same day as the Sun ingressed into Leo, this seems very topical. Many commentators have been speculating about what his leadership style is likely to be like and whether he has what it takes to be a competent prime minister, and with the Sun and Moon highlighting the relationship between masters and servants, this seems very on point. Will he be a leadership who serves, or is he only there to serve himself? Only time will tell…and indeed, with so much activity occurring between the Sun, Venus and Uranus this month, I expect this story will also be one full of twists and turns! Check my Astro-Insights blog for updates…

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