Passion, inner poise, self-empowerment and self-possession – these are all likely to be major themes activated by November’s New Moon in fearless and intense Scorpio. Taking place in the first decanate of this zodiac sign, this New Moon is likely to focus our attention on how to come into greater alignment – to unite subconscious instinct with lived experience and deeply-felt spiritual truths in order to achieve greater emotional congruence.

The Sabian symbol for this event urges us to spend the next 28 days focusing on ways to create greater inner stability and poise in order to handle the waves of intense emotions and strong reactions to the sudden realisations and breakthrough experiences that the New Moon’s opposition to Uranus is likely to unleash.

Get ready to do some serious inner work. The good news is that if you do, you’re likely to undergo some powerful inner transformations this month. Learning to cultivate inner strength will also free you from the grip of the reactive mind, allowing you to detach from any compulsions, fears or addiction to emotional drama that may have been holding you back.


November 2019’s New Moon takes place in the sign of passionate, resolute, incisive and magnetic Scorpio. During the next month or so, many of us will be seeking answers to some of our deepest questions – and giving ourselves permission to look below the surface at what may be driving us from the shadows.

Scorpio brings to light what is hidden, whether this be fears we’ve buried or feelings/secrets we’ve kept from yourself/others. It concerns the hidden forces that control us – manipulation, repression, obsessions/compulsions and of course, shame and guilt.

Finding a Release Valve for Strong Emotions

When Scorpio energy is activated, whatever we are trying to suppress, hide or control tends to come bubbling up to the surface like lava from inside a volcano. Internal heat and pressure gradually build up, eventually leading to the need for release. The longer something has been repressed or kept quiet/secret, the more energy and force it accumulates. Which is why, when it does eventually erupt, it’s expression is so hot and forceful. And this explains why Scorpios are so passionate, but also why others describe them as having a sting in their tail. They don’t mean to lash out – it’s just an unfortunate side effect of having such intense emotional reactions which build up to a point that is beyond even their control.

Over the next 28 days, it’s possible that you may have a similar Scorpionic experience as situations or circumstances lead you to an encounter with your own or others’ shadow side. Rather than allow this to scare you into defensiveness, why not choose to take control of this process instead? You can do so by setting a clear intention to release anything compulsive or repressed that may be subconsciously controlling/driving your behaviour.

Understanding the Limits of Control

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, signalling deep but steady emotions and/or perception. This may be why the sign is known for its laser sharp powers of perception and concentration, as well as its loyalty. However, it can be difficult for Scorpios to switch off or detach, which is why they have such trouble letting go.

Scorpio’s lesson to us is deeper self-to realise when to let go. Although willpower and resolution can overcome a great many obstacles, it’s also important to realise that some things are beyond our control. Knowing when to persist and when to surrender the illusion of control and go with the flow, is the key to avoid tipping over into OCD or obsessive/controlling behaviour

Moon in Scorpio themes this month:

This New Moon will emphasize Scorpio themes over the next 28 days or so. These include:

  • A desire for more emotional intensity/intimacy and deep personal connection and how this can be scary for some people.
  • Getting real – a need for honesty and psychological truth, both from ourselves and others
  • Passion and sex as a love language – exploring non-verbal forms of emotional expression
  • Becoming aware of the power/consequences of secrecy, hidden motivations, ulterior motives – building trust, dealing with trust issues
  • Persistence, tenacity, the will to overcome problems – learning when to persist and when to let go
  • A hunger for control, a need to win, strategizing/manipulation – realising that theses can be useful survival strategies in certain situations but may not always lead to true love, cooperation or mutual acceptance
  • Change, transformation, reinvention in relationships and at home – transforming from the snake/scorpion to the eagle
  • Family or relationship drama – and how this can keep us stuck in old roles and patterns, but also how blood can often be thicker than water


The October New Moon takes place in the 5th degree of Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:

A massive, unchanging rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea

Scene from Samuel Coleridge’s ‘Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’ by Gustacv Dore

When the seas are stormy, ships are at their mercy – they have little to no control over their movements, which means that they may be in danger of being thrown onto the rocks and smashed to pieces. This is a great analogy for the tempestuous emotional storms that Scorpio energy can unleash within us. As well as a warning about the potential they have to destroy us if we allow them

BUT, the rocks on the seashore are securely moored and grounded, so they can handle the pounding of the waves. The lesson in this Sabian symbol is therefore to develop that rock-solid inner emotional core that can handle intense emotions and situations – endure these inner storms and still remain calm.

Commenting on the image of the rocks in this Sabian symbol, James Burgess writes:

External circumstances can be managed with aplomb when we have learned to centre our sense of reality inwardly. It is we ourselves who must be stabilized – all depends on this.

Full Circle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom, p.260

Herein lies the lesson of this particular Scorpio Moon.

Burgess then goes on to add:

We know that the extent to which we may legitimately trust the future is measured by our ability to bring stability to situations. Such stabilization requires that inwardly we control our feelings and cultivate poise. This requires – and therefore develops – great firmness of personality.

Full Circle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom, p.260

Lynda Hill offers us a few more ways to interpret the lesson contained within this degree:

Keywords: Relentless, unchanging reality. The establishment. Feeling battered and bruised. The need to hold onto reality in difficult situations. Sticking with something no matter what the cost or how long it takes. Chinese water torture. Evolution. Endurance. Pounding waves, rocks and sand.

The Caution: Stubborn acts leading to inertia, not growth. Tedious negotiations. Shooting yourself in the foot. Teenage rebellion. Fighting the elements.


Sun & Moon-Uranus conjunction: While we may be seeking ways to stablize ourselves internally, Uranus will be doing its best to test our resolve.

It’s likely that as we come into greater alignment with our own inner truths, we will become much less inclined to bow to any external social pressure to conform. Especially if this requires us to be fake or to repeat lies. Both Scorpio as a sign; and Uranus as a planet, value honesty and authenticity, so this just won’t be an option right now, especially during November’s first week. In fact, the more we are asked to repress or pretend, the stronger our need to break free is likely to be around the New Moon.

Also, given the passion of Scorpio, it’s possible that you may be tested to control compulsions or impulsivity, which unpredictable Uranus is likely to encourage. Anxiety levels could also skyrocket, especially if we feel out of control in some way. If situations or people catch you unawares, try not to overrreact. Difficult, when you have an explosive aspect like this.

The key is to find a way to release any build-up of tension, especially in the body, before responding. The good thing about the lightning bolt of Uranus is that it is over quickly – so if you can bring yourself to wait a while until he intensity passes and your perception clears, you have a far better chance of reacting from a place of both honesty and groundedness.

Taking control of your life means learning to become less reactive outside stimuli/irritants and staying true to the tune of your inner drumbeat. In the words of James Burgess:

It is poor life management to defer to social pressure to be commonplace.

Have courage. Stand in your truth. And where necessary, be brave enough to stand apart from those who refuse to face up to the truth. But, and here’s the big but: don’t act out. If you do, you lose all your power. Herein lies the challenge of this particular aspect configuration.

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